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NeuralCam: Night Mode & ProCam

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NeuralCam: Night Mode & ProCam

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User Reviews for NeuralCam: Night Mode & ProCam

great low-light! always improving

UPDATE:the latest version has been improved! my Xʀ still crashes on the highest resolution photo setting, but works just fine on lower ones. it used to crash all the time. impressive results too! looking forward to seeing where this app goes...OLD REVIEW (devs replied): app is barely useable, crashes each time i try to take a photo. yes, all permissions it asked for are given. i’m using an iPhone Xʀ if that helps you devs. also, for some reason there is a ( 1x ) button in the middle-bottom of the viewfinder, where the zoom button might be on multiple-lens phones (the Xʀ is obviously single-lens). when i press this ( 1x ) button, the app freezes for a second, then the button disappears

_ricq_, Mar 06, 2020
iPhone Night Mode vs NeuralCam

I originally purchased NeuralCam to use on the XS Max as I didn’t know if I wanted to get an 11 Pro yet. For the XS Max (and probably all other iPhones prior to the 11) this app is amazing! Having the ability to shoot night/dark setting photos without having to upgrade is great. However, I did wonder how this app stacked up to iPhones official night mode. Well I upgraded to an 11 Pro Max, and the results are very close. iPhones night mode is amazing, but NeuralCam holds its own. The big differences I was able to see is that neuralcam takes a little bit longer to focus and process the picture than iPhones night mode. The results are pretty much the same, except I can’t tell if Neuralcam’s results are just a smidge darker or if they’re adding this warm tone to the picture. Either way, it’s a great purchase if your not going to be upgrading to an 11 but want night mode shooting. But I’d say even with the iPhone 11 it’d be worth a purchase since it does let you do night mode shooting with the ultra wide lens, and iPhones night mode won’t let you do that yet.

Arfycodone, Oct 15, 2019
Great app for lowlight!

I’ve been debating on exchanging my iPhone 8 for a Pixel just for the night site alone. For me this keeps me with my iPhone 8. My only complaints are I wish it exported at a higher resolution for the iPhone 8. Also some of the lighter objects in dark environments get blown out. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the lower resolution output, but I wish it was better optimized for the iPhone 8. I’ll look forward hopefully to improvements through future updates.Update: Thought it would be useless for my new iPhone 11, but works for both ultra wide and front camera. The regular camera is not quite as good as Apple Night Mode, but with constant updates, it has potential and I’m looking forward to it!

jimn78, May 28, 2020
Just needs a few tweaks

After using NeuralCam a bit longer and comparing it to other apps that are supposed to do low light photography, I decided to rewrite my review. My main complaint was that it tends to blow out certain lighter tones and highlights. That is still an issue, and at times it tends to give results with too much yellow, but the brightness has pretty much become my only real complaint. I can adjust the yellows afterward. If you could perhaps have the ability to use some exposure compensation I think this app would be near perfect. I am amazed at how clean the images are, virtually no noise and great detail. I compared to the vividHDR and LowLight + in ProCamera and there is absolutely no doubt how much better NeuralCam is in my mind. All I ask for really is to be able to tone down the brightness on the picture in general. I don’t think it needs just the highlights turned down because the balance seems great and would look odd if just the highlights were brought down.Anyway, love what the app can do and if it could be more consistent and less bright it would easily be one of the best apps on my phone. Make it capable of doing what it does in portrait mode and wow, that would really be something.Not regretting the purchase at all at this point and just hoping for a few tweaks to really dial it in. Would even be willing to pay for an upgrade that fixes the brightness issue.

Josh_Joshmeme, Jan 22, 2020
Great creation, just needs some UX polish

Kudos to the people who created this — I really appreciate the technology and efforts that went into making this.I think the user experience could use some polish. First, after taking a picture, the entire app is blocked by a loading indicator that says “Processing” — perhaps this can be done in the background? At the very least, continuing to show the live viewfinder would be nice. Blocking the entire experience for 5+ seconds after every shot feels like a very choppy picture-taking experience.Second, as someone who doesn’t use Instagram, the dedicated button in the in-app gallery is just extra noise. It seems redundant given that there’s a share button right next to it (and maybe this could be changed to the generic iOS share icon, rather than a “reply” icon).Additionally, one thing that irks me is the extremely vague privacy policy. It’s very ambiguous and not clear what data of mine is being stored (which hopefully, is none).That being said, this really is a great app, congratulations to the creators of it!

kiwiko123, Dec 03, 2019
Absolutely worth $2.99

This review will sound negative in the beginning but it isn’t, I am a fan of this app. I am sure there are dozens if not more camera apps that will allow a user to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO of the iPhone camera. I probably have 3-4 on my phone right now. All of those apps make this app completely unnecessary. That said, I rarely want to take the time to do that on my iPhone. That is what I have an expensive DSLR for. So if I have apps that do what this app does and I have a DSLR that does what this app does, why do I really like this app?Cause it is simple and it works. I bought this app this morning and then my family and I visited 2 museums that did not allow flash photography. These weren’t pitch black museums but they needed a flash. It was so nice to open this app and take a picture and have the app work each and every time. And for me, what was impressive was that the light was very well balanced with no bright spots or over-dark shadows and the contrast had sufficient range as well. Now I admit I have not blown these up yet in Photoshop and examined them at 300% but if you want a low light app that will extend the range of your iPhone without you having to think or take a test shot or two, spend the $2.99, it is more than worth it.

Mastiff70, Sep 01, 2019
Too noisy

I have just bought the app after praising reviews I read. I compared the pictures from my iPhone XS Max with this app’s camera. I was not expecting miracles, but the low light picture were clean and nice and much better than the iphone original camera. Though, I am really disappointed with the shutter noise, not only is just too load, but having the shutter sound is unnecessary since other phones take many picture in the background without such a noisy sound. I had to silence the phone to feel OK. I will continue to experiment with this app in the next few weeks. I would love to give it 5 stars for the picture quality, but the shutter sound makes it really hard to do so. I urge the developers to mute the shutter, or make it optional, or lower the volume a lot to make the app good for day to day use.

Mohamed Al-Hassan, Oct 25, 2019
Updated review

Updated review:I’m happy this developer listened to their customer base. I was having trouble in the past with Tripod mode which is now fixed. The app is working better than I had expected. I was using another app that did extremely well for night shots, but without a tripod it was harder because we do t all have tripods with us everywhere we go. Now it’s working at my expectation and I am very pleased. It’s performing wonderfully now and I applaud the developer. Tripod mode was fixed since the update which I guess is good, though I don’t see a difference in my test shots. However is very disheartening to have paid money for an app just to have them add subscriptions after an update. When you pay for an app you expect to have access to all features included in updates, not suddenly have new features blocked because of an update that wants a subscription. I feel like I just threw my money away. Extremely disappointed! The non subscription portion of the app works fine but there’s no way I can in good conscience rate higher for this downright greedy/shady move towards subscriptions after having already paid money for the app. This app loses stars because of that. And unfortunately I will be deleting it.

neemopaice, Mar 02, 2020
Good app, developers fixed mistake

I’m extremely pleased the developers owned their mistake and realized it’s a bad idea to push a subscription on users of an existing paid app. While I have no problem paying for cool new features it would have been smarter to make them an optional 1 time in app purchase that prompts you once and then has an option to later purchase it in the settings menu or roll it out as a new app altogether. It was a bad idea to have an intrusive buy subscription button on the front page of a paid camera app but thankfully the developers realized their mistake and took the bold move necessary to make it right for their customers.

Silentknight31, Mar 02, 2020
A okay camera app that make your phone close to those have night mode build-in

I was looking for an app which can take night mode picture like other new phone does, and this app does the job (some/most of the time). here is my break down with side by side compare with the stock app which doesn’t have night mode:for good lighting condition, stock app take a better picture;for low light condition, this app use multi exposure to output a better shoot (brighter and more detail than the stock app);for dark (limit lighting) condition, this app doesn’t seem to use multi exposure, instead, it seems like take only one shoot and adjust the brightness only, and I compare to the shoot that I took in stock app (and manually adjust the brightness), the stock app somehow captured more detail than this app does.This app seems more like a modify version of HDR for some of the low light conditions rather than a night mode camera app. I will love to see the improvement of this app so I can keep using this app instead of consistently switch between with the stock app based on environment condition. Overall it’s a good app for only couple dollars.

syntax sugar, May 01, 2020


NeuralCam lets you shoot better night and daytime photos using the power of unique AI and computational photography technology. Featured on 9to5mac / VentureBeat / TheNextWeb / BGR / PetaPixel / DPReview / SlashGear / LAUNCH Ticker. 9to5Mac - “NeuralCam is not just the best iPhone camera app for night shots, but it is head-and-shoulders above the other apps.” NeuralCam is the top NightMode app for iPhone, and with the v5.0 update it becomes the most advanced computational photography camera for daytime photos too! Enjoy 48 megapixel(*in-app purchase), sharp, bright and less noisy images with more detail in every lighting condition. ------ BETTER PHOTOS, NIGHT & DAY ------- - Night Mode on All iPhones All Cameras: including the ultra-wide, telephoto and selfie cameras - Better Daytime HDR Photos: brighter daytime and indoor photos with more detail and less noise - 48 Megapixel AI Upscaled Photos* (available as an additional in-app purchase): state-of-the-art AI Photo upscaling now available on all iPhones through NeuralCam 5 - AI Enhanced Macro Mode on All iPhones ------ UNIQUE COMPUTATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY PROCESS--------- NeuralCam uses multiple proprietary AI and Computational Photography technologies to get the highest possible quality images in all lighting conditions: 1.

SmartCAPTURE: Sets the right capturing settings for each lighting situation to draw the most information and detail from the iPhone camera sensor 2. SmartMERGE: Combines pixels from multiple captured images to further enrich the amount of information and reduce noise 3. NeuralENHANCE: Uses state of the art Machine Learning techniques to enhance detail at 12MP and upscale photos to 24MP or 48MP (in-app purchase) 4. NeuralHDR: Adaptively illuminates night and day photos for a bright, but still natural look It does all these steps in a few seconds on-device. Read more about the NeuralCam photography process in the NeuralCam 5 launch blog post here: https://neural.cam/news/ ------- FEATURES ------ - Auto and Manual Night Mode - Auto and Manual Daytime Mode - AI Enhanced Macro Mode (including Night Macro Mode) - Manual Computational Photography Controls - Multiple Capturing Modes: Hight Detail, Low Noise, Unprocessed* (*on iPhone 12 and 13 Pro) - Merging of 1-12 frames - 24MP & 48MP AI Super-Resolution - 12MP AI Detail Enhancement - Multiple AI Brightening Modes - now including NeuralHDR specially tailored for daytime photos - Classic manual photography controls for White Balance, Exposure and Focus - Timer - Tripod Mode - allows longer exposure time in really dark situations - Gentle Torch - so you can light up your scene a bit if needed, in very low light - Photo Format (HEIC/JPEG/TIFF) - Grid options NeuralCam 5: Better Night & Day Photos using AI and Computational Photography Photo credits: @robert_bilinski, @maxmousee Terms of Use: https://neural.cam/terms.html

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