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ProCam 8 - Pro Camera

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ProCam 8 - Pro Camera

  • Photo & Video
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User Reviews for ProCam 8 - Pro Camera

Low Spec Features Compared to Rest

It’s crazy how the app “CameraPixels” another premium - similar to yours - camera app has focus bracketing AND bracketing in general for HDR photo taking, up to 15 photos of different exposures. Why does this - you - advertise as the best, but seem have zero intention to implement these features. Also camera pixels has the ability to LOCK the shutter speed in video to achieve and actual 180 shutter angle when recording video. Allowing ISO to change dynamically and extremely fast. You - ProcCam 4, and 5 - only allow the user to set the shutter Manuel - in video -to achieve the desired shutter angle, even worse the iso can’t be set to AUTO when shutter speed is in Manuel - in video mode -. So when recording, this desired setup only allows the user to change iso Manuel. Creating pretty UN-Smooth exposition change / gradation when recording. Also, please implement a more Manuel long exposure, instead of always blowing iso outa wack when detecting a really dark scene. AND PLEASE ALLOW 4K MAX video to be uploaded to google drive / similar services when pressing that share button.

Aarron Anderson, Sep 22, 2017
Only great when it actually works

I’m beside myself. I practice amateur astronomy and smartphone astrophotography. And twice now, using two different iPhones (XR and now 13 Pro Max), your app has failed me. I like to shoot the International Space Station through my telescope. This requires lots of careful planning and time-consuming setup. And it’s all for nothing because your app is unreliable. I am so disappointed. Specifically, I use video mode with manual controls. I hit record, and I know it’s recording because I can see the time counter ticking away, and once the space station passes over, I hit the stop button. And then the video is just nowhere. It doesn’t save to the app or to my phone’s camera roll. I even did a test video of 1.5 minutes tonight, before the big show was about to start. That video saved flawlessly. But the 1-min video that actually captured the station (because I saw it in the live view) didn’t save at all. I am so done with this. This moment was going to be my saving grace after a long crappy day. Instead, my day was only made worse. If it only happened once, I could write it off as a fluke. But now I’ve been screwed twice. This is incredibly upsetting and there’s just no reason for it

astronoman, Mar 17, 2022
Use It Every Day

Awesome for capturing doccuments, but the OCR doesn’t do very good for store receipts. I’m guessing that the latest iPhone doesn’t have the power to do very good OCR on small text that isn’t crisp. But I did get a little better results by making the receipt text a little larger. I took three 5 foot high filing cabinets and used it to copy all of the documents, and moved them into folders (albums) in my Photos folder, and it’s all backed up on the iCloud for a couple bucks per month, with an additional backup on a 512G USB memory stick. Then I tossed the filing cabinet in the trash :) If I ever need to alter one, this app allows moving it back and doing an OCR. I spent 20 years designing databases, so I am also creating a database app that is 100 times better than the iPhone Photos app, with the ability to use multiple folder levels and naming and searching capability for the picture documents. So I will be moving all of the documents to the database when I am done. The bottom line is that I love this ScannerPro app.

Dennyhayes, Jul 24, 2018
Not saving videos! Don’t use this app!

EditI’ve been using this app for over a year now, originally it started to not take photos when trying to take one, which was a quick fix of just trying to take a few more and hope it actually takes one. It’s been doing the same with video also, but what used to be easy to notice that the screen would go dark when trying to record video, now it does not change at all and has the appearance that it is actively recording, it counts the time and has red text. When you finish your video and check for it, it’s not there. This issue didn’t happen for about 6+ months, it was great that the developers seemed to have fixed it, but it just did it to me again on an extremely important drawing tutorial video I was recording for my business. I recorded a 2.5 hour segment of drawing footage that is now lost and I literally have to do my whole drawing again! The tutorial has to be a complete tutorial so it doesn’t matter that I had 1 hour of early footage, 2.5 hours is gone! This is the last straw for me, I am never going to use this app again. What a waste of money, spend your money on an app that actually works and doesn’t cost you 3+ hours of hard work you can’t get back!

Jess4614, Sep 05, 2021
Best camera app ever!

I was hesitant to buy a camera app since there are several really great free ones, but this one is so worth the small amount of money! Love this app so much! Professional features, in-app editing of photos and videos (yes, videos!) with filters or manual editing, RAW and other formats, zooming for both photos and videos (yes, video zoom!), real time sound meter for videoing, overexposure indicator, online user manual that explains things easily even for beginners, so many things, so much more! I’d put this app up against any other camera app! Until iPhones come out with movable a aperture, this app is the next best thing and makes the absolute most of what the iPhone can do. I get compliments all the time about my photos, and when people borrow my phone to take a photo for me, they immediately comment on how much better it is than their own app. You can tell such a difference! Again, it’s totally worth getting this app! I can’t say enough good things about it!

Kevinobie1, Aug 03, 2018
Long term value + saves bucket list photo.

I bought this app years ago and unlike so many other apps, it is still being updated and add immense improvements to the newest iPhone. All without having to pay for an upgrade in over 4 years of use and iPhone hardware upgrades. That said, I almost wish I could pay for it again. What drove me to write this review was that the built in iOS camera app WOULD NOT focus as my plane was flying near Mt. Everest en route to Kathmandu. Can you imagine the frustration of the camera thinking I wanted to take photos of the scratches on the airplane window and not the worlds highest peak?!Procam to the rescue! I opened it up and switched to manual focus. The magnified center with peak detection allowed me to precisely, carefully, and quickly focus directly on the Himalayan peaks resulting in me not missing one of the most memorable “out the window” shots of my lifetime. There are many other examples where having full control has saved the shot, but this one by itself was worth the purchase. Thank you developers of Procam for saving my “bucket list” shot!

Kingjamez80, Dec 12, 2022
Great app, minor inconsistencies.

I love this app. It is the best camera that I have used on iPhone (not that I have tried many, I haven’t needed to since this one). I use it for both photography as well as recording videos. My single complaint stems from an inconsistency within the video framing guides and the available video cropping aspect ratios. This app has an awesome feature where it will let you place in guides when you are recording videos to show you where the top and bottom of wider screen aspect ratios are so you can frame properly. This app also has a built in feature that lets you crop videos to aspect ratio presets after you record them. Unfortunately the framing guides and the cropping presets do not share the same aspect ratios. The only overlapping ratios are 1:1, 4:3, and 2.35:1. There are so many aspect ratios in the framing guides that are not available in the cropping options, so I cannot see exactly what my framing looks like until I get to a PC. If I could choose only one aspect ratio to add, it would be 2:1, but I believe that there should be perfect parody between both options. This app is an easy 5 star if this were to be addressed, but to me it is worth docking 2 whole stars until then.

Megazeldafan, Feb 24, 2020
The best premium all-in-one camera app for iOS.

The title says it all, really. This is the best premium/paid all-in-one camera app for iOS. Are there some apps that might have more features than this one? Technically, sure that’s correct. Will 99% of users ever use then? No way. If you’re looking for something specific, odds are pretty good that you’ll find exactly what you need within this application’s abundance of features. Best of all, everything just works. The UI is fantastic and can easily be figured out by the most novice of users; the controls are intuitive while not being obstructive or annoying, there’s no ads, subscriptions or constant pop-up reminders asking you to rate the app or write a review, and the developer of this wonderful piece of software is one of maybe two or three (tops) individual developers who not only has created what I consider to be a “category-leading” app, but who also is quite dedicated to consistently pushing out new features, bug fixes and responding to user help requests. Do not hesitate for a minute to get this app! It is the first one I install when setting up a new iPhone for someone and is worth every penny!

Michael Robert Dolgon, Dec 31, 2019
Can’t export Timelapse

So, I recently purchased this app with the intent of recording 4K timelapses. Then, stupidly, I decided to purchase the 4K Max option for an addition price. So I leave my phone outside, taking a picture every 5 seconds, for about 45 minutes. This would equate to around a 9 minute video at 4K 60fps, which would be a few GB of storage. I currently have nearly 20 GB of storage, so there should be no issue. Then I go to export the timelapse to my camera roll, and a loading circle flashes for half a second, and then nothing else happens. I can’t even export the video, so this was a waste of $10.Edit: I still don’t feel like the normal 4K option does anything except for upscaling. I took two similar timelapses using the native camera and ProCam, and the native app did a much better job with the quality. The “4k” timelapse had a terrible amount of noise. Also, when I exported my 4K Max timelapse had terrible quality when I transferred it to my Mac. It looked worse than 720p. Any tips for fixing that? It’s possible that I just don’t understand your app interface, so I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

RLY!! DON'T, Jan 31, 2021
Amazing & absolute must have app

It’s rare when I’m really blown away by an app (paid or free) and there are many where one wonders if it is even worth space on their phone (like some poorly developed apps that don’t really provide good function or UI or say on the other case Facebook with it’s 300MB install size). This is easily one of the absolute best and must have apps out there for its category/purpose. Have had it for years and I have always been impressed. Really does help unlock the features & power of your iPhone camera. There are really a ton of great other features I do suggest investing the time to look at their tutorials/documentation to understand & take advantage of all of the features and functions under the hood. Aside from all of the awesome pre/post features and controls for photo and video - one simple thing that is absolutely my favorite for years is the ability to easily control video resolution and size. Often for web purposes, Ultra4k, 1080p, and even 720p aren’t required in some situations for videos (when traveling for example where taking lots of photos, panos and videos, sometimes we may need to document something by video and take longer videos but don’t need to output them in high res), this is great to capture moments but helps save space rather than simply using iOS’ default built-in resolutions.

Vinzo, Jun 18, 2018


SHOOTING MODES - Photo - Burst Mode - Slow Shutter - Portrait Mode - supported on all dual lens camera system as well as iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2020 - 3D Photo - requires dual lens camera system - Video - Time Lapse PHOTO SHUTTER RELEASE OPTIONS - Self-Timer - Anti-Shake - Screen Shutter / Big Button - Interval VIDEO FRAME RATES AND RESOLUTIONS - VGA, 720p, 1080p - 4K Ultra HD - 3264x1836 upscaled to 3840x2160 - in-app purchase - iPhone 5s / iPad Air 2 and later - 4K Ultra HD - 3840x2160 - native support on iPhone 6s / Plus and later - 4K Max - 4032x2268 - in-app purchase - iPhone 6s / Plus and later - High frame rate: * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 720p - iPhone 5 / iPad mini and later * 96 / 100 /120 fps 720p - iPhone 5s / iPad Air 2 and later * 192 / 200 / 240 fps 720p - iPhone 6 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 1080p - iPhone 6 and later * 96 / 100 / 120 fps 1080p - iPhone 6s / Plus and later * 192 / 200 / 240 fps 1080p - iPhone 8 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K - iPhone 8 and later TIME LAPSE FRAME RATES AND RESOLUTIONS - VGA, 720p, 1080p - 4K Ultra HD - 3264x1836 upscaled to 3840x2160 - in-app purchase - iPhone 5 / iPad Air 2 and later - 4K Ultra HD - 3840x2160 - native support on iPhone 6s / Plus and later - 4K Max - 4032x2268 - in-app purchase - iPhone 6s / Plus and later - High frame rate: * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 720p - all devices * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 1080p - all devices * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K - iPhone 5 / iPad Air 2 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K Max - iPhone 6s / Plus and later MANUAL CONTROLS - Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance controls - Scroll and steppers system inspired by DSLR cameras - Tap location accurate manual focus assist - True focus peaking - Zebra stripes - overexposure warning - Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values - Manual controls are supported in all photo and video modes MAIN CAMERA FEATURES - RAW (DNG) iOS 10 - iPhone 6s / iPad Pro 9.7 and later - Lossless TIFF file format support - Intelligent 3-shot HDR - AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) with RAW support for high contrast conditions - Live light level histogram - Adjustable aspect ratio (4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1) - Video pause/resume functionality - Video audio meter (Avg. / Peak signal levels) - Still photo capture during video recording - Realtime video stabilization (ON/OFF) - Video disk space indicator - Thirds grid and horizontal tiltmeter. - Date / time / location / Copyright stamp PHOTO / VIDEO EDITOR & PHOTO EDITING EXTENSION - Nondestructive editing - all edits, including cropping, are completely amendable / reversible - 60 expertly crafted filters - 17 lenses: Vignette / White Vignette / Fisheye / Tilt Shift / Macro / Tiny Planet / Wormhole / Split / Kaleidoscope I, II, III, IV, V / Ripple / Striped / Hatched / Halftone - 19 comprehensive adjustment tools - Trimming, cropping, rotating, mirroring, straightening, and perspective correction - Extremely accurate timeline with the ability to review videos frame by frame - Ability to add background music

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