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User Reviews for Meta Business Suite

Not as compatible as you’d think

I used this app to reply to a message from Instagram. Since Instagram has a character limit the message created in Business Suite was too long, but Facebook doesn’t have a character limit. On my end, it went through. There was no notification that the message was too long. I didn’t understand why my potential new client wasn’t responding because she had been very responsive before. A few days later, I ended up going to Instagram DM’s and looked at our message thread and there was no reply from me. Went back to Business Suite and the reply was there. This looked like negligence on my part. I had to copy my message to notes and break it up to send through Insta. Now I only reply to Instagram DMs in Instagram. I also get double the notifications for Instagram because they don’t update in the biz suite when you check them in Insta. I can’t turn my notifications off in Instagram because this app is not reliable. I would rather have the Pages app (or an equivalent) back and compartmentalize my comments and DMs. This app does not save me more time when I have to double and triple check everything. 👎🏼

AshGBeauty, Jan 08, 2021
Why, just why.

When the app was Facebook Pages Manager it was about a million times better. It was easier to use and understand and even then it could have used a little bit of nitpicking kinda work. Now. That it’s “new and improved everything in one” it’s just awful. I do not recommend this app anymore. The ONLY things that are cool about it is you can post on both your Instagram and Facebook page and schedule for both of the pages and the side by side comparison of insights on posts on Facebook vs Instagram, but that’s it. Nothing else about the app is worth it or easy to use. PLEASE GO BACK TO FACEBOOK PAGES MANAGER. The only thing missing then was an easier way to change your hours and edit the profile. I genuinely regret “updating” the app and strongly recommended all my business friends not to as well. I’m young, learning apps is an easy process for me and I even find the change extremely drastic and difficult to manage. I can’t imagine how everyone is doing with the change who are much older than I am running business and trying to put information out there. I hope the next “update” isn’t another 10 steps backwards. I’ll update my review if it actually gets better.

BlueJay&, Aug 15, 2021
Wish there was an alternative

It is convenient to post Instagram & Facebook simultaneously, but difficlut to do the hashtags as it is two extra clicks for every hashtag since it is not in the keyboard like on Instagram. Posts only go to 1% of people that have chosen to follow my page, and for even my friends to see things I have to share to my personal page. It’s all about the money to FB. What is the point of having people like something if one of the options is to boost a post and the audience be the people that already like my page. Add in that if you speak of reality flaws, you stand the risk of being censored just like they have censored people and news articles they do not like. They seem to be more about censoring and deciding for us what we want to see as opposed to being a platform that can truly be useful. They have become publishers, as a business you have to pay them to be seen and as an individual, Facebook jail is an most likely a definite if you don’t tow their desired line. It’s interesting how they chose to censor things about the Wuhan lab, and low and behold they were wrong. Let people read and decide for themselves instead of being similar to state run media..... because you also punish the businesses of the people that disagree with you. When I have over 1200 people like my small business page and it only is seen by 50 or so people over a 48 hour time window, something is wrong with the algorithm.... oh, but you don’t care.

ccllgg09876543212344678996;57, Jun 06, 2021
Ruining my relationship with customers

As usual in typical Facebook fashion they’ve found a way to inconvenience their customers. Facebook is a truly awful company with the worlds absolutely worst customer service but they found a way to sink lower. I use to engage with my fans a lot using polls and since Facebook took that way a lot of my page fans have become quite upset. Next they took away being able to be post backgrounds for our post. Smh. It’s watered down junk now. They made the UI a tiny better but took away everything else.Update: Business sweet is ok. Not great. It needs to have the ability to share products from your shop to the page. All you can do is edit2021 update: Once again Facebook has proved why they are worst platform in all creation. They removed the option to tag products in post. Something that made it convenient for customers to buy from a post. So sick of them

CupcakeQueen0706, Jan 18, 2021
Still can’t post and # icon is annoying

I’m going on days now if not being able to post to my pages FIX THIS!!!Also move the damned # off the posting section. It gets in the way every time! We need a zero star rating system. The latest update screwed up my ability to post anything! I had posted something to my page. It showed it went through. Went back to Facebook to share it (because for a year now we can’t share posts to our personal pages from this app….but that’s a WHOLE other story) and the post was missing. Went back to business suite and the post was gone. Tried again. Same thing. Showed it went through and it disappeared. I rely on scheduling for one of my pages doing several a day for weeks at a time, got five in before I realized they weren’t taking. Tried on the ipad and iPhone and they didn’t show up in the scheduled posts at all. Tried to remember what I had written for two of them, tried to reschedule and same thing. Shows them going through fine but they disappear in the actual scheduling calendar and checked today to see if the ones I had tried to do posted, but they are not there. How can we run our businesses this way? We can’t! I now cannot post anything AT ALL because of this last update.

Farley213, May 13, 2022
Horrible, horrible app.

UPDATE: Still awful, somehow now worse. Want to see who exactly liked or reacted to a post? Too bad! Tapping “LIKE” makes your page “like” the post. There’s a convoluted way to get around it, but I’m trying to measure engagement, not interact with my own stuff. Same issues with the app have persisted for years. It’s awful. Just use the browser. Facebook isn’t known for being good and this app is no exception. The only reason anyone is using it, is because Facebook just has a large, captive audience. Even now, in the app’s review panel, I can’t see the words I’m typing. On the iPad, the app constantly switches to vertical mode. Being able to post to Instagram is useless since to add a first comment or bio link, you have to go to Instagram anyways. Facebook tags don’t work at all and when you are able to tag a business, it’s 50/50 if the business even shows up. At least that works somewhat better on the browser. What does work? Facebook’s ability to take your money. Their transaction portion works well. Not sure if this review makes sense, again, the app’s review panel doesn’t show text. Horrible, laughable, and typical Facebook—only used by marketers and promoters to reach an audience hopelessly stuck on the platform until something better comes along or Facebook finally (and hopefully) fails.

Gordon13ombay, Jun 29, 2022
Helpful, but needs work.

The app is helpful for managing both instagram and Facebook, but using both the Facebook and Instagram apps is actually much more helpful within their individual apps. Don’t get me wrong, I i th still use the meta business suite out of convenience but the issues are actually inconvenient. Example: messages sent via MBS aren’t updated live and it’s difficult to “refresh” the app to update the messages that have already been sent and received. Example: updating photos is actually terrible. You can choose which photos you want to upload but you have no idea how the photo is going go look after you post it. I posted a picture of a guest from my podcast and from his neck to his head was cut off completely. Sure, I could’ve made sure the photo fit the dimensions of FB and Insta, but I didn’t and I ended up having to delete the entire post and repost it after having already received likes and reactions to the post. I hope yall would make the meta app just like the apps that it represents. That’s the biggest issue that needs to be resolved.

JxTwidgie, Jul 18, 2022
Stop “fixing” things that don’t need to be fixed

I’ve had more problems with the Business Manager than I ever did with Pages. The layout is too “clean” in the sense that everything has the same white/grey color scheme. I can’t share Event Invites/ links to my page’s timeline from the app, which is a problem because I’m a musician. I’d like to “Schedule” my posts about reminders for shows with links to their appropriate Events, but I can’t. I have to go to my actual Facebook app and share them from there (and don’t even get me started on THAT update) and set alarms on my phone for when they need to be posted because I can’t schedule them. I’ve also had a bunch of problems with bugs/glitches, not receiving some notifications, receiving some notifications multiple times, and poor access the server to post on my timeline (it takes a long time, times out, or disconnects completely. I usually have to close out the app completely and relaunch it). Overall, I feel like Business Manager has just taken important features for some of us away (the reality) versus giving us a user-friendly app to handle everything in one place (the intention). It’s great that I can post to Instagram simultaneously, but it’s still missing A LOT of the features and convenience that was a part of Pages. Stop “fixing” things that don’t need to be fixed. Stop changing the layout. Give us back the features we actually use and need.

Lele8369, Apr 14, 2021
They love to waste your time

You can’t just create a post, check & reply to messages, or do the things you want to do. Notifications for the same comment, message, or post are repeated in different sections over and over and over and don’t go away when you do check them even in every notification location. I don’t get notifications for messages or I do get notifications that there’s an unread message but can’t find the unread message. Our page rating has dropped to 80% responsiveness to messages but I have answered every message—that I can find or have been notified of. No unread messages are showing now and I’ve answered every single one, so how can it be 80%? The reason for two stars instead of one is I do like to create posts through the app when possible because I can schedule them or post immediately without going through the desktop’s annoying and difficult to find Creator Studio. These apps are NOT designed to be user friendly but rather, it feels like, to waste time so they can brag on how much time people spend on their platforms. Tighten it up, Facebook, and make it user friendly and time efficient! Stop wasting our time!

Leskape, Aug 21, 2021
A nightmare to use with screen reader technology

The “pages manager“ was simple and easy to navigate using screen reader technology, like a voiceover and J AWS on a computer. Ever since it switched over to business manager, the majority of components are not reading with screen reader technology. As a blind business owner, this significantly complicates me being able to independently use the app. It is beyond frustrating and extremely disappointing. Facebook has come so far with accessibility, and this portion, By adding the new business manager application, makes things nearly impossible!!! I used to be able to share and schedule directly while in the Facebook app, but now I’m required to use the business manager app which things are not labeled, so I have no idea what I’m trying to do while inside the app. And of the data is read off to me, navigating in a logical and sequential order is nonexistent! I am not the only blind business owner who has been having his issues. I am also part of a nonprofit organization, and affiliate of the American Council of the blind, and run the Facebook page for this organization. It is more convenient to just create a group for these organizations, rather than creating a business page, as we keep getting lead back to using “business manager“ which is not accessible in the slightest! ADA States that websites and applications need to be compliant with screen reader technology abilities, and, well… This is just not anywhere near acceptable!

Lizandlogan, Jun 14, 2021


Grow your business and connect with more people with Meta Business Suite. Use this app to: • Create, schedule, and manage posts and stories across your Facebook Page and Instagram account • Connect with more customers by responding to all of your messages and comments in one place—you can even automate responses to save time • View insights about how people are interacting with your posts, stories and ads so you can create content that resonates with them • View your notifications and to-do list so you can stay on top of what matters most

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