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User Reviews for Lyft Driver


I like that as a driver, we have the option of having more rides queue up while we drive but I’ve been having a bit of an issue with the app queuing me with long distance (37-47min) trips without letting me know before accepting. I don’t know how long the trip will be until I swipe to pick up passenger. If I could know beforehand I could possibly stop for gas or a restroom break if needed. It’s just a inconvenience. Also the app update is very inconvenient when it blocks you from touching the screen while driving. I’ve tried to go offline in the middle of a ride so that I don’t get queued with another ride and it blocks me from doing anything onscreen until I stop. Sometimes I am on the highway and I can’t stop.I understand this may be due to safety reasons so that drivers don’t text and drive but I feel it is better to go offline than to get auto-queued with more rides and having to cancel on them afterwards. The same goes for not being able to click on the passenger’s info while driving. There was a confusion between me and a passenger about which address to go to. I could not tap on his info to see the destination address because the screen was blocked! Very frustrating

3.lotus, May 01, 2021
All kinds of problems

Just came back to using Lyft to drive. Generally speaking, I like the Lyft GPS system much better than Uber, but I just started driving again last night after a long break of about a year and there seems to be a lot of things broken. Several times, for instance, I had someone in my car but could not start the trip because I was not parked in the exact location they had set their pickup - like within feet. There was one ride where I was parked at the end of the driveway instead of pulling in. After 2 minutes of stammering my way through “this never happens” I figured I’d try to pull in the driveway. I backed up and didn’t even have my back wheels over the driveway entrance yet and it pinged saying I could let them know I arrived. This was embarrassing and I was super lucky they were so understanding (and happy drunks). And it cost me valuable time during peak Saturday night ride hours. For less than 10 feet.Another time, the same thing happened but it gave me the option to “arrive early” but said I would lose out on any wait time and would not be compensated if the rider cancelled. Of course, this ended up being the ride that I waited and waited and called the rider several times and he never showed up. So then I had to be the one who cancelled the ride (hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on my record so quickly after returning from a long absence). Lots of problems to fix here.

BradMacd, Jun 15, 2019

Let me start off with this I don’t usually write reviews. I know, you’ve heard this from many other people too. However, I truly don’t. My issue with this app is the fact that not only are you deteriorating your car and cutting its lifespan in like halve, but when you address an issue with any of the workers at lyft NOTHING GETS DONE. I’ve waited over 5 days for someone to resolve my issue. I had a passenger who peed in my car, and not only did that stop me from reaching my goal for the day but I also had to pay to get it professionally cleaned. I’m sure you drivers who have been in similar shoes can empathize with my frustration. When I reached out to lyft they PROMISED ME to issue me an $80 damage fee. They said it would be available in the app within 24 hours, yet till this day I still haven’t gotten it. I’ve talked to them plenty of times and what do they say? “We’ve escalated this issue to a superior to assist you in a timely manner. You should be receiving and email within 24 hours”. Today is day five and I still am without the funds to cover my expense that had to come out of my pocket. All the hours, money and car damages that I’ve gone through for lyft not to be consistent with delivering their promises. This is unprofessional to say the least. I’m no longer using their app, I had a 5 star rating, but they are not going to respect us drivers they don’t deserve our service.

Delavi002, Jul 27, 2022
Lyft’s Car Driving Program

I love driving for Lyft. I’ve met a lot of people while driving for them but the only issue I’m having is how much they take out from their drivers . They want you to pay $250 a week ( $1,000 a Month) more than any car payment and insurance u can have out their for a car that also does not belong to you. On top of that, they take such a large percentage per ride you get. They don’t factor in your time or gas expenses. They want their $250 regardless of what your going through or doing. If you want to take a vacay , you have to bring they car back , even if that’s your only mode for transportation. A 30 min ride will get you about 7-8 bucks all rides up to about 10-15 mins will get you almost $4 and sometimes riders are not tipping. They barely have challenges that will help you earn more money. It’s crazy the charges they take . You would think they would want the drivers to profit so we can be our best for their clientele but they don’t care. I appreciate being able to be flexible and make money but as a single mother , driving the car drains me . I can only work a few hrs a day because of my child so I hate to be on the road for 7 hrs to barely make $80- $90 . I would say if driving for lyft that you come in with your own car.

Deziyer, Sep 05, 2019
It could be better

Hello I’m a Lyft driver and I have a lot of problems with the app, to many hacking situations in this last year , the email the support it doesn’t work or it doesn’t recive the emails when raiting something is happening in my app, I thing is depens of areas where we are working, because I have friends every where in the country in diferents estates, and their app is working great not with this kind of situation I have now. I thing there’s a big manipulation in some areas of the Florida states, like monopolies like the limó companies also I know some people in Miami area they make more then 300 dollars a day with a simple car like my. That’s the reason I couldn’t contact with the real people in the office of Lyft in South Florida. I talking with peoples they have less rides of the calcification “I have almost 6500rides I’m 5 stars driver” but they make more money of me and their app work with not problems. In the South Florida offices is always the same they telling you o yes we have a lot of problems with the app and blabkablabla , I was in the office putting the complaining and my app for 3 days continue work great after 3 days the app come back to the same situation, no rides for prolonged time more then 2 hours, you have to tour off the app and the phone and restarted again like more then 10 times a day, is really sick, sad and ensani.

durtb, Jun 29, 2019
The new cancellation policy

Now that we are in phase 2 and we now have LONG PICKUPS, this policy starts up! Now things are very different! Now we are going to lose money! Before we didn’t have all the long pickups! That’s when this policy would help! I hope I am wrong because I can’t afford to lose money! Why couldn’t this start when we go back to normal life! I never had long pick ups before the COVID 19! Now I have driven far just to pickup! Especially when the stimulus checks came out! I had a pickup 36 min away! And it was highway miles to pick up ! I love Lyft but I feel like this is going to hurt the driver! I truly hope I am wrong! And I would also like to say that when I have a ride in queue can you have an option where they can’t text or call until I am done with the ride I am on! I had someone who was texting and I can’t text back! I am not going to be rude with my current passenger and we can’t text and drive! That is a big safety issue for all of us! I hope I didn’t come looking on here like a nag lol! I just thought it was a horrible time to change the policy when our pickups changed drastically since the shutdown! I hate to cancel or not accept a ride because the distance was far and a very short ride after pickup! And many are like that! Thank you

HellokittyKaren, Jun 22, 2020

I’ve been driving for lyft for about 2 years and when I first started things were good. Recently it seems like my app has bugs in it. Whenever I get a request it lowers the volume of my music. The only way to fix it is to force close the app after accepting the ride or force closing my music app and open it back up to restore the sound to its original volume. Also the map used to zoom in the closer I got to the passangers location making it easier to find them now it doesn’t so I have to manually do it. I don’t mind except I’m driving and it’s a pain to have to tap the screen several times for it to zoom in fully. There is also the problem with navigation at times. I’ve noticed that whatever app you are using for gps navigates the the pin and that’s not always where the address is. Sometimes the pin will drop on the opposite side of the street or in an alley behind the location. And unfortunately seeing the house/business number isn’t always possible especially at night and I’m where the pin but not where the actual location is so I’ll say I've arrived but I actually haven’t. I wish the apps took the address given in the lyft app and not the location of the pin.

likdaisymaisywaisy, Nov 24, 2019
Terrible company

I worked for them for 3 years and since I was permanently deactivated almost 2 years ago I still to this day go on regularly to write reviews as to remind and warn people to not sign up for this company. Years of work I put in while I maintained a rating around 4.9 to 4.8 and lyft has very little room for a bad rating considering 4.6 is risk of deactivation. Anyway my point is I was a good driver. I did thousands of rides for them and in the end was one day surprised by a message stating I was permanently deactivated due to ALLEGED violations of lyfts community terms of service. After emailing and calling for over a month to find out what I supposedly was accused of that was apparently so horrible and trying to get re activated I saw every email had been completely ignored out of the 30 I sent. I did however finally get thru to a supervisor on the phone who was as mean as they come and said I was accused of texting and driving which by the way I didn’t but anyway texting at driving and they now felt I was unfit to be a driver despite this being my only job. The rude woman then took a much more stern tone saying I’m a liability and that I will never drive for lyft again and told me to stop calling because it won’t happen. There was no proof given by the person who accused me nor was I given any chance to defend myself it’s simply just their word against yours and whether you’re lucky enough to have lyft believe you. I remain deactivated to this day.

mike mjf, Mar 29, 2020
Map needs serious improvement

Everything works great in the app except directions, we need a turn by turn listed and A lot of times when picking up a passenger does not have the exact location forcing me to call passenger. Also it would be nice to be able to send quick messages such as pre-populated messages we can click and quickly send rather than only having the option to call. I am grateful that there’s only a $.50 fee to transfer the money instantly it’s nice to know that Lyft isn’t being greedy with the transfer fee. And lastly I feel like 15 seconds isn’t enough to except a ride I was getting gas and didn’t want to miss an alert I missed a passenger due to the time it took me to open my phone to accept which in turn dropped my acceptance rate down 10% that’s really not fair. Otherwise I just started driving for Lyft and I absolutely love it. One last suggestion, Uber has an option to pre pick certain contacts in your phone when you want them to follow you The developers should look into creating something to same. What a great option to feel even more safe, which I have yet to feel unsafe!! Thank you Lyft for providing and outstanding second source of income our family ❤️

Missourirose, Jul 07, 2019
App flaws and ripoff for drivers

I’ve been doing Uber and Lyft in Chicago for about 5 months now and I have to say I am quite appalled at how manipulative Lyft is with their drivers. They talk big numbers and bonuses and guarantee $500 a week, advertise big bonuses for new drivers, and make it seem great. But then you drive 15 minutes to pick someone up and they don’t show up and I make $0 for it. Lyft says “it’s because you didn’t arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled pickup.” Lyft doesn't care to ask if I couldn’t find the entrance because the customer’s phone number wasn’t in service. They give you rides that take you all over the place, making it 10x more difficult to reach your 100 rides, they pay you about $3 for a mile and a half ride that took 8 minutes (and that includes the extra 55¢ for gas), and they put up bonus zones with no intention of leaving them there long enough for drivers to show up. Why even have bonus zones when they disappear in 30 seconds? Because they are trying to lure drivers with zero intention of actually making sure they get the bonus.Lyft develops an app and leaves the drivers to take on all the wear and tear, time loss, gas money, and doesn’t even care to compensate them properly. I can assure you once I hit my 100 rides, I will never drive for Lyft again unless I find myself in a $10+ bonus zone or they decide to increase fares or quit taking such a high cut of the measly ones currently in place.

MustafaGoldsmith, Jul 22, 2022


Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $500 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount.

COMMITMENT TO HEALTH We prioritize your well-being, and our Health Safety Program helps everyone ride confidently. SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY We’re here to help if you need us — via phone, email, and in-person at our Hubs and Driver Centers. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. NO CAR NEEDED With Lyft Express Drive, you don't need your own car to earn (available in select markets). ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

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