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GoShare Driver: Earn Money

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GoShare Driver: Earn Money

  • Productivity
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GoShare Inc.
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User Reviews for GoShare Driver: Earn Money

Very disappointed. Stay away!!

At first I was very excited and pumped to start using GoShare as a side hustle, now I’m left just very disappointed. The onboarding process takes about 3 weeks. I passed everything with flying colors and was literally on the last step which is verifying my bank information. I received and email about 2 days ago notifying me that “applicant has been declined due to OFAC”, they could not verify my bank information. I still to this day do not know what the issue was, I’d hate to have been disqualified due to a typo, but as I mentioned before I’m still awaiting an email for answers and have received nothing. It’s unfortunate too because I’ve read that once you’ve been declined, you cannot reapply so I may have to be tossed to the side. What’s weird tho is there was no issue with my bank information when they charged me the $45 background check fee. So now they have the $45 bucks and all my bank information, seems fishy. Fishy enough to warn people to stay away!

CSolis5, May 26, 2022
Project requests don’t show on app.

Hello,I am a new driver for your company. I have the utmost desire to be part of this team and make money for everyone involved. Nonetheless, I am very frustrated with my experience so far. In the last 3 days I haven’t been able to get but 1 project. For some reason I am not getting requests to my app. I only receive emails which I reply with the word “accept”, but most times, nothing happens. I deleted the app and downloaded it again and it is the same thing. I borrowed a friends phone and downloaded the app on his phone and I was able then, through her phone, to accept the 1 job I have been able to do. I triple checked and my phone have push notifications activated. I don’t know what seems to be the problem, and I have only been able to communicate via text messages with your support team. Just right now I received an email with a project but nothing on the app! This is very frustrating! As of right now, I am in the negative with GoShare. I haven’t been able to even recuperate the cost of the background check. I will really appreciate some technical support with this app. I have friends that have trucks and were all waiting to see what was my experience, to see if it was worth it before they move forward or pay the background check. As of right now, my experience has been very frustrating and disappointing. Please, I need some technical support. Thanks in advance.

Esmuti, Jul 31, 2018
One of the best platforms to work on

Go share is the best platforms by far you get paid for your mileage also tips from customers plus if you have a small sedan vehicle you can still join the platform as a helper or courier and make great money just be sure when you accept a job you be on time and if a emergency comes up be sure to reach out to customer service and explain your situation don’t matter what’s the situation at hand if not you will hit with a no show fee so longs you being responsible you shouldn’t have any problems with making great money I been with go share over a year now and I love it!!

go share rex, Jan 04, 2022

First assignment told me I wasn’t allowed to avoid toll roads I’ve been avoiding tolls for over 28 years and 3 million miles like they have a right to tell me how to drive which is my expense 2 days after the gig they told they couldn’t pay me because of some excuse even though they verified my account then they wanted my PayPal account so they could pay me ASAP my PayPal account was mysteriously locked after I gave them my email for it it’s 6 days since gig no pay starting to wonder if they are legit or a scam all the other apps I use pay me in24 to 48 hours some pay same day customers pay with a credit card they already have their pay because I worked for them I put off working for 2 other companies and because they haven’t paid me I’m short on rent definitely not starting out on the right foot and still they have the nerve to ask me to continue doing gigs not this man until I get paid not to mention it was a 540 mile round trip that I have to pay for fuel and tolls up front and pay my way home so far not so good I hope it improves

Highwayhank61, Nov 02, 2020
Would have gave 5

Hey , this is a great company to make some extra cash with and meet great people . It’s a little more then what I thought at first . But , that’s because I was waiting for the punchline . My mistake . It’s as good as it says it is . Now to why I didn’t give 5 . It’s more my fault I think . Customer service is very thorough and on top of making sure the customer is getting a professional and on time driver. They make sure all is good . Just a tad impersonal when it’s comes to their drivers at least in my case . But , In the end it all turned out well . $$$$$ so no 5 stars til I get more work lol .

mr big stuff 56, Nov 08, 2021
The best company I have ever worked for

GoShare is the best company I have worked for by far. I have been with them since October 2020. They pay better than any delivery company I have worked for. The dispatchers are awesome and the customers are generous tippers. Most projects can be handled by one person. Buying a truck was the best decision I made in my life. It’s worth the investment since people always need someone to deliver their furnitures. GoShare is growing and expanding. One day, it will be the most popular and well known platform ever. Just do your part and be smart. Show up on time and communicate with the dispatchers. I’m planning to stay with GoShare as long as they exist. A+

Murad 1973, Mar 02, 2022
Could be great… but

GoShare could be great if they were more reasonable and understanding as well as accommodating when the client changes the time, location or canceled. If you do any of that your charged $50 automatically without consenting but the likelihood of you getting reimbursed for your time due to a client or app mistake is not likely. Plus the customer service reps can be rude even in a moment or crisis. If you apply stay on top of your application status because it takes awhile then all of a sudden you’ll get a bunch of responses from different people asking for additional information. Stick with the main support/ driver email and not individuals.PS… I don’t I remember receiving any tips. My luck mine were being reallocated to the wife I don’t have alimony payments. Again… what wife!?!

MyCole81, Jun 23, 2022
Great company and service!!

I just started with GoShare this week and what a great week it’s been! I just retired from 3 decades of teaching and needed to stay productive and useful. I have had several great delivery experiences thus week. Customers are so grateful for my help and the feeling of helping is very fulfilling. GoShare is so easy to work with and for. Customer service is very responsive and very helpful. Payments have been quick and estimated job payments have been accurate. The only challenge is beating out the competition for jobs, since it’s first-come, first-serve. Got to be quick, responding to notifications! What an excellent system too! Using a smart phone, an app, and my truck to make money. My Apple Watch is also a very useful part of the technology. Thanks GoShare for providing these opportunities, for helping me make money and serve others, and for helping customers with their needs. It’s a Win, Win for All!! Sincerely, Alan G.

neleigyournala, Mar 19, 2022
App fails to display date/time for jobs. Repeatedly reported issue

I have been driving for the company for approximately two years. Though I love the extra money and the work and fully support the program, I am now unable to responsibly accept any new jobs. For over a year, my app has stopped displaying the date/time for jobs. I just recently found out (from the customer service) that I am not the only one with this issue. My previous work-around was quickly swapping to my email to check the date/time of the job, but the company recently updated their email format and removed the date/time. Now, I have no way of accepting a job without blindly hoping that I will be available. As a military member, I cannot simply up and leave my day job on a whim, so I carefully select which jobs I accept. I would love to continue to do this work, but I’m at a stand-still and can’t participate until this glitch is resolved.I have reached out to customer service no less than three times over the years; only on the most recent attempt did they admit that the problem expanded beyond me alone.For the record and tech support purposes I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus with the latest iOS installed.

ShawnChrome, May 11, 2018
Do not recommend

As you can see from other reviews there’s a lot of stupid requirements because of “their insurance”. Beyond that though..- I’m not wasting time and money getting my brand new vehicle inspected. - I’m not spending $45 (or $150 if you’ve ever lived in NY for some reason) for you to do a background check. That’s a cost of doing business that should fall on the company, definitely not the contractor. No other app or company has ever asked me to pay for a background fee. - They charge a cancellation fee to drivers ranging from $10-50. How ridiculous. Their video tries to explain how it is not a punishment but there’s no going around it. Your parent/spouse/child suddenly in the hospital? Pay up. You get in a car accident? Pay up. - To move on with the onboarding process you half to watch a HALF HOUR LONG video that explains nothing but common sense, and about 7 minutes explaining the clumsy flow of this app. AND THEN you have to answer a 41, forty one, question quiz on the video. It’s easier to sign up to deliver people (which doesn’t say anything good about uber or Lyft either 😂)There’s better apps and services to use. I will not be recommending this company to customers or other gig economists.

vegastim13, Jun 19, 2021


Be your own boss, work when you want, and get paid weekly with GoShare! Earn money driving your pickup truck, cargo van, box truck, SUV, or sedan in your community. GoShare connects delivery professionals with businesses and people who need help moving, hauling, or delivering on demand.

Turn your vehicle from a liability that is costing you money every month into an asset that is earning you money. Trusted by more than 100,000 customers including: Costco, HomeGoods, Tesla, Sherwin-Williams, CAT, Cummins, Living Spaces, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Salvation Army, and Pepsi. Our driver network includes thousands of active truck, van and car owners across the US. Earnings: Pickup Truck: $52 – $68 an hour Cargo Van: $71 – $102 an hour Box Truck: $87 - $109 an hour Courier: $38 – $40 an hour We also allow customers to leave you a tip in the app. How it works: 1. Download the app or sign up at goshare.co/drivers 2. Watch orientation video 3. Pass vehicle inspection 4. Pass background check 5. Start earning money GoShare’s app is like a load board that comes to you. Our partnerships with businesses keep a steady stream of deliveries coming your way. You will be notified through the GoShare iOS app when there is a new hot shot, delivery, moving, hauling, middle mile, or last mile delivery project in your area. GoShare is the ideal app for truck owners, van owners, independent contractors, movers, and fleet owners who are looking for additional gigs and to manage your moving, delivery, and hauling businesses. We provide all of the tools you need to run your delivery business including: cargo insurance, customer support, and fast payouts. All you need to do is focus on driving and delivering. All delivery professionals must be at least 18 years old and own or lease a vehicle with a model year of 2000 or newer. All drivers must be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs. GoShare is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Tampa, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and parts of New Jersey with additional cities coming soon. Even if GoShare is not in your area apply online and we’ll hold your application until we are in your area. Then you will be notified first once GoShare begins promoting projects, jobs, and work in your region. Apply at goshare.co/trucks/drivers/apply If you are looking for a part time job, side hustle, or hot shot jobs GoShare may be a good fit. Learn more and apply online in the app or visit goshare.co/drivers GoShare delivery professionals can earn money helping people and businesses with furniture delivery, junk hauling, last mile delivery, local moves, courier services, and more. GoShare projects can be booked by customers on demand or scheduled in advance, allowing delivery professionals to accept requests when they want and earn income on a flexible schedule. There is no penalty for skipping or declining project requests.

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