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User Reviews for Grubhub for Drivers

App doesn’t work

Tried downloading it again to newest version as it was mentioned on old app..it wouldn’t let me, it kept asking for password , continue then it went to the billing address and kept repeating the same thing without letting me get passed it to the app itself. So I deleted the old app to reinstall and it too down the same thing... couldn’t get back on it. I called my carrier and they said it wasn’t my phone but the app itself, so I call the hotline on my drivers card and they have done nothing but keep on giving me a link that is useless that don’t work and a sorry excuse why it’s not being fixed cause they don’t know anything. I can’t get back on my account without the app.. so I am not making any money.. they claim my account is still available and active on there end. It’s no good if I can’t use it, my as well delete my account and get me another real job. I just downloaded this app a couple of months ago and it was doing good until this..all I got was sorry excuses from this company, and they don’t care about the employees or drivers to make it right. It’s the sorriest company ever.. I would give it 0 stars if I could and would never recommend to no body else.

crazychris$1, Oct 02, 2021
GH plays games with their drivers

Absolutely wretched “update.” And the comments below are still accurate. GH will dispatch an order to a driver at or near the same time that the restaurant receives the order. This causes extended wait times for the drivers who are near to the restaurant when the order is dispatched and GH makes veeery clear when called out on this issue that they don’t pay drivers for an extended wait. So many times their orders are stale because drivers drop orders with long waits and it can take some time to find a replacement driver. Also, GH’s supposed market in my area is huge with GH asking drivers to not only wait a long time at a restaurant but also asking them to drive 25 minutes into the middle of nowhere to deliver an order. Granted a driver has the right to refuse and even drop any order they want, but GH is consistent with over promising and under delivering. They also allow a diner to order from a franchise restaurant much farther than the closest franchise location is to the diner. I see so many orders with 15-20 minute drive times even though the closest location to the diner is almost next door.

Dr_Outback, Mar 11, 2022
Its time to UP the game in app devolopment

Grubhub! Its almost 2022. The app needs to be updated to Automatically accept delivery requests & also auto que the orders. A driver might get a delivery to request while traveling at high speed on the highway or while having their hands full during a large delivery. It is not always feasible to click on the phone. Missed delivery requests are not the drivers fault but solely that of grubhub as driver safety protocols have not been addressed by the company. I’m inclined to put the phone on a phone mount and use Bluetooth for safety but the app in the current state violates driver safety. A driver might avoid missing a request and try to click on the phone while being distracted on the road so there needs to be a toggle switch which we can turn on and off for automatic delivery requests. Also, sometimes when connected to Bluetooth, there is a possibility of a missing delivery requests, so grubhub should also send text messages for each and every delivery request.

G4DJ3TMAN, Dec 23, 2021
It’s okay

I have to disagree with a lot of the complaints. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, or if it’s just the area, but it’s been a lot busier since covid started. There are times when the order gets cancelled after you get there, but in my experience, it only happens once a month at most. 95% of the time, orders go smoothly with no problems. I also like that if there’s no tip, grubhub pays you more. If there is a tip, the pay is kinda meh, but what do you expect from a job like this? For me, it’s been a blessing being able to do grubhub considering I haven’t been able to find work anywhere else due to the epidemic. I gave 4 instead of 5 because recently, I’ve stopped getting notifications for orders on the app. I don’t know if it’s an iOS 14 thing, or a glitch but I’d go on the app after 5 minutes and it’d say that I missed 2 orders when I didn’t get the notification. I did check and push notifications are on on the settings and do not disturb isn’t on. It’s just a bit inconvenient when I go to text a friend or something.

Gary19855001, Sep 20, 2020
Drive for someone else!!!!

This is one of the worst driving service available. They do not communicate with the restaurants the customers or the drivers efficiently you show up to a restaurant and have to wait 10 to 60+ mins for orders because restaurants don’t receive order until you get there they do not consider other deliveries you have when giving you multiple orders and they do not time out their orders correctly so you are constantly late constantly having food in your vehicle while you were picking up another order sitting and waiting getting soggy cold and cold items melting regardless of the kind of insulated bags you have they do not pay me enough to justify the amount of time or gas it takes to complete an order you’re penalized for not excepting orders that you end up paying out of pocket to do because they do not pay you enough to compensate for your gas trying to communicate with customer service is almost impossible as no one can speak or understand English I am so glad I have started driving for a different service I will not be wasting my time with this one any longer for months thought it would get better just got worse

KAT121982, Jun 28, 2022
False suspension

There was really bad snow in my area so most restaurants closed early but still showed in grubhub app they were open, I had to cancel about 5 orders in one day because grubhub sent me orders to restaurants that had closed early due to the snow storm smh, the next day I tried logging in and I couldn’t because grubhub said my account was under investigation and in a temporary suspension because I canceled so many orders which wasn’t really true an the orders I only canceled was restaurants that weren’t open, they didn’t have a feature in the app for the restaurant I guess to let them know they were no longer taking orders so I suffered with no schedule for about three days plus they removed my blocks an caused me to miss a whole week of work an didn’t even do anything about it still til this day, I am now behind on rent because of this and not only that I also now have a bad weekly rating for cancellations they still have not fixed, their customer service is terrible, I will definitely be going back to doordash, this is ridiculous how they don’t care about people that go out of their way to work for them, I risked my life on those ice roads an this is what they did to me

mr.Cinote, Jan 20, 2022
They will accuse you of fraud for customers false reporting order not delivered for free food

I worked part time for Grubhub doing just a couple of deliveries a month just to keep my status active. But I just got an email from them saying that my account had been suspended because of fraud (with no evidence). This could well be from my last delivery few days ago. A customer had to wait too long for his food because the other drivers were not picking up the food because he apparently tipped just $1.75 (which I only saw after I picked up the order) for food worth well over $50 and for driving at least 15 minutes to deliver. As soon as i picked up the food I got a text message from him complaining how long he had to wait ( which is not my fault but I picked up the order as soon as it was sent to me). I delivered the order and the customer took the food in and reported the order was not delivered just to get the refund and the free food. I make a good living with good income from other sources and I wouldn’t steal food even though I go hungry. To be accused of fraud for working faithfully is the slap in the face. I don’t recommend anyone to work for GrubHub for how they treat their drivers.

rob671739201, Apr 04, 2021
Most corrupt company to work for!!

I worked for them for almost a year and quickly became a premier driver for them at first it wasn’t too bad except for there horrible app it’s very unreliable and tends to have quite of few bugs that can really mess with your deliveries I even thought it was my phone so I bought the newest iPhone but even after there was a few times the app crashed mid delivery and I had to call support to try an finish the delivery which support also is terrible to deal with an often times will just tell you to take the loss an just take the food back to the restaurant. I eventually quit do to realizing how corrupt the company i had 1 slow day during my schedule with only 1 delivery because it was a holiday and they had the nerve to accuse me of somehow manipulating GRUBHUBS app to get less deliveries for that day and restricted me from making any more schedules permanently. When I contacted support they handled it very poorly took them over a month to respond and they couldn't provide me any evidence or even explain how it is they came about this ridiculous idea that they accused me of. I truly believe this company is corrupt after finding out this happens quite often to people that work for there company i realized if grubhub is ever forced to pay you hourly because of slow deliveries expect the same thing to happen to you!

StayTrueBeYou, Mar 18, 2021
All around

Been doing GH for over a year, used to pay well, but now with gas creeping to $5/gal, I’m working to just fill my tank. Customer service, ha, that’s a joke. The ding you for farting the wrong way. They have no sense of time it takes some places to prepare food, especially at busier times. They tell me I have significantly late orders, as if it’s my wrong doing, when in fact they don’t take in consideration restaurants are busy. I had to wait 70 mins for an order and I put it in the app the wait time, and that’s what I got. So lame cuz you drop the order due to wait time and you get penalized. They penalize you for everything that has nothing to do with you, but you have to either take the hit and be demoted per se or wait and get paid squat. If you don’t have to really make an earning, and have an electric car, app is great for you. Otherwise, it’s better to just go elsewhere. Don’t get me started on customers tips for driving 20+ miles. Just note, it’s how many miles GH says, not actuality. I’ve gone 15 miles to get to restaurants (you don’t get paid for that and GH acts like you’re the only driver out) and then you get only $0.19/mile only to go from restaurant to customer. If someone lives in the outskirts of the country, you don’t get paid the other 20+ miles. So agin, got an electric car, this is for you.

TelescoFam, Jan 20, 2022
Suspended my account over their error

I worked in the Waynesville NC region for about a year, when the day after Christmas I had to report several restaurants as closed, as they had closed for the holiday weekend. I went through the correct protocol in reporting the restaurants as closed (Grubhub requires you take a photo of the “closed” sign on the door). The following Monday I received a computer generated email from Grubhub stating my account was suspended due to a “large volume” of refunded orders. They gave not a single detail, yet accused me of “negligence and unprofessional behavior,” which is a laugh since I was the only Premier driver in the region. I was locked out of my account and all my blocks were taken away. Four hours later I received another email stating they had made an error (they realized the restaurants I reported as closed were indeed closed) and that my account was reactivated. However, they released all my blocks to other drivers in the region, and I was only able to recover a few. I decided to quit Grubhub and reactivated my account with another delivery company who actually has their act together. So basically I was punished for their mistake and their negligence, while being initially accused of the same. What a joke.

The Knife, Mar 21, 2021


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