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User Reviews for Spark Driver

A little frustrated

I love this app and the incentives, but I had been off this app for a while after my husband got covid and fell broke his leg and one thing led to another and he’s Ben down for 1 year now as of Oct 6th but I really need to make up some money now, so I had been taken off the app because I hadn’t been on for so long , so I called and they re-instated me. The problem is that ever since this happened I do not have the option to put in my available times . I only have the spark now option and you know of your not scheduled or have put in as available time that you are getting any leftovers ., but the option is just gone from my app. I called again and spoke with someone today who told me to erase the app from my phone and put it back on later and see if it would fix the problem but it hasn’t . It. Just keeps putting me back with the same app. It just seems to to the cloud and when I reload it , it just comes from the cloud in the same way so I’m at a loss as to what to do so I can set my availability up and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. So I’m a little frustrated. Other than this the app has worked fine for me.

Choppy4179, Nov 03, 2021
Oh bother

The app itself is fairly frustrating. There always seems to be technical issues that makes it near impossible to consistently accept orders. I will say during my time as a driver they did attempt to make improvements on the app, but I won’t be driving for them any longer due to too many missed payments and the tipping system. You get paid weekly and have several outlets to receive payment. However, the pay is not worth it. I took this job as a side job, working 15-20 hours a week and barely made minimum wage. Those in a different location/work different hours might have a different experience. But on more than one occasion I had to file a report for payment discrepancies due to accepting orders at a different rate than what I was paid. Then the tipping system was fine for the first month or so but I went from a near 100% tip rate to almost 0% even when my orders were on time, good metrics with no issues. I find it hard to believe that after delivering to dozens of homes not a single one offered a tip. The most recent app update allows drivers to see pre tips/estimates and no matter what the number always goes down to zero so can’t rely on that at all. The app is said to have an automated system to allot orders based on a round robin system but it seemed the more orders I completed the longer it took to get another offer, so be prepared to wait for hours for only a handful of deliveries.

crimmabo, Oct 15, 2021
Minimal to no offers and no help

This issue has been going on now for a month, I have sent emails and made calls to support as well and there is no one willing to dig to find the problem. I show up 5 or 6 days a week to work. I have very good stats but I sit waiting and waiting for work and all I get is high demand or first come first serve that are accepted by the time I can even touch my phone. Every time I don’t get orders, I run tests from troubleshooting, it tells me to log out and back it for a new token registration. This never works by the way, I have to log out, reboot my phone and then log back in to get a good test. It’s very frustrating because I am having this issue almost every day and I’ve gone from 5 to 9 trips a day to 3 trips most days. Occasionally (about 1 day a week when I’m lucky) I get more offers and more than 3 trips. It makes no sense to me for someone to get an extra $3 for a high demand offer while I am setting here waiting for something to do. I would think high demand offers would only go out when there’s no one to make an offer to, that just seems like a good business practice to me. Update: I use an iPhone SE and still have problems with the app, my accepted deliveries aren’t counted and occasionally offers expire before I can even accept them. I need more than 3 seconds please maybe it’s my phone?????

D L Marshall, Jun 26, 2022
The app is fine

I really enjoy driving for spark. The app works well, most of the time. It’s easy to use. There are a few things that I would like to see changed or improved. 1) the slide to “complete delivery” button. Can it not be a slide? It’s Too easy to change to the last screen instead of proceeding. 2) is there really a “schedule hours” tab?? 3)I would love for the HELP phone number to be easier to get to. Its almost hidden. 4)the METRICS should be up to date and honest. We should be able to SEE the customer reviews. If we must be graded on them at least let us see what the complaints are!! 5) it would be wonderful if the “my zone” demand graphics were shown in real time not “based on historical data”. 6)offers should be awarded to drivers on merit, not shared equally regardless of performance. 7) since location is tracked, there’s no reason why offers can’t be made before we complete our current batch. Dispatch knows when we’re finishing up. Why must we settle for a 30-60 minute wait between finishing a batch and the next offer??

driventocoffee, Feb 28, 2022
Zone selection

Roll out zone selection for all. I only have one Walmart in my zone, when there are over 20 Walmart’s in my city. I could call and switch zones all day but no one wants to do that, so I sit and wait, while other markets have ability on certain androids to do this… doesn’t make sense why everyone cant choose their zone on app to actually work, instead of sitting at a Walmart that has no orders! Also if you have two orders you should be able to go in which ever order the traffic and situation permits, for example, option to switch deliveries or “skip” and have it come back, all other batch platforms have this capability so I know it’s possible. (For example, last batch of day, you do one closest to store first, then the one on way home, then you go home) who wants to drive home, then back to a home near store, then back home, at end of night. I believe the tech team is listening and hopefully soon this app could be a 5 star app! Most 1 star reviews prob are more dispute related than app based, although, lately, there have been some issues, although they could be on Walmart’s end. End of day we’re all hoping for an amazing app!

Frustrated but believe, Sep 28, 2021
Feeling cheated

I have had several issues with the app over the last few days, I’ve made several phone calls with no resolve. I’m very frustrated because right now there is a bonus incentive going on and I feel like every time there’s a bonus incentive this happens and it just seems suspicious to me. But I typically get several offers multiple offers throughout the day and I’m not hardly getting any offers at all. Then I realized that a notification comes through saying that I have an offer to accept but I never get the offer....and that’s happening over and over again. I’ve called multiple times to tell them what’s going on and they keep telling me that offers are not guaranteed. I realize this, that’s not the problem. The problem is I’m getting a notification saying that I have offers to accept and I’m sitting there looking at my screen but the offers never come through and then they say they’ve been accepted by somebody else but I never even had a chance to accept them. This happened last week when I needed 30 deliveries to get $500 and I got 29 deliveries and I didn’t get any more offers after that it’s so frustrating and this week is the same deal, there’s a bonus incentive program today and one for this entire week and it’s the same exact thing. I’ve had one offer actually come through to my phone today. I’m about at the end of my rope here. I’m not sure what else to do but I’ve definitely been cheated out of money I deserved to receive.

jenfobz, Apr 27, 2021

App is pretty user friendly, and you can actually make some pretty decent money being a Spark Driver. However, one major downside that I’ve noticed pertains to the time frame drivers are given from the moment an offer is accepted and when they check into a pick up spot. Particularly when it comes to EXPRESS/ASAP Delivery orders and the time limit you have to start the trip once you’ve accepted the order before you get a notification saying that your trip is at risk of being delivered late, and if you don’t start soon it may be reassigned. I live about a mile from Walmart so it only takes 5 minutes to get there, and in that amount of time I’ll have already been sent 2 of those notifications…I mean, the time frame is so small that by the time I pull into a designated pick-up spot, the offer has been reassigned to another driver…or put back into the “Open Offers” queue. This small time frame is particularly unfair when you consider the fact that, even if you make it to Walmart before your offer is reassigned, the ASAP delivery isn’t even finished being shopped for so it’s usually a 30 minute wait for the order to be ready - and even after it’s been marked as “Ready” most delivery drivers get stuck waiting even longer (like 1-2 hours) before their order is brought out, or they bite the loss and just cancel the order…which means your Metrics take a negative hit but at least you might still have a shot at catching new offers and actually earning money.

JerkDiggler, May 13, 2022
Shady business practices tips stolen

I did enjoy driving with spark driver until like others have noted tips disappearing. I have kept track since my tips have stopped all week long I received tips and then the customer service says they see them and will contact me. They then contact me and say they don’t see the tips. Which led me to ddi the people giving you your pay. Upon receiving my tax forms it shows there $1700 paper work fee? Where did they get that money? They do not list anywhere when and where the money was taken from me. It gets worse they have no phone number listed or even an email address to contact them. It says you can chat with them but when you log In There Is no chat or contact option to be found anywhere. So I think I’ve figured out where the missing money goes to ddi aka delivery drivers inc. Spark says tips aren’t listed and Ddi takes a huge fee for literally doing nothing and doesn’t say how when or where this money comes from. The worst part is spark drivers wait forever to pick up there items when Uber Eats are loaded right away and get the majority of the work as it is. Uber eats pays way less but at least your money doesn’t disappear only to deal with incompetent customer service.

Jreeve2, Jan 09, 2022
Good experience

Been driving for a month now and I can say it has been a good experience over all. The three negative things I can say is 1- the time to pick up an order should be changed. I sometimes have 20-30 minutes before I can pick up an order and will have to wait in my car the entire time. So I just started to door dash during those 20-30 minutes to at least get some money. 2- The customers have 24 hours to change the tip. It should be firm once they place the order. They can easily change the tip to less money. And 3-one of the Walmarts I went to was extremely backed up. They had over 100 orders backed up. I went at 8pm and one of the workers came by and said it would be an hour before getting the order. Since I was hungry, I went to eat and came back. The same guy then tells me it’s not ready yet so I wound up waiting another hour. So it was 2 hours waiting. It got delivered by 10pm and the person that made the order had ordered it at 1pm. She was very understanding and even changed my tip and gave me more money. I will not be returning to that Walmart. Luckily the app lets me change the zone and I can go to another city to work. Other than those two things it’s been a good experience so far.

Kat19780405, Jul 19, 2022
No trips poor management

Its been going on for a month or more that I am not getting deliveries at all. Maybe one or 2 in the period of 2 weeks I haven't went weeks on a row without getting any orders. And everyone else I know in my area that work in this (family) is getting orders everyday and throughout the whole day. By the way I was one of the first drivers in my area when it started and I was very happy with the job everything was running smooth. Until more drivers started getting hired you guys started prioritizing new drivers instead of the ones that began this with you guys. I feel as if Im being thrown to the side since I get no orders and if i do it would be "first come first serve" I never get orders assigned to me with the 2 minutes timer anymore. I try calling you guys and no one has an answer and even sometimes ignore me by saying that you guys can't hear me over the phone and hang up on me. Overall the job is fine but you guys are managing the amount of drivers and orders very bad. If we only go 2 days without working you guys stop sending us orders or make us (inactive) and thats not how its done because you guys don't know what can happen to a person, like a back injury or anything there are people like me who do this full time. Very disappointed ATT: Jordan Gonzalez

loginerror, Jul 09, 2020


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