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User Reviews for Uber Freight

Watch Out for the scam

They want to score us for being late or cancelled loads well they get a 0 for the scamming, mess they trying to pull beware today I booked a load going from South Carolina to Atlanta. The weight on it was a little over 30,000 pounds. After being loaded I noticed it was well over 36,000 pounds so of course I’ll reach out over the phone. The guy tells me he will add $50 for the inconvenience if I was to start moving just so happen I get an email stating that they underlined where they say, the trailer must be capable of carrying 45,000 pounds or more I read that and was ready for them.. just because the trailer is capable of carrying 45,000 pounds doesn’t make that the agreement if that’s the case what’s the point of putting a weight on it at all? Basically what they’re saying is they can put in 1 pound when in actuality is 45,000 pounds legally this is a TONU Due to breach of contract💯💯 if I ever use them again, I will be asking at the shipper for an estimate of each load…

Allgood finest, Mar 15, 2023
Constant issues

We can’t get through a week without an app issue. Whether it’s “error finding loads” or “something went wrong” or “can’t connect to servers.” It’s always multiple devices, and we always keep the app up to date. I have sent emails and logged phone and messenger complaints and always gets told it will be notated or passed to the engineers yet there’s always a glitch. Two days ago the driver had the app continue to force close when trying to submit a detention form which caused extra time on the phone as well as delayed processing of payment. Today’s latest was not being able to decline (or accept) a dispatched load within the 30 minute window, or even click on the load to get a load number. More phone calls. Hours later we started seeing loads marked as “assigned” with other driver names not with our company, are now we are totally unable to search at all!!

Christinajoy118, Nov 06, 2019
Something Has Changed

When I started working with Uber Freight in 2017, they were awesome. Over the past month (JAN 2020) they seem like no one and nothing they do is in the same page. They changing they policies to meet the national standards they say! They started to call in the middle of your eight (8 hr) hours break asking for a status on the load, are you gonna be OnTime, how many miles are you from your delivery. I could just send them a status update on the app and it must trigger them to call you 30 minutes later to ask the exact same status you sent using the app. I thought that was the purpose of the app. I complained about it and they started calling and texting me more, as if our breaks don’t mean nothing. They really need to get back to where they was when I first started to pull for them.

Djoink, Feb 13, 2020
Horrible/Greedy...what a joke.

Arrived 30min early at Shipper for 1pm appt. Got out after 7pm. Thats 4hrs at $75hr=$300. Shipper messed up, loaded me the wrong product, had to unload then reload again. During this time uber kept calling and calling to get an update. I was in contact with them 30min before hitting detention and the rest of my time at shipper. I did everything legit in order to get that detention. Checked in on the app, called support to notify of detention starting, and shipper also clearly stamped, marked and signed my in/out time. At Receiver same thing, 4hrs there. So thats 2hrs detention. Once again I kept constant communication with support team, since this load had to be delivered the night before, but due to me burning 6hrs at Shipper didnt make it. Once delivered I pulled out of receivers property and uploaded my BOL with all times clearly marked, along with detention request. Received an email confirming of my detention request right away. So waited a few days for my direct deposit. Noticed no extra money for detention!! I call support, and whats their response? “We’re sorry. You cant claim detention after 24hrs of delivery”. How am I suppose to know they’re not going to pay me? It takes more than 24hrs to get paid. By the time you notice there’s money missing its too late. All they said was “heres the detention link for next time”. Really? Bunch of thieves, scammers.

H&M Transport, Feb 20, 2020
App Works, Support is Worthless

We booked a load with them only to find out that the load was canceled while the driver had left facility with the load hours later and appointment had been moved several days later. Only thing you get from customer service is they have escalated the issue and nothing else, so we are returning the load to the customer because finally they came back and said they will pay layover and other minor expenses which really is nothing to have the driver sit there 3 days waiting to unload, smh..Uber boasts about its customer service but am yet to see it. How can someone based overseas know anything about what it takes to move freight here??I have seen several reviews on here complaining about this same issue and now i believe it.

Jahazi, Mar 24, 2022
They started out a good company. But now...

This review is my thoughts on the unprofessional behavior and lack of concern from management at Uber freight. When it comes to payments for loads I think Uber has a very good system setup. But when it comes to resolving issues Uber is terrible at rectifying any issues in a timely manner to satisfy all parties involved. Uber freight needs to understand that us(the carriers) keep the bills paid and money in their pockets. Uber Frieght doesn’t have the fear of losing it all so they treat us(the carriers) like trash. You can not speak to any mangers one on one and the brokers have been made to believe they’re the highest of authority, so they talk to you any kind of way and treat you horribly wrong. I don’t understand why we(the carriers) cannot speak directly to the managers; do they think they’re to good to speak to us(the carriers) this has to be the worst company to deal with to resolve issues. Uber tells you that they’re escalating your problems to managers but no one calls back! The app was updated a week ago and they’ve made it harder to use. Why change things? If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Cooperate should have a better relationship with their carriers, show your carriers some respect. Without the carriers there would not be an Uber Freight.

Jenathook, Sep 02, 2019

I used Uber Freight for about two weeks last year and I did not like it so I stopped picking up loads from UberFreight. recently I gotten a call from customer service with UberFreight. They told me they are paying eight dollars per mile as of October 2022, and when I got back onto the app to check the price per mile it is still one dollar per mile and the guy on the call with UberFreight told me that they are paying 5 to 8 dollars per mile. Why do they need to lie to get their customers back, I don’t think so. It’s worth any time coming back to Uber Freight now. Plus the customer service is so bad they won’t even answer your phone call for hours and hours and hours and when they do finally pick up your call after hours they will tell you we are so sorry we can’t do anything about it. We’re still trying to reach out to the customer so just wait there for 24 hours to get back at you, so say no to UberFreight.

jimmyksingh, Oct 16, 2022
App is excellent, customer service - HORRIBLE.

We have been working with Uber Freight for the past 3+ months and let me tell you the app itself is built perfectly, works good and easy to book loads and access all the information you need, but the second something goes wrong, or Uber provides you with a wrong delivery number (for example), do not expect any help from a customer service - they are helpless, they always tell you “we are contacting our team to solve this issue and will call you back when we find out” and guess what? They never do call back, nor they can help you with anything, but instead just say “I am sorry, we cannot help you at this moment”. This has happened at least 3-4 times. On top of that, the customer service team, the majority are from third world country and their English skills are pretty poor so it is hard to communicate with them, most of the time you have to repeat 2-3 times until they understand you, and then I need to ask them 2-3 more time to repeat themselves because I cannot understand them. Also, one time the Uber messed up the delivery time for us, and we ended up staying 24 h on the weekend until Monday, and Uber only paid 100 dollars of detention , even though it was their own fault. We keep giving Uber chances, but I think we will have to start working with a different broker because Uber causes too much damage and too much wasted time, and never ever can help us. 1/10

Lukasenka, Feb 13, 2022
Really Disappointed

First load was just completed. Rate sheet has appointment time listed at 10:00, delivery has appointment time listed as 13:30. Driver arrived at 08:46 am, exits facility at 14:20I called and verbally talked to an agent about detention, explaining this is our first load and we want to make sure we are doing this correct. I was text a link to click through prompts. Ultimately arrive at “we’re sorry but detention request cannot be submit until delivery has been complete”. Went through in app prompts to request detention and again arrive at “we’re sorry but detention request cannot be submit until delivery has been complete”.Delivery complete, POD provided, lumper receipt and I email to make sure.. AGAIN.. you have everything you need.. we are new and trying to make sure are handling this correctly.. response Detention Denied-We did not receive a request for detention 30 mins prior to entering detention. Please make sure tracking is set to “Always on” or that you call in. I was initially excited by this app even though the rates aren’t great. I’m pretty confident this next load will be our last.. losing a good carrier who proactively called over $80 in detention due to flaws between the app and office.Next stop Convoy

SLH Dispatch, Apr 13, 2020
Bad, greedy company

I’m hauling Uber load and I had to deliver today December 27th but hwy58 is closed and I have been stuck here for 15-20 hours, instead of paying detention one lady from Uber called me and saying that I can deliver this Monday and they are not going to pay me anything. What a joke ? Why would I stuck with 640 dollars load for next three when i can make couples thousands in theses couple of days. Last she’s threatening me and saying she’s going to close my Uber account if I don’t deliver this on Monday with a same amount. She’s probably doesn’t care bcz she’s in the office not on the road so it’s easy to threat from office. But all I asked is detention. And she’s threatening me instead of paying detention. Pls close my account I don’t care. I request everyone’s pls get good price if you haul any load for them. Uber is doing bad business.

Tango133, Dec 27, 2019


Uber Freight gives control to carriers with instant load bookings, upfront load and facility details, and business management tools. It's the one app for every haul. Hassle-free booking available 24/7 • Upfront pricing & bidding • Seamless searching • Smart load recommendations • Return load suggestions • Dedicated lanes • Upfront facility details, ratings and reviews reviews Tools to manage your business • Instant RateCon & in-app POD (Proof of Delivery) submission • Real-time tracking options • Performance scorecards • Manage drivers within your fleet • 24/7 customer support • Easy accessorial requests Sign up for Uber Freight to begin accessing our exclusive loads and in-app booking upon carrier approval.

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