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User Reviews for Favor Runner

Didn’t receive the full amount I was promised

Hey, so I’ve been running Favor here and there for a while now, and this is the first time they haven’t given me the money that was promised. Now there's usually promos to get you pumped to run for Favor. For example, if you run 8 favors within a certain time frame you could get up to $80. You usually have to complete it with 70% approval rate. And if you did everything in the promo’s requirements you will receive the money. Back to the point, I received a notification saying I could get up to $120 if I did 10 favors from 2- close, with a 70% approval rate on Super Bowl Sunday. When I finished I expected to see the money within a few days so I waited. Only a portion of the money was sent to my account. So I messaged Favor’s Support Team to see why I had not received the rest of the money. They replied back saying that there was no such promotion in my area but the next town over. When I replied back saying that I don’t know why I received the promotion in my area but since I did get that specific promotion then I should receive the money I was promised by the corporation. I shouldn’t be held accountable for the glitch in their system.They told me even if it was a glitch in the system I have no way of proving that so I would not be receiving the money. It was a slap in the face, but now I know I’m better off with DoorDash.🙂

..................1234, Feb 15, 2021
Not Worth Your Time!

I was a favor runner for two months. It started off ok but the company does not seem to care about the runners. If a customer has a large fleet order and the store they ordered from screws up the order, the runner is penalized and receives the bare minimum of $4.10 for your service. Also, they advertise bonuses and top offs throughout the week but don’t initially inform you that you can only receive those payouts if you scheduled yourself in certain areas. If those areas are busy, you can get locked out from receiving favors because there are too many runners and miss the opportunity for the bonus. There is not a working number to contact customer if there are issues. You can only message through the app for concerns. I have been trying to get someone to respond to me since I never received my $25 for completing 50 favors. It may not seem like much but it is the principle. The fact that I reached out to support on 5 different occasions regarding my bonus and they gave the excuse that they were backed up with a lot of emails. Favor has customer service problems that they must rectify before I would recommend anyone to use their services (employee or customer).

AC FIGZ, Aug 12, 2021
Good, but we must talk about ordering..

It’s incredible unsafe to ask us to order FOR the customer.. like if I’m shopping for them at HEB/Walmart/Convenience stores, by all means, I can get those items. But for restaurants and the like, it should definitely NOT be my job to order the food, like this needs to be a **major** change in the future. Like I’m driving on the highway, I can’t order the food if I’m driving to a Hot Spot. Its fine if I get an order before dropping a current order off, because at the customer’s address I can place my next order. But when orders don’t overlap, it’s very insane to expect us to pull over and call. To make matters worse.. a LOT of restaurants aren’t even allowing us to call in orders anymore, it must be done online. And for $2-3 per delivery before tips, this process must be eliminated entirely. Maybe put online links for each restaurant and phone numbers for those that accept call-in, so a customer can get EXACTLY what they want and if it’s wrong then it’s on the restaurant, or them. This will take Favor to 5 stars for me, promise.

Awesomeface5688, Jan 30, 2020

This app has the potential to be great. I’m not sure how to fix the problem I’m having but I can’t ever even start running. I made $70 from trying for an entire week every hour to do favor. Because the entire Houston area is locked. There is obviously way too many runners which means a lot of people get left in the dust. I try for hours I check every 30 minutes to an hour it’s ALWAYS LOCKED. I’m getting extremely discouraged and thinking about deleting the app because the gas I’m spending almost isn’t worth it. When it isn’t locked I got ONE order after waiting 2 HOURS!!! After that order my runner time was up and it was LOCKED AGAIN!!!! It’s so so so stressful. A lot of the times it takes me almost a whole hour to drive from my house to the location, then order, then drive to their house. For a measly $4.10. If they don’t change the tip. If I had more runs/ it wasn’t locked all the time I could potentially make decent money. But no.

Blake is lame, Feb 14, 2022
Way too stressful

I started running when the COVID-19 quarantine started bc I lost my job. I’m grateful to Favor as a way to earn money when I had no other way, but it is way too stressful. Unlike other food delivery apps, you can order anything on Favor, but about 85% of the time, what the customer wants is unavailable or out of stock. It takes forever to get in touch with the customers bc they’re rarely ever by their phone, and the customer’sorders don’t go straight to the restaurant, gas station, pharmacy, or store they want their product from. They just basically make a list of what they want, you the runner then have to call and place the order and/or drive and try to find everything they want. And nothing is completely streamlined all in one interface with the app. You get your order/run, navigation opens in another app, if the customer texts you it’s back in the runner app and you have to multitask with multiple apps open all at once and try to drive or focus on something else. It’s way too stressful, definitely needs to be made easier to use as a customer and runner. I prefer driving for UberEats

cboswell87, Dec 07, 2020

It’s not recommended to do any runs unless It actually says it's busy, otherwise you’re working for nothing because that money you end up making just goes back for gas & sometimes it’s not enough to cover for a full tank. Even with the promos. (Coming from someone who only needs $20 for full tank) what they don’t realize is the amount of miles we travel from order to order. Not just that but also the time. You’ll most likely spend an hour doing each favor, even if it’s just for 3 items. 1- you have to drive back from your previous order to where you’re picking up the new one which could be a 20+min drive. 2- you have to wait for the order to be brought out to you & when it’s busy you could be waiting another 20min. 3- the travel to their home which can be another 20+min. Not just that but there’s other things that go into it. Sometimes you have to contact them because the restaurant doesn’t have their food or they don’t have the item in stock & you have to wait more time for the customer to reply. If at the end you have no other option but to cancel you because you couldn’t get in contact with them you DONT GET ANYTHING. & to top it off you could have 100+ items for them & the drive is a more than 20mins away & they live in apartments & in the second floor! they still tip you only $8 & some change for an order that took a lot of time & a lot of travel…. NOT WORTH IT unless it shows it’s busy!

decenanohemi, May 17, 2023
Pretty good aside from some issues

I’ve been doing favor for a while now and in certain areas tips are pretty good. However, I should not have to place the customers order for them. It’s very annoying having to drive to a location to pick up an order while also calling it in at the same time and then having to wait for it to be prepared. The order should automatically be placed once a customer has submitted it that way the restaurant can contact the customer and let them know if any substitutions need to be made. That way, I don’t have to call the customer and restaurant back-and-forth to confirm everything and all I have to do is pick it up. Same for fast food. There should also be a minimum tip that a customer is required to make depending on how much food they ordered and how long it took me to complete the favor. Sometimes a favor can take up to an hour and the customer doesn’t put that into consideration. Other than that it’s good that I can do favor at my own schedule. Hope these flaws are fixed.

dmntx98, Dec 19, 2020
Don’t work for free during inflation or ever

$4.10 to drive 40 mins to location 40 min wait for food to be prepped and cooked and 30 or 40 to drive to the customer. By the time you go to that snobby neighborhood where everyone there feels everyone else that don’t do what they do for a living don’t have a real job so they don’t tip you after you have done a service ( the bigger the house the smaller the tip of any tip at all) you would have possibly made $4.10 for 1 hr & a half 2 hrs of your time that you get the next day. Everyone just stop doing Favor since they could care less about us receiving the right compensation. We should get paid according to how long we spent driving to, placing, waiting for the order and driving it to the customer. $1.02 per action. Not worth your time and gas just to take a chance on an entitled snob who don’t believe there is good karma and bad karma involved when it comes to tipping someone who did a favor they were to sorry to do themselves. Nobody owe you anything. Go get your own food and make your own store runs since it’s not a real job inconsiderate incomassionante nincompoops.

Evashelle#1, Nov 12, 2022
Favor intentionally deceives their workers into accepting orders that lose them money!!

The bottom line is that you’re hired on as a 1099-contractor, so that they have no obligation to give you orders or even pay you $1 per week. Door dash and Uber also hire you as a 1099 contractor, but they don’t make you blindly accept 10 mile deliveries for $4. “Basic math”, and “common sense” tell you that being paid anything under $1 per mile on any order not only doesn’t make sense for the worker, but is also offensive to most people. Workers accidentally accept these orders because of a simple reason. FAVOR DOESN'T PROVIDE THE MILEAGE OR PAY WHEN OFFERING ORDERS TO WORKERS. So you will NEVER know if you are about to take a 20 mile order for $7. On top of this their business model is hot garbage compared to a large majority of other delivery apps. There is so much much more I discovered about this company that leaves me disgusted, but this is the primary reason why I will NEVER work for Favor. I hope that crooked business like this is outlawed moving forward. I don't see how they expect to grow while burning bridges with businesses, customers, and the very people that work for them. SHAME ON YOU, FAVOR.

Favor Hired me. I quit., Jan 15, 2023
So far so good!

I have done about 250 favors and only had an issue when I left my card at a previous stop. Favor support always has my back and are always so friendly! Their response time is always quick (minus a few bugs sometimes, but hey! Technology Does Fail sometimes!)To the previous negative comment. You must be doing something wrong on your own. You have to put the customer first rather than your own needs. If you are doing it strictly for money profit and do not put customer needs first, you will not succeed. It also depends on the AREA you run. Favor has many tips and tricks for success it’s up to you to be successful, considering this is practically your own business. So treat it like one. Doing favor part time has been the best extra source of income for my family. I will continue to run for them because I know the process works.

favorhappy, Nov 01, 2018


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The sign-up process is quick and easy so you can get on your way—no delivery experience necessary. To get started, you’ll just need to be 18 or older with reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a clean record. GET PAID DAILY Favor Runners receive weekly deposits but you can also get paid anytime using Instant Pay. Whether you spend it or save it, you’ve got it on demand. ACCESS EXCLUSIVE PERKS From supplemental auto insurance for every driver to discounts on hundreds of products and services through PerkSpot, Favor makes it easy to keep running. GET PAID TO MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY Running is about much more than dropping off dinner—it’s about making someone’s day better one Favor at a time. JOIN A COMMUNITY AS BIG AS TEXAS Our regional Favor Runner Facebook Groups provide a safe space for active Runners to share their experiences, ask questions, exchange tips and tricks, and make meaningful connections. PROUDLY SERVE FELLOW TEXANS Favor Runners have helped millions of Texans get anything delivered in more than 200 cities across the state, including Abilene, Arlington, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Brownsville, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Georgetown, Houston, Killeen, Lubbock, Midland, New Braunfels, Odessa, Port Arthur, San Antonio, San Marcos, Temple, and Waco. SIGN UP TODAY, RUN TOMORROW Visit run.favordelivery.com to get started! Promos may vary by market, time of day, or other factors.

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