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User Reviews for Para – Gig Drivers Earn More

Glitchy app or stolen tips?

I have been using this app with door dash for a few weeks and at first it was a life changer. It really helped me to maximize my earnings but somethings up now. Whenever it shows me an amount different than what the door dash app initially offered, it's never the correct amount. For example, if door dash offers me a $5 order, but the para app says it's actually $10, when I finish the order I'll only make the $5 that was initially offered by door dash. Sometimes the amount will differ and I'll make maybe $6-$7, but it is never as high as what para estimated it would be. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the app itself or if door dash is stealing tips from its drivers but I'm pretty disappointed and don't want to use the app anymore.

DaJanaeMo😊, Jul 18, 2021
…an A for effort

The app is no longer what it used to be ever since DoorDash hit them with the cease letter. Para used to be spot on with the hidden tips but after they came back from the legal battle it hasn’t been the same. The information you get from Para is no different then what you get from DoorDash. Seems like they are using a completely different system now. It’s like probability algorithm, hunches I can somewhat make myself. I don’t blame Para (DoorDash lawyers clearly put spigot on the information). I’m giving the app a 5 star because of effort and what Para stands for in this contractor vs employer relationship. Some may find this app useful still but I no longer see much use since I can make my own educated guess if an order is worth it or not. I primarily use UberEats now for deliveries and there’s not support for that app.

Du_Voir, Jan 07, 2022
A gas and time saver!

Para has helped in estimating countless amounts of tips especially recently when doordash made base pay vary on distance which made extremely difficult to predict hidden tips on the fly. But other than that, para also shows me things such as items being ordered or the subtotal which is a wonderful and useful feature for orders like CVS and Walgreens! It can really turn those high risk orders that can have a hidden tip but far distance into something much more secure and worthwhile. The only problems I have with the app is the occasional bugs, like showing me a completely wrong order even getting base pay wrong or the restaurant. The estimate isn't always spot on accurate, but it estimates really close to the actual amount missing it most of the time by just a few cents up to a dollar which is better than making a personal guess. I also wish it had a better interface for stacked orders, it'll only show you the tip for one of the orders most of the time in the banner. Stacked orders normally require for you to open the app to see the full details. Other than these few kinks, Para is amazing, and regardless of it's technical issues, it is eons better than trying to guess the tip yourself on the fly while driving with only a few seconds to do so!

Iihuh, Oct 19, 2021
Game changer

As a Doordash driver, I’ve constantly had to rely on my instincts and past experiences to choose whether or not to accept an order, especially in cases of sold by merchant. Far too many times, I’ve received little to no tip even on some of the biggest orders i’ve carried. Para allows me to have insight into my routes and possible income and it gives me peace of mind to know I can immediately decline a no tip order. Of course, sometimes Para isn’t 100% accurate - but in that case, you’re only getting paid more than estimated. I am so grateful for this app and have and will continue to recommend it to any food delivery driver. Thank you guys for this app!! Absolute game changer.

Jordan Aves, Oct 15, 2021
I appreciate you

First off I’ll start my saying then con’s. The amount isn’t always accurate, but overall it’s pretty good. Doordash is down all the time. And this is BECAUSE doordash is trying to stop them from the app working. What doordash is doing is unfair to drivers. We should be able to see when we are getting tipped or not. They think they can get away with paying us $2 per delivery, after gas prices have increased so much. I will only take tip orders and orders that are $2 per mile. I gave this app 5 stars because I really appreciate the engineers that are doing their best to keep this app running when doordash tries to shut them down. We deserve transparency

katy999999, Jul 02, 2022
Be mad at DoorDash if you want to be mad…

Absolutely not Para’s fault… DoorDash has decided… in the midst of a GAS CRISIS… to devote their energy in blocking Para from giving us tip transparency. This helps DD fake us out with $2 base pay orders and hidden tips. The guys at Para have been trying hard and it’s crazy to hear people call them lazy. I don’t know them at all and owe them nothing but I appreciate what their app did for us drivers and you ALL notice the difference. People are here saying they’re mad at Para and saying they’re quitting dashing at the same time… when Para was the reason you made money with DoorDash. Good luck to you all. And I hope DOORDASH gets it together and their priorities straight. Focus on helping your drivers with gas… NOT BLOCKING OUR ABILITY TO MAKE MONEY!

Nikki84Bo, Jul 21, 2022
DoorDash users beware

As a whole I like Para, that’s why I’m giving it 4 stars. Uber/Uber Eats works perfectly on here and I personally haven’t had any problems with it. However DoorDash clearly DOES NOT like this app and is doing everything they can to make this app not work with DoorDash. Sometimes I get an order, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have to take a few orders first before Para realizes that I finally got an order. For DoorDash users it is just too inconsistent. You would be better off learning the algorithm your self and figure out what orders to take and not depend on Para. Maybe in the future when para fixes the issues permanently and DoorDash stops trying to get in the way of Para, then I can recommend this app but in the meantime I cannot for DoorDash users

OJGaming, Jun 19, 2022
Full disclosure…but not from DoorDash 🙄

Love this app! It’s not exact 100% of the time, but MOST of the time & is a HUGE help overall. I’ve only ever had the weekly earnings incorrect once or twice. Love the “flag option” as well as the type of dwelling. Would like to see the”flag” option able to be used for good as well as bad though. (Like good tipper, not just bad tipper) I also wish it had the milage listed for each delivery as well as daily & weekly. I can do the math for monthly & yearly, but each delivery, daily & weekly total mileage would be great at a glance as well as to look back on. DoorDash does not keep that info in each delivery and I have found that they lie about milage. When you see the “hotspots” milage, then map it, the map is usually different than what it said before clicking which you want to map to. It definitely a step up from what DoorDash tries to hide behind, customer TIPS!! They don’t want you to know how little DoorDash ACTUALLY paying for base pay until after the entire process is complete! DoorDash wants you to rate the delivery before seeing the breakdown yet “low base pay” is listed as an option under “unsatisfactory delivery” bc they really don’t want you to mark a low base pay. DD doesn’t want to know that they’re only paying $2.50 for 9+ miles!! 😤😡 Great job Para! LOVE the full disclosure!

Pebbles330, Mar 16, 2022
Keep fighting!!!!

These guy’s are amazing and the app is amazing DoorDash doesn’t have any right to hide the hidden tips from the drivers and not allowing us to make informed decisions on what orders are worth taking and which ones we loose money on, even if it’s only the estimated tip now unlike before I cannot say enough good things about being able to see the subtotal and and that allows me to atleast make a better judgment on what orders will be better until DoorDash allows us to see the full pay of the order because it’s wrong not to allow it since we have a lot of expenses such as gas,insurance,depreciation,maintenance. Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Shennmori, Aug 10, 2021
Include wether it’s a red card order!

This app is amazing and really provides the much needed transparency that DoorDash refuses to give. It’s accurate about 90% of the time and I love being able to see if it’s an apartment I’m delivering to because I avoid those.But please, PLEASE make it tell us whether it’s a red card order or not! DoorDash must have just implemented this because now it doesn’t tell us wether the order is a place and pay or not. It used to before! This is just DoorDash’s latest attempt in trying to get us to take unprofitable orders and hide things from us. Place and pay are almost guaranteed 20 min plus of wait time and I always avoided those, but now I have to unassign those offers once I get to the restaurant (it doesn’t tell you it’s place and pay until you arrive). These are a big ware of time considering I have to drive all the way to the restaurant only to cancel! Please do your thing and help stop this new unfair strategy!

Szhikov, Jan 19, 2022


PARA – DRIVER GIG TRACKER TO INCREASE EARNINGS Are you a food delivery driver that is looking to increase earnings from your gigs? Do you want to be able to see predicted hidden tips, and track earnings from all your main gig delivery driver apps? Welcome to Para - the gig driver utility app that helps you make more money and stress less with every delivery.

Save on expensive gas and time and boost your earnings from driving jobs with the Para app, the essential money-making platform for all GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash drivers, as well as for gig delivery drivers looking to earn more money. Also, with ParaWorks on the Para gig driver app, you can manage your ongoing work, pick up more gig work near you based on your availability, and discover new revenue streams that pay more! Download Para Driver App - the gig app for every food delivery driver to earn more & stress less. ∆ EARN MORE Para app predicts hidden tips for Doordash delivery drivers and helps you evaluate the gig within seconds. It shows you relevant information like (predicted, hidden) tips and the total amount payable, estimated time for completing a particular task, items to be delivered, estimated wait time, mileage, delivery location, and more so that you can pick the offer that leads to the most earnings in the least time. ∆ TRACK EARNINGS Take the guesswork out of your budgeting and earnings tracking. With the Para gig delivery driver app, you can automatically track all your gig delivery earnings and get insights across the Dasher driver, UberEats driver & GrubHub driver apps in one place. ∆ TRACK & ESTIMATE TIPS AND PAYOUTS Check tips for each offer with the included tip tracker. Also, make use of our unique payout & tip estimator that allows you to know the predicted tips and payout before accepting an offer. ∆ SEE HIDDEN TRIP INFO & TAKE ACTION See estimated payout/gig driver earnings, drive time, order subtotal, delivery location, mileage, wait times at the restaurant, and items list on the Para app before accepting the delivery driver job offers. The Para app also shows if the drop-off location is a house or an apartment; and allows you as a driver to blocklist or flag a building, restaurant, or an individual that you do not wish to deliver to in the future. ∆ GET MORE DRIVING JOBS WITH PARAWORKS Get insider access to special offers and tools that will help you earn more money and save time. When there are no orders, go to the ParaWorks section. Increase earnings by finding exclusive driving job offers from Para through ParaWorks. Simply enter a ZipCode and see if there are any driving gigs available. ■ PARA APP FEATURES: - Receive DoorDash, GrubHub & UberEats delivery requests - Track your earnings across platforms daily and weekly - See payout estimates - See hours worked and average gig earnings - Set earning goals - View offer history - Track tips and see tip estimates - Unlock hidden trip info – mileage, delivery location, dollar per mile, items list, restaurant wait times & more - Flag building, individual, or a restaurant that you don’t wish to deliver to again - Get exclusive earning opportunities from ParaWorks - Connect with other drivers with Para If you are a delivery gig driver, Para is a must-have to organize, automate, and increase your delivery earnings. Think of it as a headquarters for all your driving gig work. You don't have to take our word for it, here’s what the current Para drivers have to say! "I would love for you [Para] to know that I truly appreciate how transparent you guys make the driver process. Thanks again for everything you do." Ryan O. Delivery Driver “Para gave me the ability to understand how much tip I could get from the food I delivered. It's helped me increase my earnings.” Anthony D. Delivery Driver ►Download Para now for FREE ---------- CONTACT: If you have any queries regarding our app for drivers, please send them to [email protected] ----------

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