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Kippo - Come Hang Out

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Kippo - Come Hang Out

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for Kippo - Come Hang Out

Give it a shot !

I genuinely like this app. I think the profile features are unique and fun, making it easy to break the ice with some people. The kippoverse is an interesting facet as well. I’ve also had a lot of fun, interesting conversations on this app! Is it kinda buggy sometimes? Yes. Do you only get 30 swipes a day? Also yes. However, the team behind Kippo seems to be working on this app to make it better and more enjoyable day by day! So I’ll keep swiping :)

__________0908, Jul 30, 2022
An amazing opportunity to make friends!

Hello, I am writing this review to say that this app has been incredibly life changing. Since I have always been a quiet girl and struggled to make conversation with people due to my anxiety, Kippo has offered me a chance to practice my social skills. Having the Kippoverse world really is enjoyable, the graphics from the characters and the world itself is incredibly amazing. I have been on this app for more than two months and I can’t help staying away from it. The community is super nice and is such an enjoyable environment. I really would like to thank the creators for making such an app where people can meet and talk. Also you get the opportunity to get good outfits for your character. Overall this app is really something worth putting some time on, specially if you need someone to talk to or find people to game with. So please I really recommend downloading this app. :)

A.Radon, Aug 03, 2022
ty kippo ♡

I’ve had Kippo for around a year now and made lots of friends (+ haven’t found any trolls or mean people, which I run into a lot on other apps). The multiplayer feature wasn’t a thing when I first started, but I think it’s a really cute idea! I would even download the app if it only had the multiplayer feature, but it’s just another add on to everything else Kippo already has. I love the community and it’s so easy to find other people to play games with, plus the app support is very friendly and helpful. I recommend trying out the app if you want to find new people to talk to and play with!

Alleycat(ya from nostale), Aug 01, 2022
Felt deceived

I am trying to app for dating, so understand that I may not be using a lot of the functionality and that all may be fine. I had noticed that several likes were sent my way, and based on the silhouettes used, it seemed like it might be worth trying infinity to see who these people are and connect. The silhouettes could not have been further from actuality, and I absolutely regret spending any money. To the devs, I’d recommend using no silhouettes at all if they are completely unrelated to the user’s profile picture. To other users, don’t get suckers in by this approach if you’re considering paying.

Dac985, Aug 24, 2023
Its meh

I live near the LA area and all i can say there isn't that much matches to begin with there is a handful of people whos active and actually looking for friends or a relationship. I would say 75% of the people you would swipe on is inactive/dead accounts , bots and people promoting their twitch! The upside to this app is you can talk to a lot of people far from you (different countries) so if you’re on here to date you’re most likely to have a long distance Be warned about buying subscription just cause you received a lot of likes i had 50 likes and was curious so i bought the monthly subscription they all turned to be people from 2,000+ miles away from me 🤣i felt scammed Pros: Meet people from far away Cons: to many bots and inactive people Not sure if developers even read this but i have one suggestion : disable or hide user who haven’t touched the app for over a month!

FadedTommy, Feb 19, 2023
I love this app

Ive met allot of great people and have made friends close to home in here too.. this app has really helped me with my anxiety and depression by letting me make new friends and have people to talk to whenever i need to i get on this app every single day since i found out about it

La Flame Gary, Aug 05, 2022
Kippo is amazing!

Honestly this is one of my favorite and most used social/dating apps. I’ve made so many great friends and even gotten a couple of dates from here. It’s really nice to know that you’ll have a hobby in common with people when you match. Kippoverse is honestly so cool too. When I don’t have anything to do I can go chat with other gamers which sometimes leads to co-op missions. I love having a little avatar that looks like me as well! Overall the swiping doesn’t feel as meaningless on this app and it’s nice to be in community with other people into games like me. I highly recommend this app to anyone!

lackingasoul, Aug 02, 2022
Very weird marketing scheme

The app plays up that is a more inclusive tinder. Just like tinder you either swipe left to dislike and swipe right to like, but the catch is that you don’t see who swiped right for you. So you have to pay to see who actually swipes right. Which puts the user at a cross roads. Am I really gonna pay $14 a month or $79 a year to see who swipes right for me? I feel like including that as “premium perk” really brings down the app as a whole. But that’s just my opinion. Happy chatting everyone :)

Pelum!, Aug 05, 2022
Great app for socialization!

I’ve been using Kippo for about 4 months now and all I can say is that the experience has been great so far. Kippo has given me and so many others the opportunity to meet like-minded people and those that share similar interests to my own. I have made a couple of good friends that I talk to regularly, which has helped me expand my social circle and friend groups. Currently the app is still in its early stage, so definitely give it a shot! 😎

raamennn, Aug 03, 2022
The app is a blessing but it has inherent flaws

First of all.. who thought it was okay to literally have no option to enable notifications the proper way so that users can be notified when someone messages or replies?? It makes no sense to me how an app has no way to notify you if someone interacts with you. Manually opening the app is tedious for anyone. Secondly, I’d say this app is really effective at finding friends, and when I say friends I mean friends, because finding that special someone for dating or other interests is harder. This is because half the people you meet on the app are already taken or uninterested or just fishing for validation using the app as a means to promote something about themselves. I’ve even tried the subscription model to see if that hells me with unlimited likes but that doesn’t change much. You can have all the mutual games in the world but they still won’t reply to you unless you’re 1) really attractive or 2) are only looking for friends. And the best part of all, you can’t get notified even if you do send a message or they send you one 🤣

Rohan J., Mar 05, 2023


Kippo is The Dating App for Gamers! We heard your feedback and the OG Kippo is back! Find you special someone or make a new friend in this global community of Gamers.

Whether you're seeking love, friendship, or a gaming partner, Kippo has got you covered. Find people Near You or anywhere in the whole world. Kippo has a NO AHOLES POLICY! Our team personally reviews all reports in real-time to ensure a safe and respectful community. Rest easy with our advanced AI that keeps unwanted content out of sight. We keep an active ear to our community and are constantly making changes to improve Kippo for everyone! KIPPO IS FREE TO USE Download Kippo for free and enjoy features like browsing profiles, matching, and chatting. For an enhanced experience, check out Kippo Infinity, our premium subscription. People use Kippo for: Finding Love Making Lifelong Friends Finding a Gaming Partner Ready to level up your love life? Join Kippo now and let the adventure begin! Terms of Use: https://www.kippo.com/legal/terms

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