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PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

  • Social Networking

PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

The Subscription stuff

So, The Subscription does requires us to accept, yet I wish there was an x button to avoid having to automatically having to accept this subscription fee and sorts, I mean yea im kinda being a cheapstake but I hope to hold onto that week free period for an event where I would introduce the app y’k or for say hold onto the subscription for a later date rather than having to be forced to accept it now, I don’t wanna dwell further than the automatic subscription because I haven’t even interacted with the app nor tried out it’s non subbed features. It matters if I’m paying and not even using the app because have other things to do y’k plus I mean yea from what I read in the comments you guys do have alot of work to do but you got this!!! Ill give it 1 star since I haven’t gone thru the app yet, and might change if I see development + this reminds me of omelet arcade for some random reason but yea if you guys do make an app that would sync everything and make it convenient for us, and not make it so sketchy and sus then yea plus be more open to urself, show the community what you got and have like a discord server or something like that attached to our profiles or whatever but I mean we are consumers with demands lol but yea also locations and stuff that’s very spoopy for people so try not to spook em lol

25fireballz, Apr 20, 2021
10 bucks a week?? 40 a month??

It’s really unfortunate to see they want a subscription for this. All and all it looks like gaming tinder. Literally some of the same filters and they advertise using E-thots Doing tik toks all just to match up on the app. It’s unfortunate that it looks like a dating site. Tinder specially. I might as well stay on Xbox hub and Facebook gaming sites to see who wants to play for free. Waste of money sadly. It has potential. Not for that cost though. 10 a month? I could see that due to all the stats and trackers this app has. Again, this could be a sweet spot and a game changer for gamers finding groups or friends or to move away from the Xbox app that needs serious work but unfortunately we have this. The other thing that caught my eye is MANY OTHER COMMENTS ARE EXACTLY POINTING OUT WHAT I HAVE. And the top rating reviews look like they were made from bots or people paid to make it look good and talk about all this stuff super super drawn out and very in detail about all the stuff and way too happy and have an interesting word choice styleTo describe the app. No one writes reviews like that at this time / age to be on apps like these. And all the dev replies with is “thanks “ basically. Seems sketch.

Caskey1379, Sep 22, 2021
Greedy business

Let’s talk about this pathetic business, First off they lure you in and make you pay $20 for an app that you have NO experience in as if i’m about to give you $20 out of my pocket and i haven’t even got a small peak of what the app is like . And i’m going to tell you why i gave them one star rating . usually it is very hard to find friends to play apex legends with because most of my friends are fortnite fiends and in result i’m queuing up with randoms that has no mic and are not communicating with me and that’s frustrating.I was scrolling through tik tok and i seen an ad telling me about this app and forgetting to mention that it is free with IN APP PURCHASES ONLY , the comments were going off on this app and i had a bad gut feeling but i went and found it anyways . i open the app excited to meet new people all around the world and !BOOM i’m hit with a $20 SUBSCRIPTION, i was thinking in my head that “ i could skip this” and that’s were i was wrong because they don’t give you an option to even look at the basics of this app it’s just like pay me $20 so you could see if you like it or not , and that is VERY VERY greedy.it’s been 2 YEARS and i haven’t been able to find a long lasting teammate they is willing to play apex and i really thought this app was going to change that but like most businesses, THEY ARE GREEDY and don’t deserve to get a near “4.3” rating .

CheaterUltra_GUY, Nov 28, 2020

So if you want to meet new people you have to pay. This is ridiculous. I wouldn’t mind getting slapped in the face with ads. But this. $20 to meet new people. Fix this. I don’t know how you got rated 4 stars. Maybe allow us to explore the app for a bit then say if you pay $20 you can reach people faster. Not create an account, then get slapped in the face with you need to pay to use this. This is false advertising across all platforms. Maybe include, oh you need to pay $20 to even get passed making your account. And you don’t even need to log into your Xbox account. Anyone can do it and pretend to be you. Re work this app and people will install it. It’s obvious bots gave you ratings. This app has so much potential. Don’t waste it being money hungry. Make the app free. Make ads pop up every 20 minutes or so. Have people pay a good $5 to remove ads. THIS WOULD BE ONE TRANSACTION OF $5. Then your $10 subscription if you want to meet unlimited people a day and make (add) some cool features to bring people in to subscribe. Please fix this app. Don’t ruin the potential that it has. You won’t make a ton of money by making people pay $20 a month. Also you can’t have a free week because you need to confirm your payment option. No thank you.

Iornman0204, Jul 05, 2020
Awesome app and great people!

Oh, guys, objectively, I'm a very scrupulous gamer, but plink surprisingly managed to amaze me🤩 I didn’t know what to expect when I got plink! I always strive for perfection and want to get more: more abilities, more entertaining content, more advanced teammates, more skills and more experience! So, thanks to plink I’ve got what I’ve been looking for such a long time, the perfect gaming app with phenomenal functionality. I think plink is a highly potential app and the developers surely will surprise us more than once! It’s a big pleasure for me to be a witness of plinks’ development. I remember when I first updated the app it was almost three years ago, omg, how quickly the time flies))) believe me, guys plink looked completely different. It's so highly addictive I can’t stop using plink, hours of scrolling the newsfeed and reading posts, watching streams and doing many other things, all these abilities make plink so special and unique. The app is highly demanded, almost all gamers who tried plink, keep using it! I didn’t find any drawbacks, everything works fine. And truly I didn’t see any reasonable argument against plink! I highly recommend you to try it!!!! Yes, I'm a demanding user but, regardless, I appreciate every aspect of plink! So, simply don’t lose awesome abilities, get the app and find your dream team and get  the greatest experience ever! Wish you the best teammates and I know that one day, we will meet each other in plink! 👍

Jessica Kivumbie, Aug 21, 2021
Bad business

I saw an add on Snapchat, and oh boy was I intrigued. I thought “oh, I wonder about all the people I will be able to meet.” I opened the app, excited but nervous, entered made a account (kind of confused how it got all the data to my account) and pressed next. At that moment I was hit with a paywall. The first 2 minutes of the app. You can at least play wizard 101 for some hours before you reach the pay wall. I was furious, so I went to the reviews to learn that people were having the same problems as I did. The reviews went back all the way to November, and you want to know what the developers said to the bad reviews? “We will fix it in the near future”. The near future is long gone plink industries. It’s been about 8 months. I am flabbergasted on how this app has a review of around 4.3. Yeah sure, I can try the free trial and see if it is worth it, but I am to scared to because I don’t know where I would go to cancel my subscription so I choose not to. Developers if you are truly reading this, then say the word “polka dot” in ur response. I just don’t think I should need a trial to see if I want to spend 20$ to meet people every month. I swear you could make money other ways with adds. So many gaming companies would throw money at you for adds on your app. Also the company won’t change anything if some of the community is giving them 20$ each month. They won’t have a reason to change it. Just please plink industries, fix your app.

just another user like you, Jun 02, 2020
Incompetent App Developers

Saw an ad for this on tiktok, I’ve been looking for others to frequently play with since I’m improving more. Downloaded it to give it a try, and I’m forced to subscribe with the battle pass automatically if I even want to open it at all after signing my account to it. I still haven’t and will not subscribe even for the trial. After the 3 day trial it is $10 A WEEK!! Unable to see how the app works by itself without the extras being included up front. I come to the reviews to see that it has been occurring the ENTIRE time the app has been released for usage to the public. It wouldn’t surprise me if more business is being lost due to this complaint being so prominent. It isn’t hard to have an x for saving the trial whenever you want to try it out instead of making every person who joins have to accept the trial without hesitation just to see what the app really entails. The only response from the developers that I have seen for this consistent issue people have is that it shows you all the “cool features” you can do by paying them. I honestly don’t believe the developers even care, as they have deliberately shown for awhile now to the people using their product: they will not be catering to or fixing problems for the public that is paying them ridiculous amounts of money. Maybe this should actually be looked into for improvement.

mac.r.west, Apr 23, 2022
Best gaming app

Good gaming application! I think plink shows a great example for other developers to follow! It set the bar too high and it’s visible, the developers continue to work on its improvement! The app is fantastic! It is awesome, and I find all the opportunities it suggests very enjoyable and useful! The gaming industry is constantly growing and developing on a crazy schedule as the needs of gamers, but I should admit that plink completely satisfies mine. The matchmaking works great, different filters give an opportunity to find the most appropriate teammate for everyone, you can choose the age, gender and many other points in order to find the best teammate for you! The matchmaking is my favorite tool provided by plink, by the way)) No need for wasting time, long searching and some extra effort! The app does everything instead of you in a few minutes and your perfect teammate is already found! I’m glad that I have an opportunity to use plink and to meet teammates all over the world! Finally, I’ve managed to build the greatest team I could only imagine, with the best teammates and the same perfection as the game should be! My gaming experience became as productive as possible! But we all together strive to improve our skills because as we know you can always do better! Thanks to plink for all you’ve done and every ability you’ve provided! To sum up, I can only recommend you to get the app ASAP and enjoy a truly unique experience!

Makena Gill, Aug 12, 2021
They don’t cancel free subscriptions until you are billed

I wish I could give a zero star based on what I’ve seen on this app.So where to start, first it seemed interesting bc it allowed you to expand your friends list and meet people that play the same games as you. Well that is such a false wall to the 99% of gamers out there. It’s basically a twitch 2.0 with a DM section and matches that don’t work, basically all I’ve seen is some female small time streamers that have a lot of men donating money to them just bc of their looks, and also a few sending inappropriate and possibly illegal pictures of themselves. You know what I mean. This is a disgrace to the gaming community, and I cancelled my subscription about an hour after first opening, and trying to delete my account. Well after a day or two I see on my bank account that I’ve been charged $30 and change for a subscription that I cancelled. Boy was I, and still am, furious. I can’t even find a email or phone number to talk and complain to bc of their such terrible service and probable violations of ethics and possibly laws for allowing this. If anyone from the company actually reads this, I want my money back ASAP, bc this has got to be fraud.

NikodeemusA, Oct 28, 2020
Sketchy Business Model

The app lures you in with ads depicting almost a tinder-like matchmaking system where you get paired up with people that play similar games to you. Sounds great, right? Well once the veil is pulled away and you finish logging in to the app, you’re slapped with a forced subscription request of $17 a month! Now, the developer claims to offer a free version of the app that has the same features, but at a “limited frequency”. However, you have to begin the free trial and then cancel it to get to this. Why isn’t the free version offered up front and then have the subscription subtly pushed later? I then go to the app reviews and find that dozens of other people have the same complaint (polka dot). The more upsetting issue with the reviews, though, was the fact that the app was still rated 4.3 stars. So I thought “What could the people that rated it 5 stars have to say?”. Well 99% of the reviews didn’t say anything in particular about the app. Most of these reviews just say things like “My most favorite app!” or “Truly a life changing app! #1!”. You know, a very vague review that could be said about any kind of app. It’s likely they paid some business to inject thousands of 5 star reviews using bogus usernames and leaving vague reviews to seem more favored than they are by their own users. Truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Rick_James_13, Jul 02, 2020


Match. Chat. Play.

Plink – the revolutionary app for gamers. Forget about playing alone - find your perfect teammate, influence game history and plunge into a global game community. Want to improve your gamerscore? Play with supreme teammates that match you through age, country and language. Get results you couldn’t even imagine before! Learn how the leaders play, chat with them, discover a thrilling game stats, share it with friends. Be the first to play new trending games. All of these make Plink a unique solution for gamers. Ever dream of becoming popular in the game community? Create your own squad with hundreds of gamers! Follow popular streamers and stream online! Get thousands of followers easily for free! Use Swipes to like or pass on players. If someone likes you back, it’s a Match! No stress. No rejection. No playing alone. Just go through profiles, chat or call, play together, and see how your stats improve. Trust us. Our search system will analyze your game skills and find the best teammate for you. MMORPG or FPS? “Counter-Strike” or “Dota 2"? Stop pestering each other with questions! Be in the loop for the favorite genres and the available games of your teammates. Create your own game community and spark something new. Be in touch. With our user-friendly news feed, you’ll be the first to find out when your teammates kill an imbalanced monster or achieve a new high score. Share your in-game results and stream in a community where it’ll be appreciated by thousands of gamers. - Plink supports all popular games, including Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Battlefield 5, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Counter-Strike and many others. - Never play alone - with Plink, you'll discover gamers who play the way you do! - Enjoy sharing, voting, and discussing games. - High-quality voice calls, group chats, private messages – feel free to use either the mobile or desktop version. With Plink, there are no limits!

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