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XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends

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XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends

Worst experience EVER

I have never felt the need to leave a critical review on anything, and then this app came along. I wish I could give 0 stars, tbh.For one, the whole idea of the app seems cool but I feel like it was carried out in the worst way. The information is so basic that I didn’t even feel the need to read more than two of the ‘personality types’- when that is usually my favorite sort of thing. But that was manageable. Then, I started noticing the overwhelming amount of fake accounts and minors and I thought “Wow, this is really unregulated.” AND THEN- they deleted one of my pictures because it was ‘unrecognizable’ of me. The image was of me with a sunglasses filter, and other than that, there was no problem that I could understand as to why my picture was deleted. In the message, they said if I believed there was an error, to let them know. So I did.And I got left on read. From a help chat. (After I said something about being left on read, the double check mark MAGICALLY became one ) Nice to know it was a priority to take down my picture instead of dealing with the fake accounts and minors.

23starlee, Apr 30, 2022
Needs major improvements.

I don’t think this app is very practical for trying to find someone. Sure you can meet someone who’s long distance but isn’t the whole point of a dating app to meet them? Also, there’s no way to filter out ages. I feel like most people in their 20s wouldn’t want to date someone who is in their 50s. Even if there are people who want to date older people then a filter would allow for those individuals to look for each other. The concept for the app is good but it doesn’t make practical sense to chat with someone that you’ll likely never meet. Again, filters would fix this issue. If someone wanted to date long distance they could, and if they want to date someone in the same city as them then they could. Also if I’m on a dating app I don’t want to take care of a tomagachi. Finally, there are no safety measures or verification methods for users. As a result, the app is filled with scam bots. Would not recommend in the state that it’s in!

AveryW0117, Apr 08, 2022
Good for entertainment

This app has more pluses than minus which all depends on what you look for in a dating app. I got it because I want something more meaningful than your average seedy chat which sadly is the norm nowadays. I liked the look of this but once I joined I ended up seeing usual profile swiping which was disappointing way to start. But I carried on and found the messaging is a lot better because it is a lot deeper way to get to know someone. It was very good to chat and I found some genuine nice matches. You have to pay to chat on here so I think that’s what makes people here for the right reasons

Delbert Gillette, Dec 12, 2019
Not worth downloading

The only good thing about this app is that it's free. Otherwise, there are problems in almost every area. For starters, when I was checking this thing out I applied a city filter, but it couldn't find anyone who matched the criteria, so I tried just a state filter. I was given the same people as before, who are in a dozen different countries, not to mention it was giving me men who were outside my preferred age range, and women as well?? Once I realized this app was crapp, I went to delete my account, but I couldn't find anything that would let me do so!! It could be that I'm not looking in the right place, but if it does indeed not have an option to delete an account, I recommend you DO NOT sign in through Facebook, as all your info will remain there and you do not want that..I had to make my profile as blank as I could and make my picture black before I deleted the app. If you've tried all the dating apps out there and are looking for more options this one is not worth your time

Egyptiansim, Oct 25, 2017
Pronouns and Other Issues

When putting in my pronouns, I couldn't have them in my preferred order. My pronouns are he/they/she and the app would always put the she first even when i kept trying to fix it. I deleted the app because it kept doing that. I won't be downloading it again. There are more issues that I would like to address as well. There's no way for you to actually verify your age on here. I've seen at least 5 minors on this app. You guys should have people verify their IDs. With the other reviews that I've looked at and the "developers response", which just seems to be a bot, I'm not the only one who has noticed all the minors on here and people can lie about their age to get onto an app that's 18+, that's not uncommon. There seriously needs to be an ID verification. Another issue I'd like to address is the no filtering. I understand that this app is supposed to be all inclusive and not out limits on anything, but having no filters isn't the way to do it. People have preferences and that's the way it will always be. You should have filters. That's all I'm going to say.

Emma-Grayce, Jun 24, 2022
So good

My friend has told me about the app and first I was a bit sceptical. Totems, I thought is an odd feature. However, when I took a quiz and discover my own one I've changed my mind. Totems really maked me interested in discovering totems of other users on XOXO and read about them. That made me think about the personality behind the each totem and that literally made me upgrade my communication in comparison with all other dating apps I used previously. So, definitely recommend this app!

Emmelyn Redmonm, Jul 28, 2022
Met the Love of My Life On This App <3

I know this really doesn’t matter to anyone else, but he is literally my everything. I’ve read many bad reviews, but my experience was one I will never forget. It worked for us. All because we downloaded it from the same add, we were in the same chat room and we started chatting in the group (after I swiped to decline) then we started to chat in private chat rooms and let me tell you. He is everything I’ve ever wanted.

forever.softie_, Feb 15, 2022
Fake profiles, Scammers everywhere!!!

New user to this app but there are huge amounts of fake profiles and scammers on this app. Be aware! I have blocked and reported them. I have also contacted customer support and send them examples of fake pics and bots that keep coming up. I block them and overnight the same pics just show up again. Why aren’t they investigating and blocking all those IP addresses creating tons of fake profiles. You will see same pic cone up in multiple cities under same or different names. Also profiles looking like professional model sites and photos. Too perfect to allure people. Owners are NOT doing enough to keep scammers iff this site trying to solicit your personal information with fake messages and photos. This has become a gangster app!!! As a result you can NOT trust anyone on this site! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laryyyyyy, Sep 26, 2020
Creepy and customer service doesn’t seem to care.

Do not download this app. There is only email and face verification. You can’t enter your date of birth or have ANY kind of age verification. There are a ton of minors on the app and unless you chat with them or they have their age in their bio there is no way of knowing. I’m an adult I don’t want to match with children. There is no age filter so you will see a ton of old people. I understand the idea behind the no filtering system but this is basically a breeding ground of pedos, grooming, etc. According to the developers responses to other reviews pointing this out all the care about is defending their no filtering system and blatantly ignoring how serious of an issue this is. It’s starting to feel like this app was made to assist creeps in finding young people.

screamoemo666, Apr 24, 2022
Real ages

Had to delete this app because it made me really uncomfortable that real ages are not displayed. I matched with a 16 yr old that I didn’t know was 16. You guys should really reevaluate that aspect of the app. It’s highly dangerous for minors. Plus the app is hard to navigate it’s weird.The aspect of not having real ages displayed is dangerous and makes me really uncomfortable. There could be predators on this app targeting minors and I can not partake in an app that makes it easy for them. It’s really weird and disgusting that this was not thought through by your team. I know you have gotten several complaints about this but still there is no change. I hope this app gets deleted before someone gets seriously hurt and victimized.

thesugarvillain, Jan 04, 2022


XOXO, THE GAME-DATING APP INCLUSIVE & PERSONALITY-BASED This inclusive dating app for open-minded people left behind the suffocating gender-age-sexuality-body type filters for a gamified experience of getting to know others through their personalities. A social network and a game as much as a dating app, XOXO is about meeting not just who YOU thought you would like but who WE think you might like. Look deep into your mind and heart through a quiz.

Discover yourself through a cute virtual totem that helps people see you from new angles. Use our estimate of your mental age as a different way to describe yourself. Get to know people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and appearances that you connect on another level with. Customize and take care of your totem. Become a part of the community in chats assembled by personality type. Play through our challenges, show off your achievements. Build new experiences at the intersection of romance, sex, friendship, and camaraderie. NO FILTERS We do not intend filtration settings for your feed by gender, sexuality, age, or otherwise, so you could meet more people that we think you might like. TOTEMS A cute avatar suggested by our quiz represents your personality type, letting other people get to know you from new angles. Your totem’s health is fueled by your swiping, messaging, and liking activity on the app. NO AGE LINE We ballpark your “mental age” as part of the quiz—don’t you think that could be an interesting description point? NO REJECT BUTTON There is no traditional button for rejecting people—as we could all do with a little bit less explicit negativity in our lives. TASKS, XP, AND BADGES A track of individual tasks rewarded with XP gains and badges helps you familiarize yourself with both the community and the environment. QUIZ Our “totally scientific” onboarding quiz looks deep into your mind and heart so you could discover yourself and meet more people like you. TOTEM-BASED GROUP CHATS Spaces of acceptance and understanding for folks with similar temperaments and personalities. XOXO’s Privacy Policy: https://www.xoxo-app.com/pp.html XOXO’s Terms of Use: https://www.xoxo-app.com/terms.html

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