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Once: The Love Match Maker

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Once: The Love Match Maker

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for Once: The Love Match Maker


The name is a bit rubbish but that’s where my criticism ends because what I’ve found is that udates makes it so easy to match and so fast to chat with people that there’s little they don’t get right. Firstly they focus on the important thing I always want when I date which is girls you can talk to who aren’t a gazillions miles away. That’s always so frustrating on other apps I used when you eventually find out all the hotties are in Timbuktoo! Finding someone you like who agrees with you and wants to do the same stuff AND who lives near you is like wining the lottery but then you get that quite a lot with this app. That’s really all you need to know so that’s why it’s really impressed me. But aside from making it easy to meet the right person it’s got a decent chat space and a few ways to match up. But now I’ve met my girlfriend I don’t tend to chat to many others on here now and don’t need any more matches. But I definitely recommend it to others looking for the right person and I think you have a good chance with it

Athena Macdonald, Sep 04, 2021
Fake Accounts

I was really hoping to have luck with this app. I can’t believe this app is advertised to meet and chat with local people when you have to pay for coins in order to send one message. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences and I hope you developers see this review and do something about it. What really gave it away was the women that messaged me from Tulsa, US. Every single one of them, I mean come on.. it was a total waste of the one month subscription to trust an app like this.. I’m not asking for anything back but this is truly ridiculous and should not be allowed to mess with people like this. I mean from the subscription, to paying for coins, $8?, to getting automated messages and asking you to please stay on the app and bribed me to buy more coins so they can talk to me… I can’t believe you guys would design an app and allow people to get bribed for money and their trust they put in the app to help them find someone important in their life… I really hate it came down to this but I had to be honest about it and tell my experience…. Please respect my honesty and do something about this… reach out to me if need be.

Austin Shrader, Feb 07, 2022
This app is a scam

This app is a scam. I have been using for about two days. Started chats with 3 to 4 different people. There is only about 20 to choose from. Each person responds with the same theme so to speak. They are only one liners that do not answer questions like they are all the same AI artificial intelligence algorithms. And the way the app gets you is with making you pay per chat text. They say that you will meet your match but all of the people on here have the same narrative in theirResponses. I’ve picked up on this over the last few days and talking to multiple people. The first one or two people I did not realize it but then started seeing the pattern the third person. The fourth person it was clear that these are not real people chatting back with you. They only ever push staying on the app longer and longer. Also the short nondescriptive answers on important life family questions which are a huge part in finding someone to date and possibly move forward with were the same for all four people. I will be reporting this app and the charges to my credit card to dispute the charges based on false advertisement. If I was talking to real people and didn’t find a match that would be one thing. I hope the owners and creators of this app feel satisfied with ripping people off.

cbreviewscam26, Jun 28, 2023

It’s a really nice dating app with lots of guys to meet up with and it’s been cool finding new matches especially when they aren’t far away. I’ve had good times although there were one or two suspicious types but I blocked them pronto. There’s quite a few different kind of guys on the app and want different stuff so you should undetstand what they want early on. I got this app to go on dates so it’s delivered for me personally although in my experience it can be a pretty causal place. I’ve had about 9 dates so far mostly in cafes and restaurants but in the park too and bizarrely one time we met in the supermarket!! It’s been quite easy to meet up because most are living locally and know what I’m talking about. I didn’t meet anyone perfect yet but it’s early days and I’m not going to give up on it. I recommend udates if you want to find someone near to without looking too hard and want an easy app to chat and get to know others. For me it’s a definite 100% and favorite of all the apps I tried because it’s simple and effective and doesn’t get too mad

Christopher Stephensi, Sep 02, 2021

From reading other reviews, I am getting tired of this dating app! I wish I learned before from other dating apps like this one. It’s a scam/rip off. I wish I saw this from the beginning. Of course I ran out of coin and thinking I had to buy more to keep talking. 5 coin for each text?! I’ve gotten stuck into others that are cheaper. Yes a lot of the ladies are good looking but they will keep a way for you to keep spending money. It’s PATHETIC! Im trying to get a woman from my area but I doubt it’s true they are. I thought I may found a woman I liked, turns out I can’t get her number even though we talked a lot. Once I’m out of coin, they’ll keep on enticing you to get more, UGH! Oh one more thing I noticed. The person in charge for this app he/she says about the same thing to people who put out their reviews. “You seem to be a bit Confused.” Well close to that. Oh I did find a couple more, about half the woman say that their “About Me”, “Interest” has are “not specified”. And also half the them say in the beginning of their texts, “Why or What are you doing hereYou might as well not waste your time on here?” OF YOU KNOW WHY IM HERE!! You’ll get no where. If you do, good luck.

darnoC dooG, May 08, 2021
Like this app

Yes I’m ready to tell my experience now of udates because it has really been a long time and many things to say. Everything that happened to me is worth mentioning so you can easily see how it goes. I joined about a year ago and it was summer when I first got it because I was in lockdown and couldn’t meet no one. The app is really well put together and straight away it helped me communicate with a lot of people. I wasn’t sure how many would be living close to me because you never know but it was great to see loads of users who were close to me and wanted to talk. It was really cool to find a few I got on with and get to know. Just a word of caution that at the start you shouldn’t ignore one person just because you talk to someone else too much because you never know who you might miss. That brings me to my final news that I found someone really special after about 5 months chatting on udates!!! Now we are together and getting close and it’s been easy because we both grew up in the same place. Thanks so much for helping us find each other!!!

Hailie Miles, Sep 02, 2021
Terrible. I hate this app.

One is quickly intrigued, but also quickly learns that women posing in Europe, but claiming to be in your vicinity with professional grade photographs that the site is full of trolls and catphishing that try to keep you engaged under the auspices of “safety” when, in reality, it’s a third party and “points” from you under the auspices that these beautiful women who, in hindsight, clearly aren’t in your hometown are aggressively contacting you. Like EVERY SINGLE ONE. “1) Moderation: A portion of each coin you spend supports our Moderation Team which works full time, carefully checking the profiles of the members registered on our website. 2) Customer Support: Your coins also support our Customer Support team. We work hard to ensure that any questions, concerns, or comments you may have are answered promptly and efficiently. If you ever encounter difficulties on our site, we are ready to help you at all times.” The revenue goes to these people. It’s fake. Update:: I think the fake profiles are run through your organization as there is no benefit to the fake profile pushing conversation if there is no payout. A third party can’t get funds via coin unless uDates pays.

iTampa, Dec 31, 2022
Very easy

The app is doing ok for me overall and I’m happy I got it. However I wish it was free to use and that it has video chat but that doesn’t mean it’s not satisfying. On a good day it’s great and I can really meet some amazing matches. But on the flip side I get a lot of messages and wish there wer’ent so many. The features are best described as solid and they get the job done. Imo if you go into this negative then you’ll only get that vibe back because your chat won’t last long if you’re just horny or something. I try to stay upbeat so because of that I’ve generally had decent chat with people who mostly seemed genuine. It’s good to understand whether someone is living near although some precise info on this would be welcome because you don’t know exactly how many meters. Although the majority I chatted with are in my area. Bottom line is I’ve found more compatable people on udates than I seen on all the other apps I been on so I’d have to say that it’s the best on that bases

Janelle Henry, Sep 04, 2021

I hated this app at first but then I found myself getting more into it. In case you’re interested I’ll tell you the list of things that eventually changed my mind about it and the last one is the real biggie at least for me personally. 1) there are so many people to meet. Normally on apps the same matches keep coming around and round but on udates you get a constant stream of new ones 2) most people i chatted to seem to live not far away which is amazing 3) good age range of people unlike on other apps where it seems all dead young which makes it hard to meet without looking sad (im 36 btw) 4) I met some really beautiful women and I mean really met on a proper date 5) features are pretty neat and easy and available 6) this is the most IMPORTANT !! The last but nowhere near least! I found my girlfriend on udates and we’ll get married in a month!!! So that’s obv why I changed my mind about this fabulous app!!! I never actuality thought I’d meet someone on the app in a million years!

Litzy Peck, Sep 03, 2021
Don’t know what else to say...lol

I am in the tech and marketing industry. After using the app for 3 days here is my honest review. I do see the catch which is the Live Stream and the limited messages that a user can only send. After that a continuous barrage of upsell to get you to buy coins and its actually pretty expensive based on the coins per message. I do believe many of these women are fake too. The continuous auto response coming from allegedly people that viewed your profile to engage. But the catch comes in is you got to buy coins and this is where the barrage of upsell comes in...lolI hope for the customer service and developers that would read this. I mean no disrespect, but if there is some sort of teaser period that might get it moving and have the people stay and come back. But the way its exactly coded on the upsell of coins you really will have an extremely quick turn around of users and the rate of people keeping the app will drop drastically. You are wasting money on ads if you can’t keep the users.This is just my thoughts and hope this does not come sounding negative, but an honest business strategy review from someone thats been in the tech and currently semi retired guess you can assume I did something right 😊👍

Myquick2cents, Feb 19, 2021


Once dating app (ex-uDates) is now twice as good! Get quality dating whenever you like with our new improved Once app. Once brings you one perfect match every day.

And the action doesn’t stop there – share mutual likes and pair up with anyone you want. You’ve got so many choices! Plus, discover new people in exciting live streams and meet someone who shares your vibes. With so much going on, you’ve got a great chance to find love. Get 5 top features: 1. Perfect Match – meet one extra special person every day with this classic Once feature. Find someone who shares your interests & vibes with you! 2. It’s a Match – just ‘like’ someone, get liked back & start chatting. Mutual matchups couldn’t be easier with this favorite feature. 3. Chat requests – get surprised by someone with instant chat invites. Anyone who likes your profile can send you a chat request. It’s a real buzz! 4. Live Streaming – watch singles broadcast in real-time, see them shine & join the party in group chats. 5. Music Match - introducing the exciting new feature in our dating app, Music Match! We've taken the art of compatibility to the next level by allowing users to connect through the universal language of music. With Once's Music Match feature, you can now find your perfect match based on shared music tastes and preferences. Simply link your Spotify account, and our algorithm will analyze your music library, playlists, and listening habits to match you with potential partners who share your musical interests. Whether you're into indie rock, jazz, or EDM, you'll be swiping right on harmonious connections. Discover love through the power of music with Once Music Match and let the melodies of your heartstrings play a sweet serenade. Once you start dating, you won’t wanna stop! What’s free? - Create your dating profile - One Perfect Match a day - 9 likes per day - Start 5 conversations for free - Watch users streaming live - 50 welcome coins - All chats charged with coins Upgrade to Premium: - 3 Perfect Matches once a day - Start all conversations for free - Chat unlimited with all regular users - View & send photos to regular users - Find out who liked & visited you - Give unlimited likes - 45 coins with an upgrade and 10 coins daily - See message read receipts Our subscription options are: • 1-month subscription: $19.99 for 1 month • 3-month subscription: $9.99/month • 6-month subscription: $7.49/month • 12-month subscription is $5.99/month • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. The Once team values your feedback! Contact us at [email protected] Terms of use: https://www.getonce.com/terms-and-conditions/?mobile=true Privacy policy: https://www.getonce.com/policy/?mobile=true

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