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Snack - gen z dating

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Snack - gen z dating

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User Reviews for Snack - gen z dating

“Invite 3 people to see who matched with you”

I thought the ads on social media like TikTok or Instagram already brought plenty of people into the app. So why do I, the consumer, need to do free publicity work for a popular dating app, to see who matched with me?It’s like if McDonald’s told its customers that if they want anything on the menu, they’ll have to call their friends and family to tell them about the new deals on the menu to get one or two items off of the menu.Please help me understand.

103740584, May 25, 2022
Best dating app concept

I love the concept of this app and it just keeps getting better and better with more people joining everyday. it combines tinder and tiktok and allows you to see videos of the people you’re chatting with so you know what someone ACTUALLY looks (and acts) like.

aebenv, Oct 27, 2021
Snack is the Ticktok of Dating

Really cool, the format makes Tinder feel like Facebook and Snack is like TickTock, much more immersive, I feel like you get a much better feeling for your potential matches. Still a new app so as the community growz, that will make it better and better, I really hope a lot of people start using this. It’s way better than other dating apps.

bpirpgrass, Jan 09, 2022

I love the concept of this app because personally I take way more videos than pictures, I see it as a way to be more detailed. However, I completely don’t like how I have to share the app to not one but three people just to see one match. That’s not right. It needs more work in that aspect, being able to see your likes or maybe setting up membership plans or packages you can get in order to view them. Sort of like other popular dating apps. I think just a couple more tweaks and it’ll be really good. I do want to add that I love the inspire me tab, but do include a broader question/statement selection!

cimoneb, Mar 16, 2022
It’s ok but needs work

The only thing I wish they would fix is whenever you get matched with someone you have to constantly invite other people to reveal the person who matched with me. I feel like I should be able to see who matched with me and be able to talk to them without inviting other people I’d rather watch an ad then having to invite 9 people 3 times to see who I matched with I feel like it’s not worth doing all that just to be matched with just one person it’s just time consuming but other than that I like this app just wish they can fix this problem or at least change it.

devin hanlan, Jan 01, 2022
Cool concept

New app so I’ll give them some slack. I like the concept. The distance feature isn’t out yet but I’m eager for that. Also it’s a little bit confusing how to get matches. Like there’s no list of who’s liked you. Not sure if we both have to like each other to start chatting? Kinda hard to match if the distance feature doesn’t work. Will be waiting for improvements!

Katie.sash, Feb 05, 2021
Great App has Potential!

This app is a great idea I like the video feature as opposed to pics! The only thing is the app needs more people on it because I see repeats and the distance settings need to be adjusted. Also it would be good if we can see our like count before matching. Overall great app with some needed adjustments!

LivOliviera01, Jul 24, 2021
New and innovative!

This app combines Tiktok and Tinder in a super creative way! It also is an app that lessens the likely hood of getting catfished because it’s video based and people can actually show their personalities/talents. It’s awesome to also have the fun truth or dare game that gives you things to talk about and share with potential matches.

maleen01!, Oct 20, 2021
super new and trendy

I love the concept of the app! You pretty much get to post videos similar to tik tok and you have the opportunity to match with others that you swipe on.I love how you get to know someone’s personality better through a video rather than just photos. This app really focuses on the younger adult generation which is super engaging!

NikkiK01, Jan 16, 2022
Distance filter?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool app with potential if it’s marketed right, but it’s utterly pointless for actually meeting someone if the distance filter is completely broken. I’m in the Portland, Oregon area, and despite setting my distance to a maximum of 50 miles all I see are people from California. I get that the user base is still relatively small, but I highly doubt more people will join an app that only has long distance potential. Needs some serious work before I could see myself seriously using it or contributing.

the_wrath_of_flan, Feb 04, 2022


Snack, the ultimate dating app for Gen Z rebels who want to break free from the dating app monotony! Tired of swiping left, right, up, and down with no luck? Look no further than Snack, the app that's like a rebellious friend, but for dating!

With Snack you get to meet someone’s avatar! And if that's not futuristic enough for you, you use AI to show off your best features and charm potential matches. At Snack, we know that compatibility is key, that's why we have icebreakers to get the conversation flowing and a personality test to help you discover your dating strengths. It's like a dating app and a fun fair all rolled into one! So, if you're ready to rebel against boring dating apps and find someone who's as daring as you, download Snack today and join the revolution!

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