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Friended | meet people & chat

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Friended | meet people & chat

Was hoping for better

I was looking for an app to talk to people and hopefully make a few friends. However, it’s not all that well-managed who replies to whatever innocent thing you put out there. The app gives you little cards where you can enter an opinion and then others who use the app are able to reply to you in private message. Unfortunately like most social media apps there are plenty of extremely unhinged and nasty people out there. I will say that mostly people were fairly kind, but I got a few replies that were utterly disturbing. One reply I received suggested I kill myself. Another commented on how stupid I sound. I did not personally reach out to these people, the app just has strangers reply to random thoughts you put out there on various topics. I wanted a fairly safe place to meet others and to make friends. it seems that it’s not well monitored or controlled who might respond to you. This kind of crap is why I really don’t like social media or use it that much. It’s too bad that in civilized Society people will act this way, but people are people. This is the type of thing that just makes me more cynical about the world and about attempting to make connections with people. Oh well.

Artist/hobbyist, Jul 24, 2021
0 stars.

This app is seriously the worst. For starters, I connected my Facebook & I was expecting it to bring me to a page where I could customize my profile on the app, but nope it immediately pulled 6 random photos off my Facebook (some that weren’t even of me) & put them on my profile followed by an “ice breaker” asking for “song recommendations”. After that my phone seriously began to shut down because of the millions of notifications coming through to the app because it made this post to literally every single user on the app. So I’m struggling to figure out how to set everything up, all the while my phone is being blown up by notifications. Apparently you can’t add a photo of yourself from your camera roll (only can use Facebook or instagram) & you literally HAVE to have 6 photos. I don’t use my Facebook or instagram so I don’t even have 6 photos on myself on those socials that I could use, therefore I can’t even complete my profile. Also, i can’t delete the post that I didn’t even post in the first place. I ended up just deleting the entire thing because it’s such garbage. Like I’ve never been so infuriated with an app!

Hjxowjnc, Nov 27, 2018
Better flagging system necessary

I really liked this app I just feel that they should be very thorough with reading peoples messages I was speaking to another female about how men will sometimes message us and how it’s frustrating that people will be like hey show me your boobs and I have been banned for just having a conversation I think it is ridiculous there’s no way for me to contact the support if something comes up and it is flagged as possibly breaking the rules I feelThat they should be banned for a week or get a email saying it has been flagged that way they can review it as a post to completely kicking somebody out of the app it was a really fun app and I really liked it butto that they should be banned for a week or get a email saying it has been flagged that way they can review it as a post to completely kicking somebody out of the app it was a really fun app and I really liked it but being banned for having a conversation just because it had the word boobs in it it’s quite ridiculous and I feel that it should be reviewed immensely

ibleedrainbows, Mar 01, 2020
Black Hole Sucking My Messages?

I was having an awesome convo with someone. Suddenly, I stopped receiving messages. I thought “okay, maybe she somehow found out about something I did terrible in the past and she doesn’t want to talk to me”, which was quite optimistic. I didn’t think much of it, so I continued responding to posts and trying to make friends and avoiding guys that are down bad terribly (I’m a guy myself but seriously some of these guys are pathetic considering the name of the app). Anyway I thought the problem was a “me” thing, maybe I’m too ugly and they worry I’ll infect them or something. But, three days go by and I receive nothing??? At this point I’m questioning the app itself cuz ain’t no way on the first day I download this app I start having MULTIPLE convos with MULTIPLE ppl and then I’m suddenly getting ghosted? Like what kind of evil person would create an app called “Friended” when all that’s happening to me are tumbleweeds bouncing across my screen. I’ve tried uninstalling, permanently deleting my account, and using different emails just to hopefully get back into action, psyche. Now I’m here writing a review idk what to star, is this a 1 worthy? I’ll be generous a give a three cuz I did have fun and interesting conversations the first few days. But, if y’all know how to fix this help a bro out.

ILSHIDMTAS, May 02, 2021
Message limit is horrible

I started using this app at a time when I was clinically depressed, I spoke to a lot of people and it helped me gain more confidence and belief in myself. I didn’t realize the good in other people because I only see the worst of people on other apps, and this was my favorite because people felt genuine, and it felt like people actually cared. People were actually positive and nice on here, and whenever someone would open up and be vulnerable, people could be there to encourage and support them. I loved the environment it created. But now with the message limit, nobody messages each other. All you see is the worst of what other people are going through, and the app is much worse, because you couldn’t help people if you wanted to. I think that it took away the strongest point of the entire app, and makes it virtually pointless to ever go on here. I can see that if you could talk to anyone, it would be hard to talk to many people, but I think the limit should at least be raised. I think the best design might be to allow you to talk to a limit on the number of people a day. If you only allow by the number of messages, people will go somewhere else and the app is no better than those that are just friend recommenders for snapchat. It takes away all that I think makes this app unique and the very reason I loved it in the first place.

J001enlt, Aug 31, 2021
12+ but have to be 18 to use?

I’m 14 years old and I thought this app would be great to use to get know people, make friends, etc. And on the app store it says 12+ so I was glad to see that I could use (I searched up LGBT because I wanted to meet people in my community and a lot of it was 17+ and/or a dating app.) So, I tried to make an account with my Facebook, took me to a page that said something along the lines of ‘blocked because it is not available to your country, region, or age.’ I thought I was in the right country and region (U.S.A, AL) and on the App Store it says 12+ so, I didn’t know what the issue was. That didn’t deter me though because there was other ways to sign in without using Facebook. I used my Snapchat, put in my birthday (05 birthday is later this year in 2020), and added a photo. When I clicked like a next button, it says your account has been blocked. Again I was confused because I was over 12 years old. It took me back to the log in screen and when I clicked log in with Snapchat again, it said ‘You Must Be 18 years old or older’ I don’t understand why it has said 12+ throughout the app store for it to be for 18 year olds and older. I’m not using this to be like “Don’T doWNloAd ThIs aPP!1!1!1!” I’m not like that. I wanna know why, and if you could fix that so you don’t confuse others.

Mrs. Amazing 1206, Apr 01, 2020
It's cute but doesn't do what I feel like it should.

The idea of the app is great, like a Tinder with substance for friends. The problem is, I think a bunch of guys think that it is Tinder and they missed the substance part. I was hoping that I would create this and be able to connect with people in my area that I actually get to meet up with you in real life. I also thought I might be able to filter it by gender because I don't need more guy friends, I can go to any bar and find some of those. I was really hoping to be able to find female friends that actually have similar interests or something we could bond over. What I found out is that there's no way to filter by area or gender so I'm just getting bombarded with random messages from random guys that I don't know anything about. If I wanted that I would go on Tinder itself. I think a lot of females feel like it's hard to find female friends in this day in age and we are so busy and don't really seem to get out as much, and I feel like this app could help bridge that gap but, the way it's formatted it's not going to do that right now.

Soprano2013, Aug 25, 2018
Lots of things don’t work properly

So if I upload a picture from my phone it doesn’t show up at all in the profile. It’ll be listed when I try to edit my photos but doesn’t show at all for anyone who looks at my profile. It only puts up pictures imported from Facebook. I went to settings and clicked into the Help & Support menu to see if this was a known problem with a fix but I didn’t see anything. Try to back out but… there’s no back button programmed into the help section. You have to close the whole app and reenter. Right below the Help & Support option is a “Report an issue” link. This doesn’t function at all. It isn’t clickable. So there’s no actual way to report an issue apparently? I guess the developers aren’t actually interested in having the best version of the their product out there.Then when it comes to using the app, honestly feels kind of pointless. I’m a woman so my inbox is just thirsty men. This isn’t even a dating app but you best believe almost every man on there is using it like one. Yeah you can report people for unwelcome flirtiness, but yeah that’s most of them. And you can only post responses to a prompt, and you can’t remove any parts of or edit a prompt either, so it just feels really rigid.

viola mad, Jan 29, 2022
Gets worse every update.

Every update they take more features away from you on this app just to lock them behind a pay wall. The only premium feature used to be posting more often, however now any sort of filter setting has been locked behind a pay wall. You used to be able to filter guys and girls, and what kind of posts you wanted to see. You can no longer do that without paying. This app had potential but I can see now that the developers are just getting greedy. People already drop off this app like flies, and the devs are just making it worse. You didn’t “add” features in the new update, all you did was make them cost money. Disappointed in y’all as a whole, you were originally creating something great.Update 4/14: Dev response has turned into “the app just costs money now, deal with it” well I’ll tell you what, your users are dropping off exponentially faster than you can pull them in at this point. Word of mouth is everything, and at this point I’ll recommend tinder to anyone over this app with the direction you are going. Greeding your loyal users, taking features away from us. Used to have faith in you guys, but your recent update just goes to show you are not listening to feedback, and are only in this for a money grab.

West side1473, Apr 14, 2020
I like the concept!

I’ve managed to befriend a few people on here! The concept has allowed me to socialize with people from around the US. I’ve been using the app consistently for about four days now which is rare and I see myself using it continuously. Honestly, I love it. My only concern is that with them trying to make money, it will make features more and more inaccessible due to the lack of gems! Right now most features are accessible, the ice breakers, profiles, people’s pictures, etc. But I notice that if you want to message other ice breakers that are in people’s profiles, you have to pay up with gems. So it makes it harder to connect. You have 1 ice breaker to create per every 8 hours, which is tough, but manageable. My fear is that with time, with them trying to make money, they’ll make it harder for us users by adding required gems (money) to features already available to us. I hope not, cause I really do like this app! Great job, guys!

Xavyer215, Apr 25, 2019


• “I was looking to make new friends and what I got was way better.” • “I would definitely have to say this app is the best app I ever downloaded.” • “I found my soulmate through this app.” • “I think it’ll be a year or so using Friended & I absolutely love it…made a lot more friends on this app than in real life.” • “I met my best friend on here.” • "I met my wife on here. We are both happy." • “I have met many new friends who I really like talking with. People seem nicer and conversations are more real” • “I have ended up meeting someone that I never would’ve met.” • “This app changed my life.

I benefited from this app for the long run. I owe the developers a shot of whiskey or moonshine. I love you guys. You guys changed my life. My girlfriend and I would like to thank you for your hard work for it joined us. Thanks again young stallions.” • “I was searching for friends only, and I found one expectedly so fast. I appreciate this app making it possible for me to find a potential best friend." • “I met the love of my life on this app.” • “Great app, you’ll find friends” • "Even talking to some people for a brief moment is really inspiring.” • “I met my best friend of over a year on friended we talk everyday and we help each other grow.” • “I have made some lifelong relationships through this app. Also, oddly enough, I found my soulmate through this app. We connected, swapped numbers and the rest is history. We have officially been dating for a few months. I cannot put into words how grateful I am that this app exists. Again, thank you for this app." How does Friended work…. • Post an icebreaker - It's like unexpectedly meeting someone on a train and you suddenly have this magical connection. Or, you can reply to other peoples' icebreakers... you'll meet people right away! • Personality games that make meeting fun - You think it's a game, then all of a sudden you're talking with someone you really click with. On Friended, "playing games" means something else entirely! • Personality quizzes get deeper - Discover people by going deeper than photos & accomplishments. Friended helps you show off the real you! • Build social skills - Improve your confidence & conversation skills while learning more about yourself and others. 74% of people feel less shy when using Friended! You can be yourself and meet real people instantly. Try it, we think you'll like it. : ) --------- Friended is free to download and use. We also offer an optional Premium subscription package. – after 7-day free trial a 1-week subscription costs: $7.99* *Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. Please note that with all subscriptions: Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the then current 1-week subscription cost. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by accessing your Account Settings after purchase. You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that package. All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. More details can be found here: http://www.friended.com/privacy http://www.friended.com/terms-of-service

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