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E-Pal: Gamers' social hub

  • Social Networking
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E-Pal: Gamers' social hub

  • Social Networking
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Epal, Inc.
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User Reviews for E-Pal: Gamers' social hub

Want to try something different, is there any

I really like E-Pal this software, I found in [E-Pal] that some foreigners are also using it. It's actually pretty good to occasionally chat with foreigners. Life is about trying different experiences. You will not receive information for those who are not interested, and you can get to know those who are interested. Friends here can really find friends who are simply chatting, some have a coffee or a meal ~ read and organize a trip together. There are a lot of people who feel single in it-they want to meet new friends and talk to someone. Can meet your various needs, don't hurry to use it!   ​  ‌

a.nichole11, Oct 03, 2020
Very good social software for interactive dating

Great strength ~ safe, reliable, absolutely safe and private! Convenient real-time voice chat interaction. I like the style of this dating app! There are many real users inside. Whether you make friends in virtual communities or real ones, you have to take them seriously to get results. In my daily life, I have been striving for a career. The two-point and one-line life leads to too small circle. There is no chance to meet new friends. The interface of this dating software is touching, and the new version is powerful. It is a great platform for colleges and universities to meet new friends~!

Cmw012813, Oct 12, 2020

E-Pal is amazing and worth using I love it so much I can find so many people to help me in the games I really love to play, I can find so many people that can watch something with me they pick out amazing stuff to watch also, I can find so many people that can tell a story or something like that for bed for anyone, I can find so many people that I can wake up to and hear their voice, I can find so many people to talk to and so much more I can’t believe how amazing this is.

iiTzChristian, Oct 22, 2022
Good vision and improvement + suggestion

I don’t know if the devs read this but I’ve been using this app for a bit now and honestly really good job on the new update. I graduated at full sail for mobile development so I know a bit but not saying I know everything. I just appreciate when an app can start as one thing and be okay to then updating and pivoting to be something great. One suggestion I have that makes me annoyed. So I am a US east server player on the games I play. When I am swiping, one of my main preferences is that the other individual plays in the same region. I don’t want to have to try and click on a profile and scan and find what languages they speak. Please if u have time to make user experience better for a bunch of people can u show what regions they play in on front of their card or when I click the card?Thanks for reading keep developing! P.s I’ll look if u need any jr. devs for native Java or swift.

Jordonvl, Feb 06, 2021
Amazing app and warm community!

Honestly, I was impressed to see so many gamers in one place, and what’s more so many gamer-girls in here, which is such a rarity! The community took me in very smoothly, I was able to find lots of friends (as an introvert, it’s quite an achievement for me) and I am very thankful to EPal for that! Customer Service proved to be fast and reliable. I mean this company seems to be really dedicated to making a full scale gamer social platform! I recommend! Come and find me, my name is SweetieCutie on EPal and let’s make friends!

MAO9696, Nov 25, 2020
Know a lot of people. Good dating platform

Absolute platform, a new generation of social artifacts for fashion men and women, choose a city to live~Choose a person to live forever. I think this dating app Huaban Dating is the best platform for making friends, in the process of voice chatting with strangers~ At the same time, it can also increase social experience. You can tell a lot of unhappy things in the big family of making friends in this dating app~ Someone will share it for you, great social software, ~‍    ‍

meesamm, Oct 09, 2020
Recommend    ​   

Very good, clear picture and true, I would like to optimise the details of this E-Pal app! Great love! I really like this good voice dating software. I give this E-Pal app a five-star praise. It is easy to use. The picture is clear and simple. It is highly recommended in the same voice dating software. This is such a great voice dating software. If the software is not down, just wait to see others use it!chatting

murzilkass, Sep 27, 2020
False advertisement and faked reviews

As a user on the site, before the tinder clone called Meet was introduced, the site managed to get good traffic and sales were active. Comes the launch of Meet, and the show site is FLOODED with newcomers who were falsely told that this was a dating site when it’s really a pay to play site. Let me make it clear for you...THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. No dating site would EVER allow 13+ users to remotely interact AT ALL, except now E-Pal has this questionable aura of the devs really doing the opposite of its users and turning on them, when we bring these things up, we get silenced and even banned. Do not download this UNTIL you see a REAL REVIEW about it fixed.

oniichan_, Nov 15, 2020
Great for getting orders and promoting your stream!

Listen. It’s not a dating app. It’s for either paying people to play, or getting paid to play. A lot of people expect you to play for free, or request nsfw content. If you stick to it, promote yourself, and put effort into it, you can make good money. The people saying go to another dating site need to actually look into what the app and website is for. If paying to play isn’t your thing, that’s fine! Go through the meet feature to get matched with people or just find people to play with on Reddit or through your game. E-pal recently launched a system for creators to get more traffic to their stream, which has significantly helped my numbers and increased my orders!The only thing that I think needs work is limiting the trolls, as many people get unwanted messages and people abusing the matching system. If you have free time and want some extra cash, this is about as easy as it gets. I would recommend using the website as well as it’s easier to pay out and respond to matching faster.

Quinnarino, Aug 15, 2021
Meet gamers worldwide

English is not my native language but I’d love to learn English and speak English. With the “meet” feature in the EPal app, I can find many like-minded English-speaking gamers all around the world. I believe gaming, similar to music and arts, can be understood and enjoyed by everyone all over the world and there are simply no limits or borders. I love making friends with other gamers so this app is perfectly designed for me!! The EPal community is also really nice and kind. The voice-chat room feature not only helps me improve my English speaking skills but gives me a chance to talk to other like-minded gamers. Even though is app is not flawless, but I would give it a five star because I believe it’s potential and I hope all gamers around the world can try to use it. Wish we get connect on EPal. Thank you for reading my comments. <3

Reo Ree, Nov 25, 2020


E-Pal is a social hub for gamers around the world to team up, make friends, and have fun. Play Games ePals are freelancers who provide gaming or social interaction;ePals can play over 100 games with you and they can also accompany you to sing, watch movies, chat… Team Up Communicate in real-time with your teammates in voice chat rooms while playing as a team, it's totally free! This is an excellent way to kill loneliness!

Make Friends Meet interesting players from all over the world and stay in touch anytime through instant messaging (IM). In IM, you can send game invites, make voice calls, and send cool gifts. Have Fun Hangout with your friends in video group chat,have a live party together. We have also made a whole new batch of virtual gifts! Come and collect them now! We share vibes It's a welcoming community where you can share your selfies, memes, gaming sets, new holiday makeup, or your kitten/puppy etc. Don't be shy, come and share! We plant kittens Our most popular virtual pet, upgrade it to unlock more magnificent scenes and sub-zero outfits! You can also steal EV from your friends to level up or feed their eMeow to grow together! _____________________ About us: E-Pal is built by gamers, for gamers. We respect gamers for their passion and tenacity for the things they hold dear. Sadly, as we grow old and drift into the world of adulthood, gaming with friends becomes a luxury many people cannot experience. The social anxiety and pressure from the real world certainly aren’t helping either. At E-Pal, we want to build a bridge, a bridge that connects gamers from all over the world. Thanks to the unwavering support of gamers worldwide, "ePal" has transformed into an extraordinary vocation and an exhilarating social realm. Our community boasts a staggering 200,000 registered ePals, each of whom has cultivated vibrant bonds with over 3,000,000 gamers across the globe, seamlessly blending their gaming expertise and leisurely pursuits. While our roots lie in the gaming universe, ePals transcends the boundaries of mere gaming. We foster engaging chat sessions, captivating movie nights, and an array of lifestyle activities. Prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey that surpasses the confines of gaming itself. At the core of E-Pal lies a vibrant community culture fortified by unwavering mutual support. Challenges have consistently arisen throughout our journey, but the unwavering support of gamers keeps us going strong. Just as gamers face difficulties in their own growth, they persevere for many reasons, and support from fellow gamers is undoubtedly one of them. In the future, together with all gamers, we aim to make E-Pal one of the largest gamer communities in the world. _____________________ [E-Pal Membership Program and ePal subscription system] The subscription fees will be automatically deducted through the App Store subscription service. The App Store will renew the subscription 24 hours before the expiration date. You can unsubscribe at any time by going to your Account Settings in the App Store. By subscribing, you agree to our platform’s Term of Service, Privacy Policy and other agreements displayed. No partial refunds. You can subscribe to your favorite ePals as if you were subscribing to a streamer on a live streaming platform. The service is paid for using the platform's virtual currency, Buff, and you can choose whether to renew your subscription before it expires or change the auto-renewal status at any time during your subscription. no partial refunds. Term of Service: https://policies.epal.gg/epal.html Privacy Policy: https://policies.epal.gg/privacy-policy.html Download now for free, and embark on your best journey on EPAL.GG! _____________________ Follow us on social media! Website: https://www.epal.gg/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/epalgg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialEpal Twitter: https://twitter.com/epalgg Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epal.gg/

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