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Fam - make new friends live

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User Reviews for Fam - make new friends live

Not a good app!!

So I was using it, and I got these random people following me and I don’t even know them. This is pairs you with people who you don’t even know. If you press one wrong button your in a live with someone. I for one do not recommend this app to anyone that is young. They need to have an age verification. Cause when you download the app all you have to do is press OK and it will download. That is very dumb and should be fixed. TINY children download this because they want friends, well, this app is VERY dangerous for little kids and it’s dangerous for teens to. I do not like this app because people anymore are horrible. So if you have this app DELETE IT!!! It’s a very unsafe app for everyone. If you want to make more friends then try socializing as well. This app is horrible!!!

blondie1539, Dec 31, 2021

I’m 28 years old. I tried this out cause I was bored and in quarantine. It repeatedly matched me with 18 year old girls. That is so creepy! I accepted one call with someone that said they were 26, and it was a little kid! I immediately deleted my account. This seems like it could easily become a breeding ground for sex trafficking and child predators. To the app creators: Sex trafficking is one of the biggest crimes going on in the world today. The concept of this app isn’t bad, but you’re opening a door for some horrible things. What world do you live in?? Are you unaware that children are taken advantage of on a daily basis? And it starts with the internet and apps like this!! Kids download it, not knowing the risks, and get manipulated. Like I said the concept is not very original, and not a bad concept at first glance; but you need ID/age verification because there are little kids on here lying about their age!!! So creepy guys!!

Guitar915, Mar 12, 2021
The app is kicking me out

It’s ok and all I like it and have made new friends but the app just kicks me out every time I try to change my pictures on my profile. I don’t know what to do and I have tried changing my photos in a million different ways. Also I would like it if I didn’t show my personal phone number because I use it for everything and I just don’t trust people if that get reviled to them without my permission. That’s all the rest of the app is awesome, like I said I have made a lot of new friends. That’s all thank you for your time reading my review.

horsegirl1578, Sep 25, 2022
I honestly hate this app

I don’t get on this app at all but my phone always blows up about Fam and this app pairs me up with people over five years older than me and they even text me. That’s not the problem though because I never texted back, I get on this app once a week and every time i do it says you account he been reported for inappropriate behavior, mind you I never get on this app and now all of a sudden I keep getting reported. I ended up staying off the app for a while. When k get on the app I just see who followed me or who texted me and that’s it. I got on today and it says your account has been disabled for inappropriate behavior and I wasn’t even on the app. So I hate this app because I get reported constantly and now I’m disabled from this app. You guys gotta do better with these apps🤦🏾‍♀️

Jala-imij, Aug 11, 2020
Needs improvement or changes

The icons on the screen covers the persons face and it can’t be taken away soo it just stays there and I would change it so that if you want them to come up just tap on the screen and they’ll just pop up anyways please try Changing that and also I would like for there to be a turn camera around option. Another problem that’s been happening is that sometimes it just puts a black screen and it says that people are joining but it doesn’t show then it’s just black and no sound. Oh and sometimes it lags and it doesn’t allow me go to the next person as much as a click to go off the current person I’m chatting with it doesn’t work at all.

jaymasterwolf, Jul 15, 2020
It’s great however…

Wish you could start a call and have an age limit to who can join that call keeps a child in a child’s place. As an young adult, i was bullied and called very derogatory names, when i tried to report nothing happen but a glitch that boots me off the app. I’ve deleted the app because i know my worthy and don’t have time for children. The only other thing is when they have multiple people added to the video chat it lags bad id say work on that other then that everything is great

JFlyntstone, Jan 07, 2022
Decent App

I think the app is decent. The whole concept behind it is pretty smart; however, the little things are the reason its just decent. One thing is the problem with joining the call, it is on no matter what if u have the app open. For instance i could be in a private chat with someone and then someone else will join my facetime when i didnt want them there and can see me the whole time im texting. Consequently, if i dont want my face seen i have to point the camera away or have it covered in anticipation of someone joining. Secondly, the texting part of the app is not awful; however, when typing a message the send arrow gets in the way of what im typing so for me to see that i spelled a word right i have to type more letters to see if there’s an error, and then i have to back track what i typed to fix it. Lastly, i think it‘s a little inconvenient when trying to leave a chat room or profile page and the only way out is by hitting the button on the top corner. The main reason i say that is because every time i try to hit the button, the slightest miss of the button takes me to the profile page when on the chat room bit then i hit the back arrow out of the profile back to the chat room and miss again. Overall, it would be better if you could swipe back rather than having to hit the button in the top corner. In general the app isn't awful. Its understandable to have these mistakes because its new but overtime i hope they get fixed.

KC90112, Jul 29, 2020
Don’t waste your time

I originally downloaded this app for its purpose to ‘make friends’. A lot of people on this app are just straight up weird and only want NUDES. It puts you in random video calls that you can’t turn off or have the option to not want to video call. It’s pretty buggy and annoying for people who feel uncomfortable that don’t want to show themselves on video. At least give the option to not want to video call instead of automatically putting people in random calls. My experience on this app has been nothing but negative. There are children on this app who pretend to be older as well and it’s just overall not a friendly environment to make ‘friends’ on. It’s basically like Tinder and FaceTime having a baby. If you want an app to find people to get nudes off of, then this is the app for you. Lots of horny people on there! Another issue I had with this app is you can’t really edit your profile much. I’ve had a lot of issues trying to fix my profile forcing me to remake my account a few times. It’s overall buggy and full of horny people who don’t care to be your friend. I could be wrong, I’m sure some people have made friends on this app, but from a lot of people I’ve talked to they had the same issue with receiving nudes or getting begged. If you do end up getting this app I hope it works out for you, it isn’t for everyone.

penguinebola, Jan 25, 2022
Fam Madison

This app helps you get more people on your map and also helps you get more friends to you will grange twice as many as you have tight know quick go to the App Store and download fam trust me you will like it I love it just go downloaded it please and if you do not like it witch I don’t see why you would not like it but if you don’t like it you and delete it so please just trust me and go download this app go to the App Store type in Fam then put in the password and BOOM you will make lots of more friends and your snap will blow up

pigeman, Dec 03, 2021
You have to pay for premium!!

So I tried this app out and compared to the other social networking apps out there this is by far the worst I've ever used. Firstly you have to pay for premium, a solid 13 dollars a WEEK because they know kids forget to cancel their subscription. Even if you spend your "fire", the in app currency for pairing with people, and another person does the same, you are not able to chat with them, it requires you to buy premium. I have not been able to have a single conversation as you have to have premium to chat with anyone. The app also has something of an omegle video room going on, but no one uses it and you can't pair with anyone making it a huge waste. Lastly, my biggest concern is that when signing up for an account, it states you have to be 13 or older, yet when making an account it asks you for your relationship status as well as what your "looking for". Among these you can choose from what I remember; friends, relationship, and "something special". They are blatantly letting 13 year olds use this app for hooking up with people which I find immoral of course. This app barely works and is clearly just a quick app to get the creator some money, disgusting.

Pop tarts are good, Jan 22, 2023


Fam is a live video calling Social Network to connect with friends and new friends in a way that mimics socializing IRL. Dial your friends to see who picks up and drops into your group video chat. You can also receive a call every day with groups of people who are similar to you. 1) Add your real life friends. 2) Dial up to 100+ people at once and see who jumps in. 3) Meet new friends through friends on video calls.

The fastest and most reliable way to hangout that doesn’t drain your battery. Always have relevant people to talk to so you’re never bored again. Privacy Policy and Terms: https://www.famapp.com/privacy-policy

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