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User Reviews for Gloomlogue

Very Nicely Done App!!

I’m a photographer who uses a host of apps to accomplish my artistic vision and this one is among my “must have” iPhone apps. I’m impressed with the robustness and flexibility to edit images in a variety of ways that are usually only found in far more expensive editing programs. I compare it Snapseed, as that’s also one of my top apps, but the user interface is easier on Gloomalogue. It’s just a really nice app to have in any serious photo enthusiast’s bag for creative control at your fingertips without having to pay through the nose and take a multitude of classes to learn how to use it. As with most apps, it has its limitations so don’t expect Adobe Lightroom catalogue capabilities. There is a lot of bang for the buck here, though, so use it wisely and you’ll be very happy with the results!!

Focused8, Feb 21, 2018
Picture taking addict

Great app. User friendly and can make any picture cool and impressive. Endless ways to tweak color temps and saturations to give your photo any cool look want.This app is a must have for anyone with a twisted dark side to their art. The possibilities are limitless. The mirror effect is simply put.... genius. You move very slowly bringing each and every mirror effect on, so you catch every subtle change that transformed your original pic into a work of art so cool even you can’t believe how talented you are. Here’s the truth. Its the app!! And after the beautifully cool as hell imagery youve been unfolding for the past 5 hours. You will soon convince that your such an amazing artist with such a dark original sensibility that you will convince yourself that you need an art installation at your local art gallery. YES ITS THAT GOOD!!!! -heather

Harlow's Habit, Oct 17, 2020
Thank you for bringing back the tree app icon!

The updates might be fine, but why did you change the app icon/logo? The old one (with the tree) was so unique and pretty! This new black and red one is hard to see on the screen, doesn't stand out on the page, and is frankly "ugly". It has NO style...sorry but true! I appreciate the updates, however I would hope you might consider going back to the old app icon!Please please please change the app icon to something attractive...I can't stand the black square with the red dots!!!Thank you for listening to the users regarding the tree app icon-it's back and so much prettier!

lcilc, May 03, 2017
WOW! Can't even use this without a review!

Ok I get the app creator is a college student, but let me give some advice as a photographer and someone who GREATLY VALUES OTHERS REVIEWS. PLEASE LET OTHERS ACTUALLY USE YOUR APP IF YOU WANT AN HONEST REVIEW! I will not NOT GIVE YOU an honest review if I can't use your app, and I don't appreciate trying to edit my pictures and every 10-30 seconds a message pops up telling me a college student is a creator and to please rate the if I like it. Yes I would be happy to, WHEN I USE IT! But not when I haven't even used it! This makes me want to delete it! This angers me more than anything when app creators constantly pester people before they even use an app. Apple needs to crack down on this. It's getting out of control! Also your app would be more "user friendly" if you could use it in landscape mode. This is enough to make me want to delete it. But because I like the features I thought I might overlook that. But now, I'm thinking twice since I can't seem to DO ANYTHING WITHOUT BEING PESTERED FOR A REVIEW. IF I get asked for an update before I find out how I like this app, it will be deleted. Please be aware everyone, you will be constantly bugged until you give a review!

LollaBells, Sep 12, 2017
Perfect for dark venues

Confession--at first, I wasn't impressed. I thought that it was gimmicky and silly, so I deleted it. Six months later, and I've taken about 200 shots is a doom metal band in one of the darkest venues I've ever seen. I never use flash--too noisy, harsh, ruins shadows and colors--but the band itself was practically indistinguishable; just faded into the darkness. After trying about a dozen other of my 100+ apps, I decided to reinstall Gloomlogue and the results were amazing--that small amount of gleam brought out the band without compromising the moodiness of their surroundings. But I don't just use it for darker venues. The trick is that a little bit goes a long way; except for truly dark situations, I dial back the amount of gloom to about 20%. This is a very versatile app, so it takes a little practice, but I highly recommend this app!!

Msduvall, Jun 24, 2017
What else could you want?

I've just started using this photo app, but so far it's pretty all-encompassing with A LOT of effects, frames, borders, filters, etc... I'm sort of an app junkie, esp photo apps, & this is def one of the best I've used to date! The filters are stunning, *and* their effects are adjustable on a scale with the photos changing in realtime as you slide up & down the scale. I've probably got about 30 photo editing apps on my phone right now but have tried over 100. This one is simple enough for a beginner- looking much more complex than it is- & has enough options for an experienced user to still produce exquisitely edited photos.

Needs a 12 step mtg, Oct 10, 2017
Give me a chance!

I just downloaded this app. I have been playing around with it for less than four minutes and I would guess I've gotten at least six pop-up prompts asking me to write a review. Honestly, you need to give a person a chance to decide if they like the app before you start bugging them. I'm posting this review much earlier than I normally would just so I can try the app without being interrupted. And the fact that I'm getting interrupted is affecting my review.

pjcor, Jul 27, 2017
This app is fantastic for painting-like photo effects

I’ve been using this app for some time and enjoy it so much. It’s so easy to take a photo and create a vintage or painting like affect. There’s so many different choices and it couldn’t be easier to use. A lot of thought and effort went into making this app one of my favorite photo edits.

Tex92, Oct 13, 2020
Not very useful

8 July 2019I did not find this photo editor very useful. Having to select filters before doing anything else in a photo is not convenient and just did not click with a normal workflow. The filters tend to degrade the photo too much and there tends to be a lot of unwanted artifacts when applying a filter. This issue is exacerbated by further post-filter application especially when trying to sharpen an image.There are much better photo editor apps availavle and I would personally recommend looking at those before possibly settling on this one.

Universe Observer, Jul 08, 2019

I just open this app for the first time three minutes ago and have already had 3 requests by the developer for a review. One of the interruptions/requests even stated - College student made this App...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE rate App now... is the begging request of the developer!So you want the Review ASAP. Need a Review ASAP. Well you got it, here you go.!.!.! - if I could give less than 1 star I would.- focus is on how many installations app receives, not user experience. - seems to only have 3 filters. Maybe there are more features in app but it won't allow me to use them because I have to respond to review and comment requests every 30 seconds. ** If your that desperate for positive feedback then maybe you should give users a chance to use the app first. I WOULD NOT recommend to anyone unless they like photo editing APPS that interrupt your creative flow. Hopefully I will be able to get several hundred people to download this app and promptly give a 1 star rating ASAP so you all can meet your goals

va mike, Jul 27, 2017


Transform your photos into stunning, illustrated gloom paints. Be CREATIVE, BOLD & UNIQUE and create your own style with hundreds of effects & tools: UNIQUE FILTERS • 50 authentic, film-inspired filters • Auto adjust filter for instant fixes that uniquely adapts to colors and fine tune brightness, saturation, contrast, and more RGB CURVES • RGB, red, green, blue curves • Essential for photographers and assistant for artists BOKEH, COLOR, BORDER, DRAW • 34 beautiful bokeh shapes and light effects • Experiment with different color palettes: monochrome, white-point, and false color • Add and customise text and borders • Draw on images MIRRORS, DISTORT, HALFTONE • 52 modern, edgy mirror effects • Amazing distort options, including: bump, light tunnel, pinch, twirl, glass and many more • 23 halftone filters for amazing painterly effects SKEW, CROP, ROTATE • Correct horizontal and vertical perspective distortion • Straighten crooked photos • 11 crop presets, expand, rotate and flip filters PROFESSIONAL ADJUSTMENT CONTROLS 16 Precise & selective controls: • brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, sharpness, vibrance, vignette, shadows, highlights, temperature, tint, hue, gamma, sepia, blur, glow and angle • adjust controls simultaneously PHOTO EXTENSION Add Gloomlogue filters from within the Photos apps IMAGE ANALYSER • Generate the histogram of the image • Calculate average, maximum, minimum, maximum alpha and minimum alpha colours of the image INNOVATIVE INTERFACE • Simple, minimal design • List of edits to jump between stacks • Touch and hold to preview original image from everywhere Be sure to tag your photos with #gloomlogue Have ideas for new features or improvements? We'd love to hear from you: thomastsopanakis.com/gloomlogue