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Time + Date Calculator

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Time + Date Calculator

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User Reviews for Time + Date Calculator

amazing app! saved the day ☀️ 😂

Love this app 😄 This is the kind of app that you want to keep around because when you need what it can do, it’s usually pretty important!!! 😅 The most amazing thing I did with it was to convert the Apollo 11 times to my own times. I had tried everywhere to get a timeline for the great Apollo 11 mission converted into my time zone. But all the websites had it in Universal (GMT) time. This app saved the day. With it, I was able to convert those Universal (GMT) times into my own time zone 😂 😍 That way, I can imagine what time it was in my country when they landed on another world and took their first historic steps there! What a wonderful thing. Makes me feel like I can step back in time and be part of those moments.There are, of course, many other uses for this app ☺️

Blue Pine, Jul 18, 2021
Time saver

I don’t know how many times in project management that I am asked to determine how long an event will be or expected timeline. This tool provides me with a quick response. I have adapted it for my personal life as well. Utilizing it for dr appt scheduling. Dr will tell you come see me in three months or take this med for 22 days. This tool assists finding that date quickly and efficiently. Luv it

Busy everyday mom, Jun 08, 2018
Pretty good

I haven’t used it much, but the app is pretty good. I use it to add up my time for my summer internship to ensure my math is correct. My issue is adding time. I input only hours and minutes, but the output automatically switches to days, hours, and minutes. Yes, I could add up the 24 hours in each day to the hours listed, but that’s another step with another app or website to check my math. If you could ensure the form of input matches the form of output, I’d like and use this a lot more.

CLO62624, Aug 05, 2018
Nagging Developer

I don’t write many reviews, but when a developer nags me for a review it removes 1 star. This app is pretty good in a lot of ways, and half-baked in other ways. I don’t have time to list all the improvements needed, I’ll just say it could be a whole lot better. Cut the “Please, please, please” crap and get to work on making your app better, okay? You’ve got potential, for sure, and this is a fine start. Keep up the good work and stop nagging. Busy people actually are annoyed by that.

Here-and-Now, Nov 20, 2018
Time zone input

Very useful app for all kinds of date and time calculator needs and applications. A helpful shortcut to make the app better would be a way to copy the text of the conversion to speed up the useful productivity application (directly, instead of pressing the share button). As a result, more people will likely use and recommend the app. Thanks again to the developer who has otherwise done a great job overall. Another minor feature would be to add the ability to change the color from orange to another color and or theme like dark/night mode. A final suggestion is to update the input interface for he time zone locations (searching is difficult bcuz of format and scrolling takes long time).

jordyborg, Aug 12, 2018
Need Quicker Input

I work in Logistics and using that scroll bar to put in dates and times is time consuming and accuracy is key in my line. I wish there was one to calculate driving miles to hours and then being able to add required “break” times to every 10 hours 650 miles driven and having input the date and start time, it calculate the delivery date and time based off of miles and break hours. Sorry, been trying to figure out a system for that for months. May have to create one 😉

LaynieLogistics, Jan 07, 2022

After you turn off the lights and cleared your notifications don’t you just wonder how many hours of sleep will I be getting and how will it affect my productivity the next day, well this app doesn’t tell you that but it does tell you to the precise minute how much sleep you’ll be giving your body and your mind. for that I’m grateful, this app makes my life a little easier.

Pollo_Campero, Sep 13, 2018
Very Handy!

The app is very handy to have. It does duplicate some of things the clock on my phone does already. BUT the other things it does above and beyond those function are great. The adding and subtracting times and multiplying and dividing times are helpful and convenient. The other functions have been very useful.l appreciate this app.

rmelson, Jun 03, 2018
Lots of potential, but...

...The failure is in the execution. Many times the chosen date or time isn't 'selected' when pressing the 'confirm' check button. Other times it's not immediately apparent how to confirm a request to perform a calculation.The app could be so much more than what it is, but right now it feels like a beta version with a very utilitarian feel.My advice to the developer: Revisit the UI and observe how totally new users of all ages interact with your app. Provide better visual clues as to how to present this so it's very simple to use.

THE Tiggr, Jun 05, 2018
Pretty good for my needs

As an industrial hygienist, I need to make calculations using minutes. So being able to convert time from even one day to the next to minutes quickly is very helpful. This app does that by extension, but I’d really like to be able to see the minutes in the time difference section and not just the day, hours, and minutes. If you can do that, I will use this app almost everyday. Thanks for your work! The app looks great. Simple and sleek design.

TheManStan102030, Jun 03, 2018


Time + Date Calculator is the perfect tool to work with time. It is by far the best and most accurate date and time calculator available for iOS! • TIME DIFFERENCE The Time Difference Calculator works out the difference between two periods of time. How long have you been at work today? - So type in: "17:30 - 7:45 =" and you get: 09:45 (9 hours and 45 minutes). • WORK DAYS Calculate work days between two calendar days.

Exclude weekends and find out how many week days are left. • ADD/SUBTRACT TIME You can add or subtract time expressions defined in years, months, days, hours, minutes AND seconds • MULTIPLY/DIVIDE TIME You can multiply/divide time expressions defined in years, months, days, hours, minutes AND seconds • TIME CONVERTER Use this time converter to convert instantly between seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. • DATE RANGER What date is 10 days from now, or 5 weeks from now? With Date Ranger you can quickly determine the new date given a start date, and a date range in days, weeks, months, or years to add or subtract. • TIME ZONES Provides time zone conversions taking into account local time zone and accepts present, past or future dates. • AGE CALCULATOR Age Calculator simply shows your age (years old, months and days). • TIME TRAVEL Time Travel calculates the time left on your trip given total distance remaining and current average speed.

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