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Percentages Calculator

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Percentages Calculator

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User Reviews for Percentages Calculator

Perfect App. Sure makes my life better every day. Thank You!!

Easy to use. Saved me many hours over the last year. Makes my job much easier. Thanks for creating it.

Apodamuss, Apr 14, 2022
Good app, but UI could be improved.

Useful app but the day national interface isn’t great. For example, each entry box starts off pre-populated with a number...so you have to erase that number to input the one you want. And when you’ve inputted all your numbers, instead if auto calculating the answer you have to tap on the screen somewhere to make it calculate. The whole thing could easily be made to save the user steps.

Don Aldino, Jan 16, 2018
Like it a lot, but...

4 stars right now. Simple and very useful! The only thing I have a problem with is that it should fit all on one screen so there's no scrolling. Or at least put that in as an option setting. If it were one screen 5 stars from me!

DuckOfPrey, Apr 28, 2017
A nicely done app

I had a percentage app that got got knocked out due to iOS upgrades. I needed a new one, because I use it frequently. I downloaded this and a similar one to see which I liked and used more. This app has a very nice user interface, which is really the key to app usefulness. You likely will not be disappointed.

FacePepler, Oct 23, 2017
Exactly as advertised

I needed a quick way to compare the discounts someone offers compared to myself. Yes, I could have done that with another calculator, but AppAdvice recommended this app so I tried it. It is exactly as advertised. If you need to calculate other things besides percentages this app isn't for you, but you'd be surprised just how handy it is. 😃👏🏻

Happiness is a must, Apr 30, 2017
Excellent UI, Intuitive, Stable, USEFUL!

Thomas Tsopanakis hits ANOTHER home run with Percentages. First, Sticky Notes HD becomes an app I use multiple times every-single-day. It is by far, the easiest, quickest way to record valuable information that I can leave on the app or move later and expand upon the note. Now, Percentages has become another Tsopanakis app that I use constantly and will forever live on my iPhone. Percentages is sublime, perfectly packaged, and is a tool for my iPhone toolbox. There isn’t an over-promise of an app that will change my life and make me the envy of my peers. Percentages is designed to do a simple task—help me with quick information that lets me move on with my life. Thank you Mr. Tsopanakis for another app that works so well that I consider it an actual part of my iPhone.

MatthewAV, Nov 07, 2017
Easy to use

The app is intuitive and easy to use. A number of percentage options. The interface could use a modern update. I wish the text wasn’t so small, it’s a little hard to see.

Nap H, Dec 01, 2020
Years of frustration are now over

So simple and easy to use. I'm now the local hero in the office. A+ for this great app.My go to app for quickly finding percentage change. The new interface is so much easier. Thanks!

sammytex, Aug 14, 2017
Quickly Find Percentages

Quick and easy way to find various percentages. Very easy to use. I like that there are no annoying ads. When you open the app, you can get right down to business.

Skylark 8, Mar 12, 2022
This app has been a savior!

I’m math-challenged, and this app has proven to be worth its weight in gold! Working with budgets as part of my job, this tool has made it fast and easy to come up with the right answer quickly. This is an app I use regularly. ♥️♥️♥️

Smlute, Oct 23, 2017


Percentages Calculator is the most powerful percentages calculator designed with simplicity and functionality. Do you struggle making simple percentage calculations in your head? Struggle no more!

With this Percentages Calculator you can now perform useful calculations in a couple of seconds. Percentage Calculator contains NINE functions: 1) INCREASE A VALUE BY A PERCENT e.g. Increase 850 by 20% 2) DECREASE A VALUE BY A PERCENT e.g. Decrease 1020 by 60% 3)CALCULATE THE PERCENTAGE OF A NUMBER e.g. How much is 56.98 to 123? 4) CALCULATE PERCENT CHANGE e.g. If a value originally was 314 and now is 225 by what percent has the value changed? 5)CALCULATE PERCENT OF A PART VALUE e.g. 70 is what percentage of 168? 6) FIND THE ORIGINAL VALUE BEFORE A PERCENT INCREASE e.g. If a value is 130 after a 50% increase ,what is the original value before the increase? 7) FIND THE ORIGINAL VALUE BEFORE A PERCENT DECREASE e.g. If a value is 116 after a 22% decrease ,what is the original value before the decrease? 8) x IS y% OF e.g. 77 is 80% of what? 9) FRACTION TO PERCENT e.g. The fraction: 76.89 / 91.89 is the same as what percent? COPY TO CLIPBOARD Copy the computational result to clipboard immediately and use it in seconds - Tested by professionals all over the world and is working to the 100%. - No flaws and no additional in-app purchases - Designed with simplicity and functionality - Universal App

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