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Ben Guerrette
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User Reviews for Deco Sketch

Love the app.

One issue. Whatever yu you all did the I CV obs to choose between brushes etc are now as small as a pin head. Maybe for iPad they are bigger but on a 7splus they are way too small in my opinion.

Coke Zer0, Sep 09, 2017

One is always a little hesitant in purchasing items over 1.99 without a trial, especially since I thought I already had a similar app, but this is soooo worth it. I just tried two of the brushes and I'm am hooked!You won't regret your purchase!

DragonSlayer!, Jan 14, 2019
Love this!!!

Just got this app and already in love with everything it can do! Definitely need more creative apps like this on the App Store! One-time purchase, no BS, just straight access to amazing effects! Great job, keep up the fantastic work!

Jana Walters, Jun 25, 2018
Absolutely fantastic app!

I’ve had this app since it first came out. It was very good. But now that it’s been updated it’s absolutely beyond fabulous. It has brushes in various geometric shapes. You can use them as is or you can open the brush engine and set up the brushes as you wish. Spacing, opacity, on and on. Amazing and quite sophisticated. The app was made by one of the people from Pixite. They make only quality apps and that quality shows here, as well as the brilliant creativity. Bravo! Well worth the money! Hours of creative fun here!

kerrycmitchell4909, Sep 24, 2017
Great app but badly needs to be updated

I love using this app. It was my go-to after Tangent and now Fragment were essentially abandoned by their developers. Given how long this app has gone without an update I can’t help but think that this app will eventually suffer the same fate. As great as the app is, the ability to save a current project and start a new one would be amazing, as well as getting rid of the undo the limit. Not holding out hope for these changes though. What a shame.

nonya1985, Jan 13, 2022
Paint with geometric forms

So happy to see an update! And promise of more to come! I feared Deco Sketch would be phased out by the next iOS upgrade. Although some of the brushes can be found in similar form in other apps, many are unique to DS, and none bring to the table anything like its geometric variety and versatility. Paint from scratch or add effects to an existing image. Brilliant!My only quibble is I'm puzzled by why "redo" sits above "undo," in reverse of the standard alignment. For awhile I thought "undo" didn't work.

P.mousse Esq., Sep 09, 2017
Really? Is it that hard?

Is it that hard to make an app design that makes logical sense. That doesn’t leave the user scratching his head and then ultimately force quitting the app so that they can start over again. Now it’s the third try though and it’s fickle world so this user abandons the app and heads over to the complaint booth to hopefully persuade the author of this app to invest some excessive time in user testing. And not with his wife and 12 year old son and then calling it a successful day. Rather finding grandma and grandpa or at least a dozen random people at a local tech meetup to see if they get stuck. Making a highly usable app takes work but the research will guide you at every step.

Pete the Volcano, Jun 13, 2018
Artists tool - please keep improving this app.

Great app. I really want a way to paint the background quickly a solid color, a gradient, or multiple colors. Think free form line and then paint bucket like photoshop!A randomize feature would be beyond cool. Inspiration sometimes comes from doodling or seeing something already started etc. This feature for me would be totally worth the $6 we paid. Fractal incorporation would be AMAZING too. Download and play with the flamelet app. Lastly, we need a save option to save current project. Only way now is to export the image...I sometimes work on art projects for days. Please help us save a template/project or something etc.

The Brice Is Right, Dec 31, 2018

Stoked to see some new updates. Looking forward to seeing more.

VictorBee, Sep 09, 2017
My search ended here

I had a serious craving for a doodling painting app with dynamic, gesture-sensitive geometric brushes that themselves were craving to take on a life of their own, with layering depth, with flowing or fully obedient color, with modulated opacity and thickness, with beautiful thin connecting lines, with chaos as orderly as my mood, or with order as random as I like, and with high enough resolution to create detail that invites exploration and deep zooming by the viewer.My deep search through the App Store ended here.

WinterAdventurer, Jun 15, 2018


Paint unique effects onto your photos using 130 geometric styled brushes each completely customizable with 15 adjustable settings. Deco Sketch takes a new approach to painting and photo effects unlike anything in the App Store. A totally unique experience beyond image and picture filters.

Featuring a diverse collection of unconventional brushes and presets in an easy to use editor. Deco Sketch allows the creation of elaborate geometric styles to produce beautifully original artwork either on your photos or from a blank canvas. A vast selection of unique shape emitting brushes that includes customizable settings allowing creative manipulation of the flow, opacity, size, and angle of your brush strokes. Use one of the 130 presets or customize brush settings to suit your own tastes. FEATURES: - Enhance your photos with amazing geometric effects and patterns - Sketch with 10 different brush types in 130 different variations - Customize your brush strokes with 15 configurable settings - 10 blending modes - Instantly apply color extracted from your photo to the geometry being drawn - Sketch on a blank canvas to produce your own creation - Output up to 3000 x 4000 for high-resolution printing capabilities - Zoom, pan, undo and redo capabilities for precise creation —— Screenshots feature photos from Unsplash by Sam Ferrara, Brooke Cagle, Sam Burriss, Simon Wijers and Aaron Burden

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