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User Reviews for Lists To do

Wonderful Productivity App!

The app is really easy to navigate through, simple, and allows you to take multiple lists. All the other to do list apps are difficult to simply make a task and most charge you to make multiple lists. I love this app! There are a few improvements that could be made. For every task I make that I need to set a date on I have to tediously add the task then go back and edit it to add a date, also the same with adding notes. I think it would be better to fill out the task, notes, and the date at one time rather than adding a task then editing it. Another small thing that I think you could fix is the order of the tasks in my list. I like how you give us many options on how to order my list but I think one order could be add, by date of the task. Sometimes I don’t make my tasks in order of the week, so my tasks will get mixed up in a random order. I understand that is what upcoming items are for but I want to have a specific order within my lists. Other than that, this is really a wonderful app! Thank you.

AnnCho._., Nov 26, 2022
My Favorite List App

This app is my actual holy grail. I have ADHD which makes doing boring everyday things almost impossible. But a good way to get over that is to have a list of what needs to be done and when. So I’ve been looking for an app but every single time I think I find a good one, it’s features are SUPER limited unless you wanna pay a monthly fee. BUT, this app has absolutely ZERO in app purchases. It’s all completely free. You get to make as many lists as you want and have as many items on each list as you want. I have a list for things I have to do in the morning, things I have to do before bed, and one for my school work. A super cool feature is that it have the little red notification on app for undone tasks, but you can choose which lists do it. I have it set to only my school work list so every time I go on my phone I see the red dot and am reminded that I have work to do.TLDR; It is totally worth a download, best list app I have ever downloaded.

Bella@Epic, Sep 08, 2020
Simplistic & Efficient — Just What I Needed!

Ok, so I have tried using a lot of planner apps, but none have really worked for me in the long run. They would fit my needs well in the beginning, but one thing or another made me just delete it. This app is simplistic and VERY efficient for my needs. Usually planner apps have a lot of features, like due date and reminders, which makes adding another thing onto your list a hassle. This app allows you to add things, add and create another, or cancel. This allows me to not have to press the plus sign every time I want to add tasks onto one my lists consecutively. Being able to quickly add homework assignments onto my to do list is a dealbreaker since I barely have two minutes to do so. I absolutely adore how you can organize your tasks by putting them into lists! It makes life so much easier. You can also pin tasks, which moves them to the top of your list. This allows me to know what task/assignment is the most important. I hope in a future update, there would be an option to plan out your schedule for the day & an option to add a reminder time (it would be an optional thing).

Books Are Great Entertainment!, Apr 03, 2019
It’s How My Brain Works

Every person is different and needs different tools. It took a lot of trial and error and a lot of apps, but I finally found the right fit for my particular brand of ADD. This app is how my brain works. I can make a functional checklist that includes space for notes (my shorthand is often indecipherable to even myself), gives me the option to set a reminder for time sensitive things, and provides me with the options to tailor each list to my needs. This list needs to be organized manually because I want to do it in a specific order. This list needs to be alphabetical because it contains poems I want to reference later. I love how it lets me check and uncheck things super easily because sometimes I forgot to actually do the thing and sometimes I want to re-use the list again and again (finally an app that helps me make the perfect suitcase packing checklist). I’m honestly almost in tears because I have been desperately looking for help for a long time. I’m also a snob about user experience design and this app is perfectly intuitive and user-friendly with a clean and pleasing design. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating this app!!!!!

Burnt Out Babe, Jul 03, 2022
Nice app but lacks a basic feature

I’ve been using this app for about a week now. I’ll start by saying I like how easy it is to use, and how it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. It’s a to-do app, plain and simple. Having switched over from using Wunderlist for the past three years I know there are some quirks I’ll have to get used to. However, the app seems to be lacking in one big area. While it has the ability to set a reminder for each task, I don’t necessarily want to be reminded of my tasks, I just want to be able to go into the app and quickly scan a list of my tasks by date and sort by date. Sure, you could use the remind function to set dates, except you have to click into each task to see the reminder you’ve set—which removes the ability to scan quickly down a list. This is a HUGE necessity for me in a to-do list and it’s really too bad the app doesn’t let you do this. Aside from all that, I can’t even get the reminders to actually work—I haven’t gotten any sort of notification on my phone for any of them, so that’s confusing. This app would be everything I need if they could improve in that one area.

JOwastaken, Mar 22, 2020
Great Job!

So I downloaded this game because I can never seem to keep my schedules on track. So I put my daily routines and plans for the day and it helps me so much. I never thought that one simple game would help me so much in life. It helps remind me with things that I need to do every day and that I keep forgetting to do. For example,I have a weird skin condition that causes me issues and I need to put a certain lotion and stuff like that and I keep forgetting to put it on. So I use this app to help me get ready in the morning and never forget to do things ever again. I’m so in love with this game even though I literally just got it 2 days ago. So I would recommend this app if you are a rather forgetful person like me. Because it helps you keep your schedules and plans straight and help you with things that you forget to do. I recommended this to my friend and she is totally in love too. She uses the app everyday and 24/7 she’ll be telling me about her experiences with the app and how much it helps. So if your looking for something to help you keep your business straight: Get this app. Cause like I said it helps you with literally everything and anything in your life. Thanks for your time and thanks for reading this. Recommended. :)

marvinicus, Aug 11, 2023
Simple easy effective no log in required!

It only takes a few minutes to figure out the interface. Everything is easy to find and the buttons only contain a few options in their respective menus, avoiding confusion. The colors are distinctive and do not blend with Apple's default color scheme. The simplistic design allows the user to easily make a list in mere minutes. Multiple lists can be edited and sorted for organizational purposes. Individual lists can be sorted alphabetically, or by order of entry. List items can be checked off much like a list on paper. Items can be deleted one at a time by swiping left or mass deleted by deleting all checked items with the option at the bottom of the list. Enable the option to delete list items as they are checked off, for those nights when you're on a roll and don't want to delete things manually. I recommend this only after getting familiar with the app, which only takes a few minutes. The app doesn't require you to log into any account which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to use an app to replace the pen and paper method, without giving up their identity.Lastly but certainly the most exciting is there are no ads. The app developer is a college student, who I hope will continue to keep this app ad free even after they begin to develop paid apps.

mirozepha, Jan 21, 2018
Pretty good

I’ve had this app for about a month and so far I like it. I use it for my daily routines checklist right now. I like that I can keep checked items and that I can easily uncheck all. It makes it easy to make sure I get my routine things completed and then uncheck all the next week. The icons are cute, I haven’t purchased any extra ones as there are lots to goose from already. Everything on the app seems to work fabulously. I haven’t had it glitch or close on me. A couple things I wish I could change—I wish there was a place to group lists into other subcategories. I would love to use that to make another set of lists for errands or work things I need to do without making the list is lists so dang long. Even if I could choose to make each list a smaller icon and not a while line. One truly annoying thing is how often the box to rate the app pops up. It’s about every 45 seconds, and gets old fast. In fact it made me stop using the app for awhile. I’m hoping that it will stop now that I’m leaving a review because if it doesn’t I think I’ll be deleting it...

MLE2468, Feb 28, 2020
Great App

Love this app because it’s super simple and easy to use. I downloaded several apps before finally finding one that didn’t require a monthly or yearly subscription. 🤦‍♀️ I don’t mind paying $1 here and there to unlock extra features, but I’m not paying monthly just to make to do lists on my phone. This app has a nice clean look and didn’t make unrealistic claims to “transform my life” so I appreciated that. 😂 Some things I’d love to see:-easier way to move list items or delete. It would be faster if you could just press and hold items to move them around or maybe swipe to delete instead of having to use the menu at the bottom.-Love how cute and simple the image option are, but can only seem to use them to name the list, and not for each item on a list. I’m visual, so I’d like to have a little picture by each task I need to complete.-Also for the images, a folder just filled with standard daily tasks would be nice. A toothbrush, dog bowl, broom, sink of dishes, washing machine, etc. WITH ALL OF THAT SAID, a few minor improvements would be great, but please keep the app simple and no-fuss! That is what made me love it.

taylorndowney, Jan 27, 2022
Perfect for minimalistic people or people that are/want to be organized!

It’s a simple, easy to use, and minimalistic app. I really like it so far because of this. The little icons are cute and fun to use, and you you still get that nice feeling after checking something off you list. I do have some small improvements the developer could include to make the app even better. To start off, I like how you can still change the title and icon of your checklist. But maybe you could make it so that the names of the things to do can be edited too. For example, if I typed something wrong, I would like to be able to go back and fix it without having to delete the whole checklist and re-type it all. My next improvement I’m not totally necessary, but it would really add to the beautiful design of the app, and help you stay organized when making larger checklists. I was thinking you could provide the option to color the checks and circles, maybe just starting with the colors of the rainbow. Thank you for taking the time to read this, whether you are the developer or not. I appreciate your time and effort to view my opinion and seek to relate with it. I think this app will exceed in taking action towards improving, no matter how long it takes. Stay safe folks!

thisismynikname-.-, Sep 17, 2021


ORGANISE ALL YOUR TASKS, LISTS AND TO-DO Punch of productivity ------------ • Managing tasks, lists, to-dos and checklists has never been this easy. • Keep tracks of all your lists : shopping lists, work items, grocery lists and more. Intuitive Design ------------ • Lists To do was designed with simplicity and functionality. • stunning graphics make capturing ideas easy and awesome. • more than 150 category icons • switch between light, dark & dark blue mode Intelligent features ------------ • delete all completed/uncompleted tasks immediately • sort lists alphabetically, inverse alphabetically, by date created, by dated created inverse or manually • duplicate lists • move items between lists • use the red badge icon of the app to show how many unchecked items are left for a list or for all your lists combined • check/uncheck a whole list • keep checked items at the bottom, separated from the unchecked items • get statistics for your lists (percent filled, number of unchecked things, etc.) • pin items or lists on top to easily access the important ones • universal search to find the list or list item you want • manage recently deleted items to instantly recover them Reminders ------------ • need to set a reminder for a lists item? Lists To do notifies you, so you’ll never miss an important task again!! • setup recurring reminders for things you need to do (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) • import reminder dates from calendar • view all your upcoming items, based on the reminders you have set, for all your lists combined in one feed Red Badge Icon ------------ • use the red badge icon of the app to show how many unchecked items a list has • the red badge icon updates automatically every time you perform a task!

iCloud ------------ • synchronise automatically your lists between your iOS devices, signed-in with the same iCloud account. You don’t have to do any setup!!! • stay organised from all your devices Share lists ------------ • share your lists from right inside the app • take a screenshot of the whole list automatically and share it or set it as a lock-screen background • print your lists using AirPrint Lists Statistics ------------ View the progress of all your lists combined, as well as each list individually. You have to check every last task to get that 100%!!! Create a list for anything you want, highly flexible!!! ------------ • shopping lists • to do • checklists • bucket lists • quick notes • anything you can think of ..... LOVED BY USERS: ------------ Great app! Simply great! Easy to use simple big text love love love !!! Easy This was exactly what I needed... Simple and easy! Perfect Simple to use. Exactly what I need it Awesome Practical. Super easy to use. So simple to use Love how easy this app is use.

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