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User Reviews for Audiobooks HQ +

A Gem

Reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures, but I have limited free time to sit down with a book. I like history and recently I’ve been reading more classics. I’ve been able to download many free audiobooks here of good to excellent quality. If there are several versions of a book I recommend you listen to a preview of each version before choosing one to download. Some readers are more talented than others or one reader might be more to your taste than another. I appreciate the free books and recommend this app if you enjoy audiobooks.

Antonia206, Dec 28, 2021
Wish it worked as it supposed to

The player is a nice player. Good UI. And has the features you’d expect. The problem though is that it loses its place every time I unlock my phone. Seems the Lock Screen ui is not synced to the full player or something. Even not using the Lock Screen ui when I unlock my phone the player stops and seems to go a prior location. I’ve missed so much of the book I’m listening to because I have to kind of find my position to pick up where I left off. This is one of the most basic functions you would expect to work. I’m using an iPhone 12 pro and iOS 14.2.

bobsilver1, Dec 15, 2020
My Favorite App

And that’s really saying something because I have a couple hundred apps! I became hooked on audiobooks, thanks to this app. I have read classics that I always wanted to read but they seemed too long and I felt guilty about sitting around reading when I needed to be up doing things. Recently I read/listened to A Tale of Two Cities, Anna Karenina and I’m so enjoying Anthony Trollope- the prolific novelist I found via this app. Don’t hesitate- give it a try today! There are free audiobooks here just waiting to be listened to!

BobsWifeAmy, May 19, 2021
Wonderful addition to your listening arsenal!

I love history, and I use this app when I want to listen to older historical works. I love the fact that you can access old, obscure historical books through this app. Not just US history, but global history! I just finished listening to “Tales of the Blackfleet of Glacier, Montana”. Also enjoyed works by Edith Wharton and early works of Mark Twain. Plan to delve into some westerns, next. They also have old time radio I haven’t even gotten too, yet. Yes, they also have new titles. But why bother when you’ve already downloaded those other apps? Use THOSE for the new titles, instead.

hxbksbuff, Jan 17, 2020
Read the descriptions

I only listen to the free Librivoz books on here, because even though audiobooks on here aren’t too bad compared to what I’ve seen, I still can’t really afford them. So my advice only applies to Librivox. Read the descriptions, and check all versions of the book you pick out! It’s really annoying when there’s 17 different people reading and can usually be avoided by finding another version. I do wish browsing were easier on here, but I’m willing to sacrifice because it is a LOT of free content. Definitely counting down some author death anniversaries for public domain.

jbyrd2973, Sep 28, 2019

This app is amazing! There are so many items available for FREE! The sound quality is wonderful on almost everything I have listened to. I have been enjoying “Old Time Radio” in the horror/thriller section. The best part, you can download all the items instead of having to stream them online...FOR FREE! There are so many little gems hidden on this app! I have an Audible membership, and find this app is a wonderful “extra” for finding those old radio shows. I think this app even has much better sound quality too. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Especially those interested in the classics of yesteryear.

Kaytiebird, Mar 07, 2018
Excellent selection of free books

I love all the free classics and Indy books, and don’t mind paying for premium books once in a while because of course you are supporting the authors, narrators and production companies. The format and search could use some updates, as well as adding the feature of letting us know the length of the recording and whether we’ve listened to the book yet.It also kills my phone battery but I carry a portable battery.

KDCartlidge, Sep 10, 2019
Fabulous New Look !!!!!!! Love it!!!!

Beautiful update ! The sleek new presentation feels like a completely new app. Visually appealing and easy to navigate. Kudos to the developers. Still keeping my previous review comments: "Why pay to listen to books when thousands of FREE classics are available in one app? I enjoy using this app every day. Wide selection and mostly good readers. So many ways to make a selection - by topic, author, date of release, genre, or reader. A must-have for everyone who likes a "good read"."Recently (July 2017) I had my first difficult with the app. True to the excellence of the app, I received a quick response to my questions and prompt follow up thereafter. With so many other apps no response is ever received. Audiobooks customer support is quick and reliable. My thanks to tech support staff !

M1d2i3v4, Jul 24, 2017

I thought about titling this ALL YE LIBRIVOX LISTENERS REJOICE! But this app has more than just librivox. Sweetness. It is also a very stable audiobook player which has some really important features. First it downloads the ENTIRE book not single chapters. That may not seem too important but just try listening to long books like War and Peace or The three Musketeers downloaded one chapter at a time. It'll drive you nuts. It also doesn't crash when you you turn your device off or open other apps with the book playing in the background. I can't tell you how many times other apps have done that to me. This doesn't lose it's place. That will save a ton of headaches. It has the full librivox catalog and podiobooks! Topping on the cake is the sleep timer which if you fall asleep to audiobooks like I do is really nice. I didn't think I was going to get this app because I got the free version to crash but that only seems to be for the free version.

MirianEve, Oct 29, 2018
Librivox is a true gem

I have used Librivox for over a year now and it has been consistently excellent. It has opened doors to good literature and good readers that I never would have found otherwise. I particularly want to recommend the reader listed as "Xe Sands" who reads Edna Ferber's "Buttered Side Down." In the recording she announces her name as what sounds like "Madiera" and she is truly professional quality. Her voice is pleasant, her expression flawless, and her accents for the dialogue of the many different characters is convincing and just plain fun. I wish she would read more!

suncatchersal, Apr 01, 2019


FEATURED ON CNET—this is *the* app for busy people who have a graveyard of eBooks (you know who you are, you well-meaning intellectual, you.) ROAD TRIP? TRAIN RIDE? JUST TRYING TO TUNE OUT THE PERSON SITTING NEXT TO YOU ON THE PLANE? ;) With over 600,000 premium audiobooks, and 120,000 free, you can get your wisdom on—and politely protect your headspace.

IT’S LIKE MUSIC...ERRR, NARRATION TO YOUR EARS. From the latest bestsellers, to timeless classics, to up and coming indie authors, Audiobooks HQ is the app for a massive selection of studio-recorded quality audiobooks, at your fingertips. Or should we say earbuds? ON DEMAND, NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED Just open, search, click and listen. There are no credits and no recurring monthly fees. Audiobooks HQ lets you download and listen on demand, wherever you are, whenever you're ready. Even find the top rated books with the click of a button, or switch the language and get your Spanish on! FANCY FEATURES YOU’LL WANT TO BRAG ABOUT TO YOUR FRIENDS Audiobooks HQ even does neat tricks like adjusts the speed, slows down or speeds up playback in 40 increments (without affecting pitch!), and even sets a sleep timer when it's time for bed. BONUS: ACCESS 109,000 EPISODES OF OLD TIME RADIO, TOO! It's the best radio dramas of the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and more. Because what's modern technology without a little old-school entertainment? GREAT FOR AROUND THE HOUSE, TOO! Washing the car. Check. Washing the dog. Probably that, too. Whether you're logging some miles on the ol' treadmill, or logging 'em driving cross country, we're the companion you didn't know you needed. (Sorry, dog.)

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