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User Reviews for 50000 Books & Audiobooks

Reading roulette: never know what voice will pop up next

First remember it’s free. It’s amateurs. It’s volunteers. It’s people practicing English as a second language. It’s people practicing using their voice for use in broadcast, podcast or public speaking. Sure, sometimes there’s mic noise from movement or a cat jumps in their lap. And there’s different qualities of microphones and different acoustics in the rooms. But it’s free. And it’s kind of interesting to hear the different accents, drama levels, and different voices that the readers create to perform different characters. For example in “The Princess of Mars”, there is a black woman reading the words of a confederate soldier. It’s ironic. But she puts her heart in it. Her voice sounds like she should be reciting poetry. And she gives the different characters different voices and adds drama to the reading. She’s not just reading it, she’s performing it. So reading roulette. Everyone so far is understandable. And sometimes you hear a voice that you wish would read everything. And it’s free.

ALPapaJoe, May 23, 2023
Great amount Of Books

They have a great amount of books and Audiobooks. I wish they had C.S Lewis books though. Great app. If you like to read books please download this. They have lots of classics like, Secret Garden, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, etc.

Bell of the Church, Aug 04, 2023
Avery Ritzma

I love this app so far. It’s fast for downloading and it’s easy to use. I’m going on vacation soon and I’m going to listen all the way to Florida. At first I thought it was weird you don’t have to pay but know I’m like heck yes I dont have to pay anything. I mean who has the money to bye a $25 book

bity bug, Feb 06, 2020
So far so good

I've been looking for a book app for a long time now where you can download or read books for free. Most apps would say they were free but weren't. So as I far as I can tell this is legit. I've only started on one book so far, so hopefully this app doesn't let me down & hopefully all books are free! So for now, I'm rating 5 stars.

jjkkjkkfjf, Dec 15, 2019
So in love with this app!!

There have a huge selection of classics and plenty of things I’ve never heard of. The audiobooks have a great selection as well, and there are multiple languages available in both. Keep up the good work, Oodles! Yours is a noble quest

Kerrinbin, Oct 03, 2019
Great Selection of the Classics

This app is for anyone who loves classic literature in the public domain. Only issue I have is you can't download the entire book; you can only download and listen to one chapter at a time. The readers are no frills, speak in a clear voice and obviously care about what they are reading. Great way for a Jane Austen fan like me to reacquaint myself to one of my favorite authors.

Khamara, Dec 25, 2020
Lots of classics but not user friendly

First I have to say as a lover of classic and vintage books that I LOVE this app and how it has made old books easily available! That being said, as a millennial used to sleek apps, this one is cumbersome to use. My main issue is currently with the audiobook portion of the app (yes hey have audiobooks!) and how the app doesn't keep your place of where you stopped. That means, when I pause the audiobook and go back to play it (even if the app isn't cleared out) I get taken to the home page and have to remember which minute of which chapter I was on. This kinda of makes me uneasy since I have to track the chapters instead of listening without much thought. The cool thing is the chapters all play consecutively. I also don't like how my library only puts the books in alphabetical order instead of last opened.

Lordswain readr, Aug 01, 2017
I love this!!!!!!

This is the best app for books and also audio books! And they are free! You do have to watch adds, but I’m fine with it. I think this is amazing and completely free! It is a little bit confusing at first, but if it was a little more organized then that would be great 😊. Thank you for this app!😀😀😀😀

loving it123😀😀😀, Mar 29, 2021
Ok but...

I just started and the first thing I noticed was that it’s very confusing and the set up is unorganized. I didn’t even see the search button. Also(and this could just be my internet) when I try to download a book it kicks me out. The book still downloads but it’s really annoying. Everything else is great. I love that it’s free and is easy to get. I love this app it just needs a few improvements. 😁

M.K 284692, Jun 08, 2020
Only classics

So I love the fact that it's free! Most of the ebook apps it E installed said it was free but it wasn't. My only problem with this app is that, as far as I could tell, it ONLY has classics. Don't get me wrong, classics are great, but I want to read more modern things, and they didn't have them. If you love classics, this app is definitely for you. It's nothing against the app, it just depends on people's preferences.

ThPheonix, Apr 25, 2020


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