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User Reviews for Audiobooks HQ - audio books


Whether it’s user error or not my credit card is already on file for a suppose it free trial I have already made a 5.99 purchase and can’t find the purchase or cannot make the selection for the two free books supposedly offered. Who can tell me how to discontinue this and remove my information including my credit card

angry 5,10", Mar 21, 2019
Very Good Quality

My eyesight is so I can no longer read books in print And I can find interesting quality books on this app that are very pleasingDepending on which genre that I am in the mood for listening I can find so many different books to choose...and without the costLove that the books are free and so easy to listen, plus download if I want to keep them in my library to listen when I don't have internet access!

cindycub, Sep 11, 2017
Complete Misleading Scam of a Title

I was very excited when I downloaded this app, because everywhere I looked it said “free” audiobooks. That is most certainly not the case. Every audiobook that I was interested in was either “unavailable” OR they tried to CHARGE me $17 for! That is not “free”. They make it sound as if the vast majority of the audiobooks that they have available are free but they are definitely not. There is no way that I’m keeping this app and I would recommend that you don’t even bother with it either. I’ve had it with all these audiobook apps pretending that they are free and then the only free audiobooks they have available are duds that I’ve never even heard of. I’ll stick with Hoopla and Overdrive, thank you. If I could rate this lower than one star, I would.

CloneWars66, Jan 16, 2019
Lots available!

There are many classic titles, and even some more contemporary works, but lots of free audiobooks! Several titles have multiple versions, so make sure to listen to the previews to find the reading styles that best suit your fancy. This is a great resource for those who like audiobooks, or wish to listen along while reading.

Dorkydancer11, Apr 24, 2019

Of the hundreds of apps on my phone, this is the one I use most often. This wasn’t always the case but I find myself in a better mental disposition now that I’ve mostly eliminated social media and MSM, returning to music and venturing into the audiobook realm. There are lots of free selections along with the library of books to purchase.

Fullmoon Blanket, Nov 21, 2021
Well that was underwhelming

I can’t believe I paid $20 for an audiobook that downloaded all as one track instead of in chapters (which, via my library’s app, this same audiobook IS in chapter segments) AND it doesn’t auto save my spot. Because, who doesn’t love trying to find your place in a 12 hour track by random scrolling or bumping forward in thirty seconds segments?I like that you can purchase a single audiobook without a subscription. That’s the only good thing I can find about this app. Even the search tool to find the book I wanted sucked. I should have heeded that red flag.

letting s John, Sep 02, 2021
Good choices

This app has already supplied me with several free books that I have listened to. I went straight to the section that was for free books and jumped right in. The downloads come faster than from Audible. I have liked the readers. The only problem is that it is difficult to find some books directly through a search. It can take a while to get to the book or author you are interested in. On the other hand, you scroll by things you might not have thought to look for and discover pleasant surprises. This is good for me as otherwise I can get in a rut.

ownerofacat, Dec 24, 2020
Very awesome little app.

I love this little app which offers many variety of audible stories. It takes me back in time when television was not very popularThe dramatization are so perfectly arranged its just like sitting in a movie theater and watching the movie only it's more exciting because your imagination is running much wilder. I highly recommend this app.

shoeburt, Jul 18, 2017

So, I think this would be a good app if the books didn’t look/sound so... “old”? I mean, they’re not old, but to me they are. I’m a pre-teen and I was wondering if u could put more books people my age would read. Like, books you would find in a middle school library. Like wrinkle in time, or wonder. Not all of us are adults, you know. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (lol) thx! I’ve been looking for audiobook app that didn’t require a library card or money, and I finally found one. This app! I downloaded this, but all the books were “old”! Rrrr! Plz plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzzzzz give us books people around my age would read!

treeeeees rule, Oct 10, 2019
Donny & Son

In the familiar fashion of the Great Charle Dickens, he delivers yet another magnificent story full of compassion and tender feelings. This was my second time listening over the past two years. It shall be mentioned that Mil Nicholson is one of the top three narrators and maybe the best for her immense talent at producing multiple voices is simply uncanny (maybe her rivals are Mark Simpson from South Carolina who did The Great Expectations and the man in the Iron Mask + the gentleman who narrated “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”). She made a great sweet story that much greater. In my opinion this is not the best Charles Dickens Story, but the combination of the story and the rendition makes it a 5 star in my book.

Velvetiest, Apr 05, 2018


FEATURED ON CNET—this is *the* app for busy people who have a graveyard of eBooks (you know who you are, you well-meaning intellectual, you.) ROAD TRIP? TRAIN RIDE? JUST TRYING TO TUNE OUT THE PERSON SITTING NEXT TO YOU ON THE PLANE? ;) With over 500,000 premium audiobooks, and 100,000 free, you can get your wisdom on—and politely protect your headspace.

IT’S LIKE MUSIC...ERRR, NARRATION TO YOUR EARS. From the latest bestsellers, to timeless classics, to up and coming indie authors, Free Audiobooks HQ is the app for a massive selection of studio-recorded quality audiobooks, at your fingertips. Or should we say earbuds? ON DEMAND, NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED Just open, search, click and listen. There are no credits and no recurring monthly fees. Free Audiobooks HQ lets you download and listen on demand, wherever you are, whenever you're ready. Even find the top rated books with the click of a button, or switch the language and get your Spanish on! FANCY FEATURES YOU’LL WANT TO BRAG ABOUT TO YOUR FRIENDS Free Audiobooks HQ even does neat tricks like adjusts the speed, slows down or speeds up playback in 40 increments (without affecting pitch!), and even sets a sleep timer when it's time for bed. BONUS: ACCESS 109,000 EPISODES OF OLD TIME RADIO, TOO! It's the best radio dramas of the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and more. Because what's modern technology without a little old-school entertainment? GREAT FOR AROUND THE HOUSE, TOO! Washing the car. Check. Washing the dog. Probably that, too. Whether you're logging some miles on the ol' treadmill, or logging 'em driving cross country, we're the companion you didn't know you needed. (Sorry, dog.)

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