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User Reviews for QuickReader - Speed Reading

Needs improved guide

The app has a lot of promise. I want believe that this app will improve my reading time but there is one dilemma. I have no clue how to download the books I want on the app. For example, I want a pdf of a book I found online. So I email it to myself. The problem is that when I try to open it in the QuickReader app, their app doesn’t show up as an option. iBooks shows up as an option. Nook shows up as an option. Even a scanner app that rarely use shows up as an option. But where the heck is QuickReader? There is no easy way to download your books using your mobile phone. I tried using the directions that the guide laid out for me. I went through the steps but still nothing. I don’t want to read some ancient texts provided for me for free in the catalogs. I want to read new best sellers. How can I do that if I can’t even get it on the app in the first place?

Adogg13, Feb 20, 2019
Some Quirks but Seems to be Effective

It’s great to have direct access to so many great books to apply this app to. However, for the purpose of practicing and getting faster at reading, some of them are a bit tricky (eg Uncle Tom’s Cabin uses dialect that is hard to read quickly, and the Art of War’s formatting is messed up so as to not be practical). Lastly, the guide bar sometimes goes squirrels and you have to flip pages back and forth to reset it. Still, once you’re fine with that and find a good regular “English” book, this seems to be very effective to gradually improve your reading skills and build speed.

Deebs687, Mar 25, 2020
Utilize Quick Read as a tool

I was skeptical at first, but once I allowed myself to buy into the idea that I can improve my speed of reading, it happened! This app definitely works when one utilizes discipline and practice with this Quick Read app. Quick tip: try not to let your thoughts wonder or have distractions while reading because it effects the results of the speed test. 😉

Dermar Q, Jun 02, 2020
Quick Reader

QuickReader QuickReader trumps all all other speed reading apps in many ways.Firstly, navigation within the app is intuitive and easy to do.Secondly, the app settings can be adjusted easily to fit user’s reading goal. For example, my goal is to make three fixations per line of text while reading at 500 words per minute. I made the adjustment quite easily. Finally, the overall workings of the app is fluid and seamless with no awkward crashes like those that plague many other speed reading apps. Thanks to the hard work of the app creator in ensuring the that the app is kept up to date. I absolutely like this app and it was my motivation to buy my first iPad years ago. This app is awesome. It improves reading by turning it into a fun activity to look forward to.Thanks for blessing the AppStore and the world with QuickReader.

Excel1, Jun 25, 2018
Excellent for improving reading speed

I enjoy using the guided reading feature to train my eye movement to track along the page faster and to read words ins sets instead of singularly. The controls allow for moving between speeds easily and to adjust the guide quickly.I especially love have a library of quality books to pick from for my reading workouts.Totally worth the money.

joshua4114, Mar 22, 2019
Quick reader

The latest version of QR has become much less stable than previous. It crashes almost every time I try to download a book. It may be due to my using an older tablet (iOS 9.3) but it is borderline unusable. I can think of at least two things this app needs. I download books or even stories that are not always published in one piece. When an update comes out I have to delete the book from the Quick Reader library and then reimport it with the update. I suppose that would be tolerable but QR doesn't always recognize the additional chapter(s). So, an option to overwrite an existing book in the library with an updated version would be better. Additionally, books I've imported do not always show up in the library.The other nice to have is a desktop version.All that said it is the best ePub reader I've tried.

RLDawson, Oct 15, 2017
One of the Greatest App Ever!

The title says is all because you have thousands of free books that you can read and you can control the speed of the focus box of words. It has improve my speed reading in just one day that I think that every school and every professional work place should have this app installed in their computer for learning and taking care of daily tasks of reading the emails or project requirements. Five dollars is nothing for what you will get inside this app: thousands of free books and speed reading app.

Ron69NYC, Nov 28, 2016
Speed Read Helper

I've had this for many years now and used it off and on. I'd say they have really put some good work into updating the app and because of this I've decided to give it a review. The copy past options and WPM are all great options along with the many other settings the developer has added. Thank you all for creating a great app and including a guide. It would also be great to ask for a guide on how most people will see improvements if they use the app regularly. This may help boost usage and sales. All the best.

TechIronMan, Sep 20, 2016
Almost five

I rarely write a review. But this was worth it to comment on bc this is a great app with easy user interface and actually effective when practiced regularly. They have improved the features since the version only available on iPad! The only reason it did not get 5 stars was the minimal database of books. I'm sure they could significantly increase the number of users overnight if they partnered with a larger database of books, or even daily newspaper subscriptions! I'd even pay if they partnered with new your times, U.S. News & World Report or Washington post!

tnespeca, Mar 21, 2016
No customization whatsoever!!

I paid for the app to be able to read articles from different places on the internet with guided mode, so I can fasten and track my reading speed but the app doesn’t allow users to do so. Also I can not bring in books from iBooks. The app advertise another app within it for searching in its books for another 1 dollar! I’m requesting a refund right now! If you want to use the app’s library it might be good for you otherwise a waste of money. Also the app doesn’t support right to left languages such as Persian and Arabic which again shows how unjustified its price is. It should be in its early development phase not on App Store already!!

UcipianBeast, Mar 31, 2019


The #1 speed-reading technology on earth. (And maybe even Mars.) From best-selling novels to how-to books to self-improvement to business reports and more, our proven software guides—and trains—your eyes to read at a rapidly accelerated rate. READ FASTER BY 2-3X, SUPER HUMAN STYLE Set your reading speed from 10-4,000 words per minute, and keep challenging your own time. With a couple of taps, the app speeds up, and you can always control how fast you go.

Most people are shocked at how efficient they are while still processing and retaining information! (You can read normal, too, just in case.) CUSTOMIZABLE EVERYTHING (EVEN THAT) From designer color schemes to fonts; margins to interface, the app bends to your will with every preference, making this the perfect “skin” for you to read all of your books on, no matter how fast or slow. TOUCH FREE AUTO PILOT (AKA FLASH LIGHTNING MODE) With Guided Reading Technology, you set the speed and the pages turn for you. And the best part? The gains you make in-app carry over to regular, un-guided reading.Throw in a butler and some fancy cheese and you might just be set for life. (Or at least have a pretty sharp advantage over all of mankind.) BONUS ACCESS: 2 MILLION BOOKS, FOR FREE! Books are our world—and we’ve got an entire family of apps dedicated to book lovers. That means we can also bring you all sorts of access to free titles that other speed reading apps can’t. Hip, hip, hooray! WHAT THEY SAY “[QuickReader] brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the world of speed reading apps." — ReadWriteWeb "QuickReader is a speed-reading tool that can produce remarkable results. I was shocked by the rate at which my speed improved. [...] By far the most fascinating application I've reviewed in a while." 4.5 stars, MAGICAL - 148Apps

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