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User Reviews for All You Can Books - Unlimited

Every book ever thrown away

This is the home of every book ever thrown away by a library. Aside from the D- list book titles that are provided, the app itself is also horrible. There are NO SEARCH FILTERS!!!! So even if you are on the Books tab and type in the name of a book or author the results are a massive list of books AND podcasts that list anything close to 1 word in your title search..... you might be thinking ‘it is still worth it because it is free’.... let me tell you that you will spend more time weeding through the endless list of garbage results than necessary AND STILL NOT FIND THE BOOK you searched for. Just get a public library card and borrow their books if you don’t want to spend money.... at least they have recent titles and search filters.

Adriengsu, Oct 09, 2019
SCAM-Read all the comments

Total SCAM. I should have read other people's reviews before creating an account. The funny thing is that many people put 1 star but when you search the app says it has 5 stars. You must be careful because it is not free, it costs $ 20 dollars a month. I created an account and never provided my card information. After a month they charged me a subscription, I thought they took my information from my Apple account. However, when I asked them (Call Center) where they got my information from, they told me that the only way they got my information was that I had typed the information on my card, that I am 100% sure never did.The app itself is hard to use. Very outdated.Also, the type of books they have are not the most up-to-date, if you are someone who likes old literature, you may enjoy it. They have a few books that I liked but very little. Personally I prefer Audible even though there is no access to enough books per a month.

Amicanale9521, Oct 15, 2019
Don’t care for it.

When I started with the free trail I had hopes for this app. I love books and I am always looking for new reads. When I started reading some of the books it literally reminded of reading stuff off of Wattpad. Only some of the reads over there are much better than the ones I tried reading over and they’re free over there. I tried to find a way to cancel my subscription before the free trail was over because I wasn’t very happy with this app only to realize I couldn’t find away to cancel. I have contacted them twice now to cancel my subscription hopefully this last time works because they are basically taking my money for no reason at this point.

anopinionin, Jul 15, 2020
Lacking to say the least

So this app/website was not what I was expecting at all. Preventing me from seeing the site until I signed up for their free trial first. After looking through most of the books on the site, all I can say is that I was very disappointed from the lack of content. The app itself is very poor quality too. Below I highlighted my three biggest concerns.1. Your downloads are forced to happen all at once and will only work when the app is open 2. The books are all pretty much generic coming from the public domain.3. The search engine is absolutely terrible, where searching for author/book names will yield results with names in the descriptions of book summaries. (Also books can’t be searched separately from podcasts even when books are selected)Overall my advice to the consumer is to just got onto apple’s podcasts and bookstore. Most if not all the books on this app can be found on those two resources for free. Heck there’s many podcasts where a person reads books for free too so no shortage of audio books there.*Message to the app developer*If you provide a paid service to the consumer, make sure the service is good quality. There should be a good selection of books/audio books and the app should be intuitive for the consumer.

Auragifted;), Mar 08, 2019

Found this service online while looking for a certain book. It was late, the free trial sounded good. I searched and searched, and of their “40,000 books”, I found not one popular title that I was looking for. Tried several times to cancel by phone, as doing so online was not an option, only to be placed on hold immediately and ran out of patience before reaching a human being. I finally forgot about it until being billed, and emailed them while the charge was still pending. I wish I would have done that first as they actually did respond and cancel the service, only rubbing salt on the wound in their email by reminding me of their terms of service and that they “conveniently billed” my card on file. Lesson learned. Save your money. You could find their “B” rated titles on bargain table in a thrift store.

DanniJukesGirl, Jun 19, 2018
What a waste of time!

If you’re looking for classics (The Red Badge of Courage or The Wizard of Oz for example) or books by authors no one has ever heard of, or perhaps some ancient texts (Sumerian poetry from cuneiform texts), then this is the app for you! But if you’re hoping for books by modern and popular authors whose books might be found in, say, Barnes & Noble, forget it- you won’t find them here. No Grisham or Cornwell, no Patterson or Cussler, no Baldacci or Griffin. Absolutely no mainstream Christian fiction or non-fiction either. I’m not even going to stick out my free trial because I haven’t found a single book I’d like to listen to. I guess I should have known better when I couldn’t browse titles before handing over my credit card information... I’m sticking with Audible!

FroggyMamma68, Mar 27, 2019

Worst app ever. Do NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO THE 30 day trial!!!! I called and canceled this service after I never even used it ONCE and the charge still came through. I called back and asked the horrible “CSA” (you can’t even call her customer service as she was obviously trained my kin jon uhn) if she would kindly remove the charge as I have never even used it and wasn’t planning to (this is the 30th day,mind you so if I’d done it tomorrow or the next day she may be able to sell this but even then they’re just stealing money and giving you this “service” whether you want it or not which is appalling in and of itself) thus the reason to cancel and DEFINITELY to not be charged. This is literally highway robbery to charge someone for a service a day early and then tell the person (me) that they’ll ask for a refund as it’s not guaranteed!!!!!! Payment with a cc is for “services rendered,” and these services are not and never will be rendered! So do not charge me, please reverse your mistake! And anyone else out there, this is the scammiest, worst app ever, so just go listen to audible and be happy! They have an amazing policy and won’t ever treat you badly. I can’t say that about this place. Note: you’ve been forewarned. Aloha!

Kili's Music, Jun 27, 2021
Canceled free trial after 30 mins

I am primarily interested in audiobooks. There is no tab to view a comprehensive list of audiobooks, nor does the search option easily facilitate an audiobook-only search. I am also a fan of historical fiction, but a search for historical fiction yielded a number of history books and classic fiction, such as Mark Twain. Compared to the free US library-based offerings like Libby and Hoopla, and the paid service Scribd, I found allyoucanbooks to be difficult to navigate, not intuitively organized, and frustrating to maneuver within. 10-15 years ago, this would’ve been something worth giving a try, but with all the far-superior free and/or lower-cost platforms available, I would not use this even if it was free. (In fact, I canceled within the first 30 mins of my free 30-day trial.)

NorthIAstyle, Feb 12, 2022
Free is good. App is difficult

Free is good but it isn't free. It's $20 a month BUT cheaper than Audible. BUT it's very very hard to navigate the app. It's difficult to search by author. I don't find any series offered in mysteries. In Audible I can find my library, I can manage my Wish List, I can get back to my current selection by tapping on the icon and go right back to where I stopped. This app makes you go thru the steps as though you were starting over. AYCB- you better be working 24/7 in this app. Get some people in to try it out right in front of you. Take notes. Fix it.

orrhigh, Nov 19, 2018
Too bad, disappointed.

I just started using this app for the free trial, but know right now that I'm not going to keep it. 1. There is no landscape view. My 12.7 ” iPad Pro is too tipsy to remain in portrait position for any length of time. It is unreasonable to expect your customers to accommodate the app when the choice should be a standard of software creation.2. I resent having to put in my credit information BEFORE I'm told what the cost per month will be - shabby business practice.3. I love to follow the narrative in words as well as listen to the narrator telling the story. That does not happen here. It is either audio or print. I thought a ”both” selection would be an option.4. The selections are ok, but not as comprehensive as I thought they would be.

Vsmvp, Apr 04, 2020


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