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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing

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User Reviews for Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing

Good enough for me

I’ve had Depop for a while now and I’ve enjoyed it a lot for the most part as a buyer (haven’t experienced selling yet). I thought I hated shopping for clothing before I found Depop. I guess I just hate leaving my cozy home and the general styles I see at the mall and whatnot, but while using Depop I’m able to shop from the comfort of my house and find a variety of cute options of clothing in much lesser time than I would at a physical store. It’s easy to use and I’ve found so many nice outfits that I adore, and most are vintage meaning it’s likely I never would have had the opportunity to purchase without Depop. Plus, buying second hand clothing is environment friendly :) One complaint I do have though is that the app exits me out after a certain amount a time, which can get a bit irritating because I lose where I’m browsing. I hope this gets fixed, or that an option to check our browsing history is made available. I’m also glad that the app doesn’t give annoying notifications, except when they’re necessary, like follower updates/pm messages/comments from other users etc. I’ve seen that a lot of people have other (less positive) things to say about it, but for a shopping app, I think it’s a lot better in comparison to others and that it’s done a great job for the most part.

berrybluekid, May 07, 2018
Needs major update to the blocking feature

The app works for the basic functions. But photos are still limited to 4 plus a video. Only a limited characters you can write on the profile. And my most major issue with this app. The block feature. It has the most basic feature just the standard, they can’t send me a private msg they can’t like and comment on the listings but yet they can still view my listings. They can’t view my shop but they can still see my listings simply by looking up a hashtag and vice versa. I don’t want to see their shop/listings whether I block the user or vice versa. What’s the point of a block feature if they are still able to see my listings?! There’s a lot of users on this app that have learned to copy someone else’s items or basically a whole users shop, right down to the items being sold and the prices. I’ve noticed that a lot of users abandon what they are selling originally ( like used clothes ) and found that it was so hard to sell because it’s overly saturated. Apparel is the number item that is being sold so when they notice particular items or a company’s item have a faster and better at selling they move to that and would use other shops to copy ideas. It isn’t right and fair that these ppl are able to see my listings. I Pls take a cue from Twitter or IG or other platforms that has a great block feature.

Chanly's library, Apr 26, 2021
Nice App but has a Lot of Bugs

I love this app for selling clothes. It’s an easy way to make your items accessible to the public as well as find quality items to purchase. I spend lots of time on this app buying and selling because it makes buying clothes sustainably and second hand more easy! That being said, I have a lot of issues with this app because of the innumerable amount of bugs it has. To name a few, it does not recognize when you have looked at your notifications and therefore the red alert on the iphone will not go away, and if an account is disabled or deleted, you can’t unlike the posts from that account and therefore they will remain in your liked posts forever. There are many other bugs that are a pain to deal with on a daily basis. A few other issues with this app are that there are many sellers on here that are rude, try to scam you, or overcharge for simple items - but that isn’t really Depop’s fault. Depop takes about 10% of your earnings each time you make a sale which definitely adds up over time so if you’re planning on selling a lot of clothes and/or having a larger business, then Depop is not the place to start your shop. But if you have a very small business and sell just your old clothes then Depop is a great place to do that! I prefer Depop to other selling apps such as Poshmark and Ebay immensely! I only hope that Depop can fix a lot of the bugs that currently exist on the app.

Fiona Soup, Dec 07, 2020

So far I like this app to get a couple bucks in my pockets. I think it's a great app and has a lot of potential to grow a lot more. I used to use another buy & sell app (not mentioning the name because I don't want to be on here promoting another app) but that other app has made me A LOT of money simply because that app made it so so easy for users to find my listings. I think Depop should me make a couple improvements when it comes to the listings. 1.Create a new feature where we can actually share our listings therefore i listings are getting views and are not forgotten in our feed. By us being able to share new listings are listing are going to be visible to others because it will go in the feed. The more we share the more are listings get views. So for example we we have a homepage and everytime our friends share a listing of their own items or other friends items it goes into our feed"homepage" and walaaah! We are able to see new items and have a lot more potential sales. Also having a "favorite" option to add our favorite users would be great because that way we can always easily go back to their feed and see if they posted new things. I have a lot more feedback. Hopefully these ones are taken into consideration as I do believe that making the listings more visible would me great for the app.

Jasiry, Sep 17, 2018
App is good, customer service design is flawed

I have been selling on Depop for about a month now, and I have made a couple of sales and not really had any notable issues. Recently, however, something weird happened where the app seemed to remove a 30% off promotion I had applied to many of my listings. When I tried to go back to reapply the promotion, the items that I previously was able to discount were not listed under my listings that I could apply a promotion to. I reached out to Depop customer service to help me figure out what was going on, and became dismayed as I quickly came to the realization that there was no way anybody was capable of helping me resolve this issue. First of all, while trying to resolve my issue, instead of assigning one customer service rep to my case, I found myself emailing back and forth with 8 different reps who all seemed to not be in communication with each other, so I found myself having to re-explain my situation and send over screen recordings several times, only to be responded to with what seemed like automated messages that were repetitive, irrelevant to my situation, and unhelpful. I am very frustrated with the way my case was handled, as it is still no closer to being resolved after 18 back and forth emails. While I am going to keep selling on Depop, I now have no way of reapplying a discount to my items that I was able to before, which will most likely prevent me from making more sales altogether.

kilky011, Jul 08, 2021
Getting worse

The near constant bugs and technical glitches make the app nearly impossible to use effectively. It has been MONTHS and no one has addressed the numerous reports I’ve sent and many requests for assistance continue to be ignored. Every time there is an update, sale or the developers test (ineffective) new “features” a new glitch appears and I lose usage of a previous, established feature. 1. Notification bar doesn’t work. I have to manually check everything. 2. App crashes anytime you try to navigate away and check tracking or PayPal, or really, anything else. Constantly reopening app. Loses my place when searching so you’re losing sales. 3. When attempting to edit listing, app rearranges all photos and won’t revert back. 4. When you updated to drop down categorizing menus you forgot to add two piece sets and STILL no specific category for vintage. Also forgot so many textiles, materials and styles it’s laughable. Instead of wasting time with useless things like that, you need to add unisex categories. Frankly all that information should be manually included by each seller. I could go on but I’m so exhausted typing the same issues over and over to continually be ignored. Depop, invest in a better infrastructure. This service has been such a great disappointment. And don’t act like you don’t get the same constant reports allll the time. You do. It’s all over your social media but oh! Then those comments are simply deleted!

lazygirlssocialclub, Jun 08, 2022
Great finds

I used to use depop to both sell and buy but I found it quite hard to sell even trendier items at the most affordable prices. But something is up with Depops featured/explore page. It’s ALWAYS the same sellers and even items that were sold a week ago that are still being featured. That’s frustrating for both sellers looking to be noticed, and buyers looking for good items. I hate when I click on something from the featured page thinking “oh this is cute” only to find that it was sold 6 days ago — why is it still even there?? It’s also frustrating to be scrolling down that page and you see... the same of everything. 90% striped clothing. Two days later, 90% blue things. Few days later the explore page is 90% belts, or some other random accessory. Does that happen to anybody else or am I crazy? I hate it. That being said, I have found some great stuff as a buyer. Some of my favorite items in my wardrobe are from depop and I love the sellers that go the extra mile to create a good transaction. I believe depop recently began giving buyers a tailored page “just for you” and your individual interests. Is this supposed to be based on your personal searches? Because at this moment, my “just for you” page is mainly comprised of dad sneakers... which I have never searched or clicked on once during my entire time on depop. I’ve shown 0 interest in them ... so why are they all I’m seeing?

miaaaaaaa456, Apr 08, 2019
The future is bright

There is a lot about this app that I like! The shipping process is very simple! Leaving buyers & sellers reviews is super easy! The percentage Depop earns is low so you get a larger portion of what you sell in comparison to similar apps. If you’re looking for unique items this is an app for you. Unique items are everywhere & not everything has to be name brand. I find beautiful items all the time that are stylish & aren’t name brand. The focus should be on esthetic & how you style an item. My absolute favorite part is the expression of creativity. Depop is a place where you can bring the creative vision you have for your shop alive! Everyone puts a lot of thought into bringing their vision alive! Each shop has its own vibe, & I think that’s so cool! My only complaint is that it is very hard to get ahold of anyone at Depop. If you ever have a pressing issue the process is really annoying & time consuming. Returns & exchanges should be easier. But above all else communication should definitely be improved! Whether it be through email, phone, or through the app there should be a point of contact. It means a lot to hear a voice on the other end of the phone, or knowing there’s a real person emailing you who is concerned & willing to help. In my opinion this app could use some work here & there but 90% of it is working & very user friendly! I can’t wait to see what this app will be like in a year or two. ❤️

shetrippymane, Jun 21, 2018
awesome, but

I love this app! It’s so much more aesthetically pleasing and simplistic compared to other apps, and it’s super easy to get a hang of! The app itself is great in function, but it can be really difficult to find good stuff since a lot of people find a $3 toddler shirt thrifting and then sell it for $47 as a “rare baby tee”. It’s also REALLY common for people to put the brand as Brandy Melville just for exposure when it’s actually something from H&M. The app tried to discourage from doing this, but everyone does it anyway. However, you can still find a gem at a great price every once in a while. I have a suggestion that would make the app easier to use- while there are filters on the app to easily find what you’re looking for, I think it would make it even easier if there was a “sort by” option- ex. newest to oldest, lowest to highest price. This would be especially helpful for the “saved” section. I also think it would be great if you could automatically see which items you liked are already sold, similar to how you can see the word “sold” on top of items that you’ve saved. There are a few things that aren’t perfect, but overall, this app that’s structured almost like social media makes buying and selling secondhand clothing really easy and fun!

swagpotate, Jul 09, 2020
Great app, still has room to improve

I have been buying and selling through Depop for almost a year now. It’s very easy to use on both counts, and I’ve found some really unique pieces I love. I have very alternative taste in clothing, so I can’t generally find things in typical high street stores, but Depop always has stuff that’s perfect for me.My main complaint is the massive influx in dropshipping. If Depop won’t ban it outright, they should create a separate section for it. It’s difficult to search for anything when the app is clogged up with hundreds of people selling the exact same cheap Chinese knockoffs, and annoying to see listings for something for $50 that you can buy from Wish or Aliexpress yourself for $5. It’s especially scummy that they never disclose that this is what they’re doing, and often explain the 4 to 6 week shipping time as the item being ‘made to order’, which implies that *they* are the one making it, not some Chinese sweatshop. That’s borderline scamming, and I think they should at least be required to make it clear when they’re dropshipping. The misusing of tags also needs to be fixed, because as is, it’s almost impossible to find a specific brand when sellers flood the tags with unrelated items. Finally, I wish they’d ditch the fuzzy searching - for example, searching the keyword ‘clown’ will also return results for ‘crown’, etc.

V33k11, Jul 26, 2019


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