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Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered

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Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered

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Curtsy, Inc.
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User Reviews for Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered

Slowly falling out of love

Let me start by saying I used to absolutely love curtsy. I was able to buy specific items I needed for events and sell items super easily. As a seller I haven’t had too many issues that I can’t handle or discuss with a buyer. As a buyer however, there are a lot of issues I have experienced the longer I have the app. My biggest frustration is when I buy an item and reach out to the seller asking when they can ship and they don’t respond. With all the things happening with corona recently this issue has become even worse. Many girls are listing/selling items just to turn around and say they can’t ship. Curtsy should really be reaching out to people after that happens once or twice or making a general statement saying if you can’t ship don’t post. There have been many items I’ve fallen in love with and bought just to be told it is never coming because the seller can’t ship (after I reach out to them and get no response/they never contact me to tell me why they can’t ship). I absolutely think that you should still be able to leaving a rating/review on items that were cancelled by the seller so that other girls can be warned that sellers aren’t shipping at this time. It kind of screws users who are using the app to purchase. Update your review system curtsy!!

craziest chick, Apr 25, 2020
Love it!

Before I write a review I always read through the bad ones so I can make positive points if I like the app. Curtsy is awesome, I’ve found it much more user friendly on mobile than Poshmark and Mercari. Sales are gradual and not immediate for me, but I also don’t have a lot of designer or high ticket items. I’ve sold 7 items in 2023 as an average American consumer (target, Aerie, Forever21 etc) and casual lister cleaning out her closets. The only time I’ve had an issue with the app is uploading try-ons, but I heard back within a few hours from a real person, not a bot! Curtsy has been more communicative with me than I them as they work on the issue. I don’t know why other sellers have so many issues uploading items, out of 126 items I’ve only had 3 rejected and for valid and clearly stated reasons (bulk sales or men’s clothing). Even with the men’s clothing they gave me an option to relist with equivalent women’s sizing (I love that they’re allowing this, as a Tom boy I wear a lot of men’s clothes). Again great concept, great working, and a communicative team, I love that they continue to make updates. Don’t expect to make millions, it’s a thrifting app after all.

EllaVvvvvH, Feb 08, 2023
Great Platform and Excellent Customer Service

This is a great thrifting app! I have used other similar apps as well (poshmark and mercari). Curtsy is my favorite especially for buying. Pretty much all the sellers are younger, so most people take good pictures and respond really quick. The sales are also a great set up where the app covers the discount, so the seller still gets paid the full price. For selling, sometime it can be slower than other apps. It is only women's clothes on the app, so the platform is relatively smaller than other apps. If your items are not supper trendy and popular brands they will take longer to sell. That being said it is very easy to post an item, and you get also rewards points for posting each item. I think I sell with and equal success rate on Curtsy and poshmark. There is an automated selling helper where you put in the date you want it sold by and the lowest price you are willing to sell at, and it handles the rest. Though it hasn’t always been successful for me. I feel safest buying on this app because the customer service is top notch. They have REAL PEOPLE who you can message through the app about questions and issues! I bought something that came not as described. I posted my complaint and within minutes a customer service rep messaged me through the app, and I was able to get a full refund.

H Wifey, Oct 26, 2022
It’s okay

Let me start by saying I sell on Poshmark and never have any issues. I’ve bought things before that weren’t as described and Poshmark happily sent me a return label to ship back to the seller for a full refund. My first order on curtsy went excellent, so I had high hopes for ordering again through the app. I ordered two T-shirts recently that I received smelling disgusting. Think about how greasy dirty hair would smell. They were also wet and were smaller than what I already had that was that brand. The description said they were in great condition and were only worn one. For one, the item was an old design and I learned that since the tags are different than the one I already had, so this seller had the item for years. I could tell the items were worn MANY MANY times. One of them felt especially rough like a worn out shirt feels. I could tell it had some pealing starting to take place. They were shorter than the T-shirt I already had. It’s either they were shrank from washing it so many times or the fit was just completely different. The seller said it was true to size, which it wasn’t. I contacted customer service and they weren’t of any good help. I was told I could get a partial refund, which was barely anything. I was told that I should take it to a dry cleaners and have them clean it to remove the smell. That still doesn’t fix the other issues with the tops. Very disappointed. I will just continue to use Poshmark instead. There are just too many kinks to fix.

judgemebg, Sep 14, 2019
Waste of Time - Very Frustrating

I sell on several different sites. Each has its own merits and faults. This one takes the cake for being the most unwelcoming and not seller friendly. First of all the categories you are allowed to list in is limited. They told me this was because they are a small company still - ok understandable but still it’s limiting. Next - they seem to have some weird aversion to certain brands of clothing. Iron fist - you can list an item under that name - can’t put it in the title. They erase it. I think they think it’s naughty or something - uhhhh I’m sorry it’s the name of the brand. Minor thing. But then they just took down my postings for shorts saying they were unsupported. UHHHH - they are shorts!!!! Why??? Is the problem they are too sexy cause they are “booty” shorts? I feel like the ladies running this app are very uptight and picky. Which is fine - but you are not going to be able to compete long term with the other successful apps out there. There are other issues - the suggested price automatically populates and if you accidentally post by that price you are going to have to start all over again as you won’t be able to lower the price to promote even if you fix the price. Anyway - I’m done complaining - it is way not worth the frustration to post on this app for the low number of sales I have had here compared to other apps. I quit. Good bye and good luck! Erasing app now! 😜

Luciaodoyle, May 08, 2021
Loved in the past . . .

I LOVED this app in the past, I used it when it first came out. I still use it, but there’s a couple things that disappoint me sometimes. Whenever I try to promote one of my items I am selling, I will do a price drop, (which is one of the things you have to do in order to promote your items). Under my list of items I’m selling, it does not show that it’s being promoted. So another words, I’ve dropped the price of the item I’m selling, and it’s not always promoted. Another thing, the fee to use the app is high (20%) for items you sell that are priced under $15. Really, the fee is 20% for all items sold, but when you’re selling something under $15, along with paying for shipping, you can get very little return. I wish that the fee wasn’t higher for these low-priced items, but I understand this may be unavoidable. So this is not very much of a complaint, as there may be no way around this on the developers’ end. Just putting it out there. Other than these two issues, I really enjoy this app, and the ease of access. The interface is easy to navigate, the shipping kits are really useful to use as a seller, and all in all I’ve had a positive experience with the app, except for the first comment above. I hope this review is helpful to someone.

Maddie Izabel, Feb 04, 2022
Beware! Complete Rip Off

I list items on Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, vinted, and depop. Have made thousands of dollars doing so. I heard about Curtsy online and was excited to try something new. To he safe with sizing I always order a size up to factor in possible shrinkage/inconsistencies. Worst case it is too big and I relist it. In five years on all apps I have never once asked to return an item. Bought a large and am not kidding when I say it must have been a junior’s/child’s large. Mind you, I wear a size small and have multiple listings of myself on the app in tight form fitting size small items. I tell customer service that I would like to return the item but it is most certainly not “true to size” as stated in her description. Essentially, I was told all my listing photos fitting into items comfortable well under a large did not matter, the fact that I could barely get my arms/head in did not matter, she took a picture of the tag showing it is a large so that is that. Does not matter if it is possible if this knit sweater was extremely shrunken, or a child’s size, or one of those Chinese sizes and are always way off US sizes etc. Whatever the case may be. Tag says Large so it is a large. They tell me to just relist it but there is no point because I dont want some other poor soul being conned into wasting their money on something that says large but isn't a large! I want no business with this app and am deleting all of my listings on it.

missynellyit, Mar 20, 2020
Style and Extra $ On the Side

This app was recommended to me by a friend. I was out to dinner with her one night when I noticed her sweater. I was in love with it. She said she got it for only $15 which is crazy because I thought it was like a $60 sweater. She said she got it from curtsy and she told me about the app. I immediately got it and I bought some clothes. I get compliments on them everyday. What I love about the app is if you are unhappy with the price listed, you can negotiate! You can make offers too! I thought that was amazing! Another thing that I started to do was sell my clothes! During the coronavirus I made an effort to go through all my clothes. When I did that, I found so many clothes that I either did not fit into or it wasn’t my style anymore. I listed them all, and with in a month I made $150! It’s been more than a couple months and I am almost at $2,000! This could be you! I’m in high school and tons of clothing stores are closed all around me so I really enjoy using this app! If you have any questions you can message Clara Agnes! She is so nice and so helpful! Almost everyone in this app is so friendly and welcoming! I have not had a single problem with it! I 100% recommend this app! Anyone can use it and it is perfect for a way to make money for teens, college students, and adults! Get the app!

SouthernGirl_123, Jun 07, 2021
It’s okay.

I’ve been selling / buying on Curtsy for over a year now and I’m going to be honest about my experience. Compared to other apps, I think there’s better platforms out there. Curtsy is great for influencers and people selling the trendiest and brand new items, but besides that, it’s not great. On your feed there’s recommended items, but every time you log in it’s the same items, over and over again. It makes it really hard to find new items based on what you like. There are categories too you can search, but you can’t filter by size which I think is a huge flaw. I don’t know about you, but I feel like people are different sizes in different brands, and not being able to narrow your search down that way is frustrating. As far as selling, at first it was great! But now I’m getting no views on my items (even with complete 5-star reviews and brand new items from brands like MOTEL ROCKS and Nike). I feel like Curtsy tries to get new users and promotes them (which is great) but then forgets / pushes away older users. I have a few friends who use the app as well and they’ll tell you the same - at first it was great, but now it’s hard to even get your item seen. And the only way to promote your items is to drop the price, which means less profit. So, Curtsy is okay if you’re looking to buy / sell a few items for a week or so, but look for other platforms beyond that.

svnikki, Apr 15, 2023
Best Buy/Sell App!

Love this app! I’ve sold a couple of clothes as well as bough many items. The seller side is super easy, easy to post, easy to get the shipping label, and easy to ship it off! Buying items is easy as well. I enjoy that the app is tailored to females teens to young adult. The app ensures no low balling for sellers, and gives reasonable recommendations for what to offer for each item when you are buying. I’ve used FB marketplace, FB pages, mercari, let go, poshmark, thread up, and a few others and this BY FAR is my favorite. The only critique is that there is a noticeable smaller amount of people in the app so sales are slower then other apps. I prefer the quality of quantity. The curtsy cut is average/slightly above but you get sales every week on different items and the sale doesn’t effect the seller, the $$ comes out of the app developers fund(through the cut fund). You can earn coupons to use on clothes based on how much you buy/sell. Finally, the app is super friendly over all. Customers/sellers are amazing, and the app team is on standby to help with any confusion. I had a shipping issue and it was resolve and refunded in about 2hrs from my initial text to HQ through the app. I like how modern the app is, I’ve recommended it to SO many people.

Sydney3799, Jul 17, 2020


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