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User Reviews for CASETiFY

Almost Perfect!

This was my first time ordering from this company. Overall, it was a very flawless experience. Great photo quality & very fast shipping!! Unfortunately, there were just a few concerns and/or things to be aware of. The primary issue that contributed to the 4 stars instead of 5, is the fact that the picture is on the outside of the case. Why wouldn’t there be a simple clear cover to protect the artwork? I can already imagine the pics fading after only a few months of use. Even holding the phone in the same spot, I’d imagine, would begin fading the pic over time. The case that I chose was $39. That’s not cheap. The artwork should be protected. Mentioning money. Please be advised that there is an “international fee” if you’re ordering from the USA, as the transaction comes from Hong Kong!Edit: Update. Have ordered several of these cases now. Have been using them daily for a while & have experienced no scratching or fading. Plan to order again!! Updated to 5 stars!!

Bold Faith, Dec 26, 2018

this app is pretty cool! the interface is a little glitchy sometimes, but i really love how customizable each case is. especially with the ability to view the case on your specific phone in the color you own. that makes a huge difference when you’re looking at cases that are semi-clear. contrast that looks pretty on a white phone might not show up on a black one. great thinking including that functionality. I would say though, that it would be nice if i only had to tell my phone model and color once. like if i could tell the app when i first open it that i have this specific phone in this color, and then it defaulted to viewing each case in that combination instead of having to switch it every time. i think that would be a really convenient feature because it does get a bit annoying to keep having to switch it to my phone color and model for every case i scroll through.

chtrgr, Jun 25, 2020
App is nice but this company is awful.

I thought it would be fun to create a custom case for myself with my own artwork. I have been drawing/painting for years and I’d prefer to have my own artwork displayed on my $50+ case. I used the app and used a few designs of my own until I found one I liked. I waited, waited, and after about a month I looked at my email. Casetify would not make the case due to copyright infringement. It’s my *own* art. I get it to an extent. That’s not what’s made me mad. I emailed back and thought I would get a response that was helpful. I asked how I could prove I was the owner of the image. Things started to become helpful, but then I got an email that resembled the first. Keep in mind, in the first email it said “if we do not hear back in 2 weeks we will cancel the order and refund the money”. I didn’t see this email for over a month. My money was NEVER refunded. They also took an additional $1.56 from my bank account. I told the email bot to forget it and just refund me. I also messaged them on Instagram and they didn’t get back to me after 12 hours and read my messages. Their customer service is a complete joke.

Cookiewordslol, Apr 26, 2022
Excludes blind users

This app was an absolute nightmare and waste of time. I absolutely love the cases, but the app and websites for this platform is horrible. I am a blind/low vision customer so I navigate these things with my screen reader. I am unable to do that with this app and website for Casetify. When things are coded properly, I do not have any issues but this website and app clearly isn’t coded right. When I am shopping on other online platforms, I have no difficulty whatsoever. I am able to do what I need to do independently and with ease. That’s only possible when the developers create their apps and websites with everyone in mind. I wish that Casetify would do the same and provide more basic inclusivity. However, this is not the case with Casetify. It was extremely difficult, and my screen reader would not talk at all once I open the app. It would be stuck on the start up page. When on the website, it skips over important information and buttons. by the time I get to the checkout page, it doesn’t allow me to click my payment method. It doesn’t even read the Apple Pay option. worst app and website I’ve ever used.

Dat girl🤑, Nov 14, 2023
Excellent, protective cases that look great.

If you’re like me, having a case that’s protective against drops is even more important than an attractive one. I designed and ordered a snap case for my wife, whose iPhone 7 I have had to pay for screen replacements before due to drops in “pretty” cases that provided no real protection. Either the old cases were rubbery and in a drop the corner of the case can be pushed off the front by the impact, or the case barely comes up to flush with the front of the phone providing no protection to the screen. Garbage.Well, she put Casetify on her Christmas list so I crossed my fingers and ordered. Wow! This Snap case has a definite lip that protrudes. I’d be completely confident rubbing the phone on a table face down with no screen protector, because the case doesn’t let the screen touch the surface. Also the case is quite rigid and I don’t see this coming off even partially in a drop. The custom printing looks phenomenal too, and she loves her case. I’ll definitely buy one again when she gets a new phone.Thanks to the casetify folks for NOT forcing me to sacrifice protection and instead making it both attractive AND functional.

dgp1, Feb 04, 2018

I like their cases they’re nice and durable, however the designs are pretty basic, and theres only so much the buyer can customize about a case. Despite this I have bought one for my own phone, and my brother has bought one in the past as well, however recently I purchased 1 cases for my mom as a Christmas present. I ordered it on Nov 30. It said it would take 11-20 days to arrive which is long for how expensive they are but i did customized it, so I just assumed that’s y it would take so long. However it’s now Dec 26 and I still don’t have a case. Its literally been almost a month and my mom definitely didn’t get her Christmas gift. In the past they have always taken long but never this long very disappointed. I guess if your looking to gift a case make sure u do it 2 months in advance.

Farsfan, Dec 26, 2020
Horrible app, great cases.

Love Casetify cases. They’re very durable and always look great. This app, however, is extremely buggy and not very user friendly. If you want to see their signature designs, or search for a design in particular, you have to go to your shopping cart and click ‘continue shopping’. This is not really something that just occurs to someone to do when trying to navigate to the signature designs/search box. So until you figure that out, you’re stuck with only being able to make your own case. The bugginess is a HUGE problem for me. Found a case I liked, but could not change the type of phone or any characteristics of the case itself. Pictures take forever to load, as well as the next page. Tried searching the case I wanted on the safari website instead, but the case wouldn’t pop up. I literally typed word for word what this case was called and it was not in there. I ended up emailing myself a link of the case from the Casetify app for it to suddenly appear in the online store after clicking the link. After hours of trying this and that, I finally found the case and was able to purchase it, but not using the app. They seriously need to fix the interface and the inner workings of this app, because it is not working how it should. Needs better navigation and less loading issues. 1 star app, 5 star cases.

h_eliz, Oct 14, 2020
Still Haven’t Gotten My Case

Around a month and a half ago or maybe even more, I ordered a case. I had heard that their cases were very high-quality, (I have seen some of them, and I will say they are) so I was really looking forward to it. The first few days it said it would come August 14-17, and I was fine with that, but IT STILL HASN’T COME. I checked every single day on the porch and in the mail, but I got nothing! I am still very upset and want my case as soon as possible. And, every time I would open the app to check on my case, it would log out for no reason. Then, when I would log back in, it would say the order is “on hold”, though it’s been like that for a month and a half. I am very upset. I want my case.I am a 14-year-old, and I’m writing this. This should show that you guys need some stuff to work on when it comes to ordering.

Hkgifigcdgyddygxshhx, Sep 02, 2020
No phone case

So I wanted to buy a case for my birthday they were going to my best friend was gonna get me my case for my birthday so she told me get the design you want and I’ll pay for it so I go and I download Casetify and I wanna make a photo grid case tell me they didn’t have my phone case I have the iPhone 6s Plus and they didn’t have it so I was kind of bummed but in the App they have the 6S plus when you download the app you can scroll on the pictures and they have the 6s plus possible but I didn’t have they didn’t have it so I’m kind of bummed so I got no case I don’t hear me out I try to design a case a different phone case and it was beautiful but only if they had the case I wanted so great I don’t got any case so great

keilad123, Feb 09, 2022
Photo Case

So I recently purchased the more expensive drop-proof case with the super cool octopus on it, I fell in love with the case instantly and love how well it protected my iPhone X. It logically followed that I’d try out the same case with pictures of my dogs on it (I’m a dog trainer and thought this would be super fun). I made sure when I selected photos that they were the highest quality (and I also made sure the option said high photo quality in the app). I got the case in the mail today and discovered that the image quality on the case was no where NEAR what I was expecting from this company. I still love the case and at least I know it will protect my phone, but the photos are so grainy that it’s hard to make out what’s in some of them (and I used photos taken with GoPros, iPhone X, and Canon Rebel t5- all of which have amazing photo quality). I would’ve expected them to print the photos and enclose them inside the case (resin or something similar)... but they are printed on the outside of the case which means they will eventually scratch off. I’m super disappointed in both the case and the company which I previously associated with high quality products.

Lindsay_S, Aug 28, 2018


Millions of users love CASETiFY! CASETiFY is the world's first social design platform that turns your Instagram, Facebook and personal photos into custom cases for mobile phones and tablets. It's the simplest way to capture and take your favorite moments with you, everywhere you go.

CASETiFY is one-of-a-kind. It's the photos you just took and posted. It's an app that's fast and seamless with tons of editing and filtering options. It's an app that allows you to use your photos to create a personalized case. It's as simple as logging in with your Instagram/Facebook account, then using one of the cool designer templates, you can place your favorite photos all over your case! And within days, you will have your very own custom case delivered to your door - FREE shipping worldwide. The wait is finally over! With Apple Pay, users can now pay in an easy, secure, and private way. No more hassle with finding the right card and filling in the address. Just pick your design, then check out with a single touch. It is as simple as that. You can also share your design on Facebook, Twitter, Photo Library, Instagram and Email. CASETiFY prints the designs on an easy snap on, durable, hard case. It features an extremely slim profile and yet provides quality protection for your device. Need additional protection? Try our newest (and most loved) Ultra Impact cases today. Supported Devices: -iPhone 14 / 14 Plus / 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max -iPhone 13 / 13 mini / 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max -iPhone 12 / 12 mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max -iPhone SE -iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max -iPhone Xs / Xs Max / XR -iPhone X -iPhone 8 / 8 Plus -iPhone 7 / 7 Plus -Macbook -iPad Pro -iPad Mini 4 -iPad

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