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Vont - Text on Videos

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Yusuke Horie
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User Reviews for Vont - Text on Videos

A new idea

Hello I know I don’t work here but I wanted to add this because I think it would be a really good idea for me and my fan pages out there. A lot of fan pages use this app for text and add-text to their edits and we like to use it but recently it’s really laggy. A lot of parents to let us buy the five dollar room pack or add more than five text pack. So We just kinda cheat the system. So we add text to our videos like I usually just do 50 text. But it’s really laggy. So what we do is we just left like there and then we save the video and it’s not likeLaggy anymore. And a lot of us is hard for us to add the same text to our videos from the ones we did last time. So I thought it would be a really good idea to add some thing like Phonto where are you could just change the background video or photo but leave the text there. And then we got afterwords change the text and we don’t need to actually like create a new project and all that because that’s to be honest it’s really hard because we don’t have the patience it takes me two hours to make my theme. So if you can maybe you can add my idea! But of course I don’t work there so it’s up to you! By, Kimberly (Ps love this app)

| (• ◡•)|kimmy, Apr 25, 2021
Great App! Just a few problems!

This app is truly amazing for adding text over videos. All of the fonts are so cute as well, but there are a few problems and bugs in this app. I use this app to of course add text over videos. I have a fanpage on tik tok and I have a “big theme” there is this hack that you can save you theme to projects and it will save or whatever. This hack is a life saver until yesterday when it stopped working. I did this theme 3 times. Still not working. I can’t post anything because of this. Pls fix or help me. I’ve searched up how to fix this hack and still doesn’t work. Pls help, download app it’s amazing but there is lots of errors along with it.

hctvtvijiyghvbcyfuv, Feb 05, 2022
Ty for font

Thank you so much for font because it helped me so much with my videos I had to use something else but thank so much I don’t know what to do with out font because it means the world to me so please I can’t stop thanking you because I got so many fans it’s my dream to have a lot a fans but you know how much you mean to me i love this app so literally much it’s my world my life once again thank you if you see this and your the owner thank you this is the longest review I ever written in my entire life ty I know how many people have your app and the appreciate it bc they might have a dream of having fans and when I found out this app existed I was so happy I jumped up and down non stop bc this is the best app ever ty I will share this app to my friends so you can get more views ty

henna haha, Apr 14, 2021
I’ve Been

Can’t complain. I’m pretty much invested into this app because I’ve lack the ability to get out my box and try other apps, if there are better text on video app die tell me. I’ve been using this app for 3-4 years now or how very long that is in alien years. Idk. Whatever. This isn’t a review. This is me rambling while wasting your time. You’re welcome. I’ve wasted literal seconds you will never get back. Sorry not sorry. 😐 have a nice week, weekend, day, night or whenever you’re watching this. Wait. Reading this. Ok. Whenever you’re reading this. ✌🏽

KidDr1ft, Aug 26, 2020
This app is a lifesaver

What I like about this app is how easy it is to design all kinds of ideas. I’ve quickly edited mock up ideas of how-to video courses, editing animated memes, encouraging digital phrase videos with contrasting background colors, telling stories with emojis, creating funny memes, and a whole lot more. With saying all that, it would be nice to load a video or screen recording into Vonto from Photos app, or right after screen recording . Currently, after saving the video or screen record, I have to open the Vonto app to load the video or screen record. Other than that, this app is irreplaceable!

knnthlw, Oct 30, 2019
Keeps freezing/crashing

I had been using this app for months and was pretty happy with it (except for the annoying reminder I had to upgrade if I wanted more than 4 pieces of text). Then the app started freezing my iPhone XS. I would close the app and reopen it and it would work again. Then a week later when it would freeze I would go to reopen the app and it wouldn’t reload from the previous state. Had to start over. 15 seconds in - until the app would crash. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, no help. Of course tried restarting phone and also making sure I had the latest version software (of app and iPhone). No avail. So I am thinking of upgrading to the ‘pay’ version, but scared I will pay and it will keep crashing/feeezing. So SO bummed because this software is easy to use. Please fix the bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paigerazzi, Jun 05, 2019
A little buggy but decent

This app is good because it does what it says and it does it fairly well. The app crashed a few time when I tried to export my video and crashes EVERY time I tap the number in the square at the bottom to see the list of the fonts I’ve added to the video. This is quite annoying because that means I have to watch the video until the section with the desired text comes about then tap it to edit. Also, if there are a lot of text boxes throughout the video, not being able to see the list and time stamps of the added text would be frustrating. An option to have the text fade in and out would be a great addition to this app. It would look a lot smoother and be more pleasant to watch than the text pop in and out. If the bugs get fixed, I’ll give this app a higher rating.

pleasejustpostmyreviewapple, Dec 10, 2020
Not having to pay for the full version

Hello!Recently I started using Vont for videos and, the app is good really good! But, I have one complaint why do we need full version? I know you guys need money, but since I am a Roblox Youtuber and doesn’t use chat I highly recommend to use more than 5 text boxes that is one thing that fairly bugs me. Since, I am used to iMovie and can only use one per scene that’s why I split it. 2nd is short videos, now this is the most annoying one because you can’t use more than 1 minutes for videos. I wanted to see the full version cost and was like “my mom will never buy me that!” So, for people who use Vont I highly recommend you just work with it maybe there is a split button to help use a lot more text boxes! Soon! I expect frequent updates!Bye!

Robloxfunkid_999, Dec 08, 2019
to vont

Vont i don't like ur app because i used to be able to copy a text but now i have to pay to do it i used to edit all my videos from vont and now ur asking me to pay like no u were my favorite thigh to edit on but now i will not be able to i will most likely go back to capcut which is way better u could have done way better vont i will never forgive u vont was very bad to us preppy's i hope vont gives us back our glitch/copy and paste please don't make us pay because i've been a fan of vont for over a year and now i cant do anything without having to pay please make it back to the original and fix it or eles u will receive more hate on ur app if the owners of vont see this please fix it because we are all tired of the little thing poping up saying to pay and ikk my family will not like to pay and ur telling me i can inly put in four txt then it will tell me to pay 5 dollars just to add more text and a lot of people don't have that type of money to be spending on an app they've been using for a while please fix this vont i am so sorry for the people that cant afford this and u wanting us to pay and waste our own money on an app to get more words in, Thank u a lot again for what y'all have done im sick and tired of this bye.

thank u vontttt…, Jun 13, 2023
Thanks vont .

I hate how vont changed the the glitch for more text but now i cant i be trying to edit but i cant because they changed it and its super annoying and im a fan page and vont is super important To my coloring and I will not forgive them after what u did Vont please fix this or there will be more hate coming towards the people that made Vont and the producers. Please fix this because we need Vont to do stuff so if the producers see this I want u guys to fix Vont cause I’m so tired of it asking me to pay and I know my family don’t wanna pay for the and $5.00 for extra text is super expensive and a lot of people don’t have the money to pay for extra text so please fix this vont or more hate will come. Thank you for having the time to read this. 💗

toca boca2.0, Jun 13, 2023


Vont is a simple app that allows you to add text to videos. ・ More than 400 fonts are available. ・ You can install other fonts. ・ Text size is changeable. ・ Text color is changeable. ・ Text gradient is changeable. ・ Text's stroke color is changeable. ・ Text's shadow color is changeable. ・ Text's background color is changeable. ・ Text is rotatable. ・ Text kerning is changeable. ・ Line spacing is changeable. ・ Curved text ・ URL scheme: vont:// Try Phonto app, if you want to add text to photos. Phonto is a free app that is available on the App Store. -------------------------------- LANGUAGE -------------------------------- Vont supports only English (US), Chinese and Japanese, so when the priority of Chinese (or Japanese) in your setting was higher than English, Vont would be launched as Chinese (or Japanese) mode. To solve this problem… 1.

Open the Settings app. 2. Choose 'English' in 'General' > 'Language & Region' > 'iPhone Language'. 3. Turn back your 'iPhone Language' to your favorite language. -------------------------------- HOW TO INSTALL FONTS -------------------------------- Using iTunes, you can copy font files between your computer and Vont on your iOS device. 1. Select your iOS device from the Devices section of iTunes. 2. Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 3. Select "Vont" in the "File Sharing" section. 4. Drag and drop .ttf or .otf font files into "Documents". 5. Restart Vont. More detail about how to install fonts. https://vont.phon.to/install_fonts - Using videos below as screenshots http://www.videezy.com/nature/180-red-flowers http://www.videezy.com/abstract/160-roadtrip-abstract-stock-video

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