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Michel Loenngren
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User Reviews for TimeFreeze

It’s great but…….

Okay so i am a editor that uses alight motion and I can’t twixor things on alightmotion so I use this app look this app is great and all but sometimes it doesn’t work. Right now I was going to go twixor a video but then when im twixor it it freezes which happeneds a little to often which I hate. Or sometime it just won’t work or it won’t let you save the video.And plus I had to download this app around 4 times because it wouldn’t show up on my Home Screen or just wouldn’t download.So if your thinking of downloading this app this might happened but in all its a great app it has perfect slow mo.

(dhhdgdbchdhdmxkkx,,zla.als, Nov 25, 2021
Fine when it wants to work

when i first started using the app it worked fine, the results were good and it was smooth which was really helpful for edits. however, whenever i would try to slow down a video it either a) just would not load or b) would work but i would be presented with a black video. it’s frustrating trying to figure out what videos i’m able to slow down and then having a black screen for a video when it does work. i’m not sure if this bug is just for me, but it has been my experience with the app thus far.

boss-100, Aug 03, 2022
Was fine at first, but now barely works.

I got this app to edit clips for edits and it first, it worked really well. But now, it doesn’t do what it used to. When I go to convert a video, it gives me multiple ads and then doesn't even convert the video for me. And on the off chance it does, it won’t save in my camera roll. Another issue I have is that no matter what I do, whether its change my internet connection, restart my phone, or etc, some videos will get stuck at the very beginning of converting and just stay there. I don’t know what the issue is, but it’s very annoying and I’m very close to deleting the app.

dontmindmelol, May 29, 2021
Used it since day one- I beta tested it

Unfortunately the developer has not gotten back with me in many emails I have sent him. I would love to try the new features out. A lot of the time the app just crashes on me and I would love toTalk to him about it but he never gets back with me. We talked for years as I helped beta test this app and I watched it go through many different changes and I’m so happy that it’s still in the App Store butMy email address is my name but at Gmail so please get in touch with me developer because I can’t get in touch with you…

Eve Severe, Jun 03, 2021
Kpop editor (tiktok)

As an editor, it’s really hard trying to find an app that slows down a video smoothly, and this app does that. But when you’re slowing the video down it will just freezes. (The screen) I waited to see if it would do something but it just stayed frozen. I deleted the app and reinstalled it to see if it would work and it did. Now every time I want to use this app I would have to delete it and reinstall it for it to work. Please fix this problem.

Lin lin <3, May 01, 2022
super helpful! But just one thing..

Okay, this is app is the key to my editing not gonna lie. But usually it won’t slow down certain videos, and it would the screen would just freeze. Also, I would trimmed my videos so it would only show a specific part in the film, but when I try to slow down that video on the app, it shows the full video as if I didn’t trim it at all! Developer, please fix these issues if you can. Thank you.

malayz, Apr 14, 2022
Fix the Glitches please

As a fan editor, it’s really hard to find an app that slow down a clip smoothly. This app does just that, but recently whenever im about save a clip it just takes me to an empty screen and i save it, it doesn’t even show up i’m my camera roll. it does this repeatedly and it gets frustrating so would you mind please fixing that problem. like this app is amazing and i want to continue using it but the glitches are getting frustrating.

potaaaatoo, Jul 20, 2021
Love the options and visuals when converting

I generally use ffmpeg CLI on a-shell when interpolating video footage, but the drawbacks (uh…. command line… ugh) make it a slow process. Your GUI is simple yet pleasing, and the ability to set the different types of options accordingly make this one of my favorite apps.The only negative I’ve seen so far is that the app stops converting simply from pulling up the app list from the bottom of the screen. Most other video apps continue to convert/render/export when this is done. I’m sure there’s a reason for this though, right? ; )

stl5n0, Mar 15, 2022

The app is great at converting videos to lower frames or higher, and the slow motion makes the videos slow but with smooth animation. The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t even give you the option 60fps. I tried converting a video to 60fps but the only options it gave me were 24fps or 120fps, and every video I chose it gives me the same thing. And when converting a video to the selected Fps, it doesn’t work or stops and then the download freezes and your download won’t finish. Overall in my opinion, the app does what it’s supposed to do and isn’t a fake app.

The_Anime_Derp, Aug 17, 2021
My review on time freeze

So it’s a really good app I really makes good Slomo‘s but there’s one problem about how sometimes it doesn’t load or anything and I would have to wait a couple of days or download it again I cannot do you slow Mo’s right now because it’s really messing up and I don’t like it I’m not saying the ad is bad it’s really good but it’s just not the one for me because it doesn’t load or anything so I’m just gonna say I love your app but sometimes it does a lot maybe there’s bugs in it but yeah I still have your app but I’m not saying it’s bad:)

u already kno😡🙄, Sep 14, 2021


Ever wished you would have shoot a video in slow motion? Or maybe your iPhone does not support recording slow motion video? TimeFreeze is a unique video editing app that allows you to change the speed of videos from your camera roll.

It uses advanced image processing algorithms to convert footage from 30 frames per second to 120 or even 240 looking surprisingly smooth. The app also allows you to convert high speed video to normal 30 or 24 frames per second videos. The app currently supports converting seamlessly between 24, 30, 60, 120 and 240 frames per second. As a bonus TimeFreeze also allows you to export your slow motion edits into shareable 30 or 60 frames per second videos. TimeFreeze has already been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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