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Bonnie Curtis
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User Reviews for Colourtone

Not everything should cost money 😐

Okay so first off I would like to say DON’T TELL ME TO TRY OTHER FILTERS BECAUSE 99% of them cost money. I am a zepto creator so I always need filters for my videos I was constantly downloading apps for my coloring and stuff until I found out about your app every zepto creator was using this one filter “palm beach” so I got super excited because I knew this was the one until I saw that it cost money. Right now I’m not at the age to have a job and I don’t like to be having to constantly be asking my family for money that’s not me. So you guys got me hopes up. I also heard that that filter used to be FREE and that since everybody started using palm beach you decided to make people pay for it now. I just wanna know WHAT was going threw y’all’s head when you decided to do that?? If everybody was using that filter why would you make it cost money that would literally make everybody stop you using the app because not everybody has money. Maybe if it was still FREE way more people would be using this app. ALSO I can’t even upload my Zepto videos there’s literally no coloring even though y’all stay saying it saved like wth. Anyways 0 out of 10 app I don’t recommend at all 🥱.Oh you guys are lucky that you even got 1 star from me. and I just know y’all are not gonna respond because you can’t handle facts😐.

adda blocker, Apr 29, 2021
It’s okay but…

Hello! So if your reading this your maybe thinking of downloading this app… Well it’s worth it! I use it to make videos for social media, And free videos for others to use. (With and without credit) If your a fan page, Or aesthetic account etc. THEN I RECOMMEND THIS APP!!! My favorite filters are Avalon and Coogee That you guys should use for fan pages and aesthetic accounts! (Tutorial) coogee 2x (put filter on save it and do it again) ultralight, (another app that’s amazing and free) I like to make it a bit bright! :) Then I go to prequel! (another great app! It’s free) it’s also optional. And out on some bling filters. But there’s one thing I’d like you to fix. The palm beach filter! I loved it but you had to make it locked while some people don’t have the money to pay for it… Overall, Thank you for reading this and I totally recommend it!!!

Ash._.ART, Mar 26, 2021

I absolutely love the Colourtone App! I have had many editing apps and I have found that this one is my favorite! I use this app the most because of it’s amazing presets! There are three different photographers (preset creators), Bonnie Cee, Clint, and Brooklyn Kelly. I personally use the Bonnie Cee the most because it’s presets fit me better! However, all three are absolutely amazing! One of my favorite things about this app is that you can change each preset to fit you better and if you find the perfect edit you can save it with just one click of a button! Another thing is that, it’s very easy to use! Most editing apps are very complicated but with Colourtone it’s very easy to work with! There are of course presets that are free, but some however do cost money. If you find one that you really like but it costs money, it’s very much worth it! Try something new and download Colourtone!

bforce03, Nov 24, 2019
Palm beach

Hey I like Colourtone I just stop using it and I don’t like it as much anymore because many filters are locked and many people don’t have the money to pay and there is only around 5-10 filters unlocked or a bit more but you could barely see the filter and not much people like it can you please unlock more filters and leave less filters lockedAnd more unlocked? Thank you. Now another issue or that a lot of people love the filter palm beach and used it a lot I loved it a lot too and now it’s locked which makes me sad and everyone else which is why people don’t use this app anymore if you want to grow I think you should unlock palm beach and more filters people don’t have the money and lots of people loved the filters palm beach and used it a lot can you please unlock palm beach? And remove the water mark please, I don’t think anyone would like if you guys unlocked palm beach and left the watermark, have a great day thanks for reading my interview!

exicutedog, Sep 16, 2020
Please read 🥺

I have always LOVED Colourtone, and my favorite filter to use was Palm Beach. The recent update has now locked palm beach, so unless I pay money, I can’t use it. That is unbelievable, so many ppl loved that filter and used it, which is probably why we now have to pay. Another thing is we can’t add dust to videos but we can add it to pictures, and I’m grateful for that, but I would like if we could add dust or videos. I know so many ppl who use the filter “Palm Beach” who now have had to switch apps, or filters, and it made me really sad when I went to go edit my video and palm beach was locked, I also noticed you locked other filters that were once free. Also, a lot of ppl don’t have money to pay for filter packs or colortone pro, including myself. I know you may consider this a “you, problem” than your own problem, but it would mean so much to the thousands of people, including myself, if you could make some filters available for the free version, including palm beach. I apologize for the trouble and for this long review, but there are many issues as well. I have a fanpage, which I use colortone to add filters to videos. When I use the app “Vont” I go to colortone to add filters over the video and text, but when I do that, it makes my videos look blurry and glitchy, even without adding texts to video, it still does that. I think that is a major problem. Thank you. 🥺

gabby the amazed😍, Aug 24, 2020
Please respond to this this 🥺

I have always loved the app and loved the filters, even after the update I bought the pack that I usually use. But I have not been able to use any of the filters. Every time I click on a video and click “edit” my screen freezes and my phone turns off. if I try to go back onto the app it does the same thing. freezes and turns off. I tried deleting the app and re-downloading the app many many times. I also tried closing out of the app fully, but it doesn’t work. I really need to start using that app again for my account, so please if there’s anyway you can fix it or update it please do. I’m also not the only one that’s been dealing with this.

life.with.ari_, Apr 16, 2021

i love this app and i still do! But the thing is, I bought the pack with palm beach in it and loved it, but i deleted it once to see if the restore would work, and it did. So i deleted the app again after a couple weeks and re-download it again. I did that, but than I went back into the app to restore my filters, and i went to see the filters and it said i didn’t buy it:( the filters i bought where probably my favorite so i am so sad that i don’t have it anymore! i tried tons of times and it still didn’t work, it might just be something that will install later so im not to worried but i just wanted to say it just so people can know it might happen:)

nrdpotaro, Feb 23, 2022
Best photo editing app available🙌🏼

This app has all of the features of other editing apps I used to use but somehow even better and in one place. I used to have to export my pictures from one app to another, this one just blows everything out of the water. Bonnie is an amazing artist and it is such a blessing to get some of her professional filters for free when in reality she could charge $20 for each one. I’ve seen filters go for more than that even, but it’s only $2-5 for each pack which includes around 10 filters!! The generosity is soso kind. She rotates which filters are free so you get to try them all basically. I cannot recommend this app enough!!

organicspoon, Aug 26, 2020

I love color tone I really do but the reason I rate this 4 because the time was because I always seem to have troubles with exporting videos. to be honest it’s ridiculous because this is supposed to be a really good app and I know a lot of people say it is. although I have not gotten these troubles until I got up to 100 videos. so I had to end up deleting the app and then reinstalling it. and it still did not work so I’m really questioning why I have to delete the app and then delete all the progress I made on it just for it to work and then it might still not work, that’s a risk and I do not like how risky the app is because if you you might have some really good memories or stuff on it that’s now gone because of its progress that still does not work. I find it ridiculous and I feel like this needs to be fixed.

Pixie The Tiny Little Princess, Feb 18, 2021
Best app ever! Please read.

Okay so I got this app because everyone was talking about it! So when I downloaded it, it was very confusing for me, but when I had if for a couple minutes and played around with filters I liked it became so much easier and so much more aesthetic. I used to post pics and videos (I’m a roblox tiktoker) without a filter and I compared the ones with filters and they look so much better! I’ve had the app for a few years now and everybody gives me compliments the only thing I don’t like about this app is that most of the filters that I like and everyone uses you need premium For. Most apps like do that and I’ve never seen an app with all free filters. But maybe they could add some new ones for free? Some pepole don’t want to spend their money. But overall I was so happy about how my videos are turning about because of this app! Love this app so much and if you don’t have it you need it! It’s amazing for adding personality to your videos. My fav filter is boocray for sure! 😊🤍

swaggyxmadz, Feb 08, 2021


Creative photo + video filter app developed by leading photographers and content creators. It’s time to take your edits (and Instagram) to the next level and achieve the photography aesthetic you have always dreamed of with this essential filter editing app which brings premium + professional filters directly to your iPhone. Made for creators, trendsetters, and go-getters.

Follow @colourtone.app on Instagram to view our favourite edits, get exclusive previews and tutorials by creator and professional photographer Bonnie Cee. — 110+ FILTERS to choose from! With our ever-expanding filter library, you’ll never need another app to find the perfect pairing for your photos. You can even create your own variations for endless creative options, all you need to do is save your favourite filters for use on future edits. Bonnie Cee Collection (@bonniecee 192K) Island Escape Collection (10 filters) Summer Daze (9 filters) Wanderlust (9 filters) City Lights Collection (7 filters) Classic Collection (7 filters) Cali Summer Collection (8 filters) Middle East Collection (4 filters) Beach Bronze Collection (9 filters) Royal Collection (4 filters) Luxe B&W Collection (5 filters) Clint Robert Collection: @clint 377K Clinty Beach Collection (8 filters) Colour Pop Collection (6 filters) Constellations Collection (7 filters) Seasons Collection (5 filters) Brooklyn Kelly Collection: @brooklynkellyy 300K Summer Collection (8 filters) Portrait Collection (5 filters) Film Collection (5 filters) — Adjustment settings for creative editing: Contrast, Brightness, Saturation Exposure, Highlights, Shadows Vibrance, Temperature, Tint Sharpen, Vignette, Noise HSL Editing (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) Light-Leaks (20 + options) Film Effects (dust + grain) Additional features: Built-in gallery to import photos & videos Pinch to zoom for ease in photo editing Reset button to revert to the original image Compare button with multiple compare views to see before and after of the filter effect

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