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User Reviews for Poparazzi

best app i have

I really love this app. Me and my friends have had so much fun sneaking up on each other taking pictures and trying to embarrass each other more on the profiles. I really like the idea that I am not in charge of my profile that way i’m not so paranoid that I don’t look good or people won’t like it because I’m not the one posting it. It really helps with self-confidence and it’s really fun to see what everybody posts. I think that this app is a great one to have and it really helps with how are you feel about yourself and it’s really fun to see what your friends post because honestly it’s a surprise every single time. If you’re thinking about getting this app I definitely would.

.L.8., Jun 03, 2021
Extroverts perfect app

It’s more nicer if you’re an extrovert and can hang out with friends. If you’re not the type to take pictures with friends or doesn’t really hang out with them to take pictures then it’s not for you. Also whenever I press the P, I never see anyone else’s pops besides who I know so if you don’t know barely anyone else on the app then you’re kind of left bored. It’s nice in the sense you get to post for your friend but it’s really annoying when your friend still cares about how they look and complains so then they take it off even when you think it looks fine. Literally the whole point of the app is to not care what people think and for people to see you through your friends lens but OK.

alssaw, May 25, 2021
Why I Love This App

When Snapchat came out in 2012, it was a new take on social media. The idea was brand new and people loved it. Today, all products by a certain company (that if I say I think this review will get shadow banned) are just clones of one another. Poparazzi is like Snapchat in 2012, with an original idea for social media. Instead of posting to your profile, your friends take pictures of you and post them to your profile, and you do the same for them. Also, another reason I love this app is for the little data it collects. Just scroll down and you’ll see only two things are collected. Unlike a certain app. Anyway, I think that this is a really cool app and that if enough people find out about it, it could be like Snapchat today.

b70v, Jul 14, 2021
Great app but needs improvements

Paparazzi is a very fun app, it’s great if your a little bit younger and can’t get TikTok or Snapchat! It’s free and very easy to sign in! But, It does have a few glitches. Sometimes when you search something up it takes about a minute, usually it only should take a few seconds. I also have a suggestion, maybe make it so you can delete your search history. Obviously I know this app is very new and will have glitches. The last glitch I have seen is that it won’t let me tag anybody after I popped them, I took a picture of my friend and tried to tag them but their name wouldn’t show up. But overall this app is wonderful! 4 stars!!

cG1357246, May 29, 2021

This app is really good. It was super fun to be able to post random pictures on my friends accounts and people reacting to them. I first got the app when the beta version came out and I was overall excited for the release. Once the app released, many spammed all accounts, especially mine due to everyone being able to choose fun “rare” usernames and trying to show it off. Due to other people spamming my account out of excitement while I was asleep,I got banned, but i’ll be patient and wait for the option to appeal. Otherwise the developers worked really hard on this app and it shows and I can’t wait to use it in the future. Happy developing!!

Dmbadillo, May 28, 2021
Weird that others can post to a profile of you that you might not know exists

As another review said, I think the app is a good idea but poorly executed. My main issue is that the app has a way of trapping you in, so you won’t delete it. Once you are bored of the app and want to get off the platform, you now don’t want to delete it because you won’t be able to monitor what people are posting to your profile. The scariest part is that people can add pictures of you to a profile, even if you deleted your account or didn’t have the app in the first place. (It will just appear as “This profile has not been claimed yet”) There are people at my school who have a tons of embarrassing pictures of them added to a profile of them, that they didn’t make & had no idea about. I guess it’s a smart business idea—they got me to keep notifications on at all times + keep the app out of fear.

Jdudydifichijdfcshm, Aug 04, 2021
More features

I love the concept of the app and how it’s supposed to capture the moment with your friends without the worry of likes, followers, and etc. I think there should be a feature of allowing to comment so we can engage with that fun memory. I don’t like how it automatically syncs into our contacts as that can still be a safety hazard for people. There should also be a feature of just allowing only friends as in people that follow each-other back to view certain posts that we don’t want exposed to the public. The react feature is not my favorite as it doesn’t really do anything beneficial so instead should be changed to a comment section which I had stated. I also think that short videos should be allowed like 5 seconds or less keeping it simple but still fun.

khlorockie, Jun 08, 2021
AMAZING APP…but one small suggestion

Now look i LOVEEEEEE the app Poparazzi❤️its amazing now I hope the developers 👨‍🏫see this I was maybe hoping you could add a comment section 💭to the app and also maybe add where theres hashtags ✌🏽like if your at the beach 🌅 you could say #beachday and add a caption✍️ I understand why you don't do ❌that but I really do think you should add that it would make a great edition😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀Also lets talk about how the app is Now I give this a three star 🌟 because ny friends are trying to join Poparrazi but listen to me 👂 she cant its not taking her application 📄 so please fix this and can you please have a option to have multiple accounts maybe 2 or 3 instead pf one ☝️ just incase for a backup ➡️ or to have a friends account 👯‍♀️that would be a really cool feature but other than all I'm saying its a great app totally suggest it if you cant have insta this is a almost replica version for you

Niyayeller444💛💛, Jul 17, 2021
To those who gave poor reviews due to long wait times to create an account

In reality, this app should have 5 stars. What some fail to realize is that massive server traffic will slow activity and occasionally cause the app to malfunction or crash. This app was entertained on TikTok for quite some time, and when it was finally released, hundreds of thousands of people who pre-downloaded all logged in at the same time. Quite honestly, I am impressed at how well the app functioned despite an incredibly large amount of user traffic. Well done, developers.

s.ambr, May 26, 2021
Good idea, poor execution. Genuinely concerned about being unable to delete my account.

The app idea was an interesting concept and I had fun with it for a day or two. Eventually the app lost its fun and I realized there’s not a lot to do with it. Because you are automatically connected to anyone in your contacts, people I barely knew would be on my front page and I could not do much about it. Overall it was not the best so I decided to delete my account. I also fear that because so many people can post onto my page, the floodgates can be opened to account raids that I cannot prevent with photos possibly not even of myself that are graphic or something of that sort. However when I went to delete my account it kept denying me the ability to delete my account. I started by entering my phone number, then using the verification that was sent to my phone number. After all that went through it would simply deny my request. I’m concerned that I’ll be stuck with this app, and due to my fear of an account raid, I refuse to leave my account unattended.

SowrKiwi, Jun 14, 2021


Poparazzi is a new photo sharing network where your friends are your paparazzi and you are theirs. Your profile on Poparazzi is created by your friends when they take photos of you. On the flip side, you create your friends' profiles when you take photos of them.

Let's get it poppin! For more information, visit www.poparazzi.com

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