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TravelBoast: My Journey Routes

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TravelBoast: My Journey Routes

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User Reviews for TravelBoast: My Journey Routes

I think that you guys forgot to add some flags

I think that this app is a great app to use but I only have one issue with this and it the flags. When I drive through Kosovo it shows a Serbia flag on it so it makes people think Kosovo is a part of Serbia but in reality it isn’t. Kosovo is an independent country and it has his own flag so I would appreciate it if you put the Kosovo flag instead of the Serbia one. I am from Kosovo myself so I would like this change a lot so if you guys do this then this game would be five stars

Arber Kola, Mar 26, 2022
Amazing and user friendly

App is simply amazing and user friendly, Simple tutorial at the start is enough to get started with the app, also no ads in between bothering the creation, only ads that are played while exporting, but worth it for the free version. Also if wanna explore the full elements have to pay, which seems worth, will consider in future ❤️

Bagees96, Jul 02, 2023
Really nice game but a few bugs

This game is really nice but it could use a few fixes for example, when you make complex routes it Automatically disconnects you. It is also very hard to make routes like traveling across countries borders or just outlining something. Those are the only complaints I have otherwise it’s a great game!

Bruhyouatemypizza, Feb 23, 2023

Would have given it 5 stars because I like the app, and as a content creator it is great, however the choice of colors (need black) and the fact Big Rig Flatbeds aren’t available to choose is a disappointment. It would really be great if the development team could add Peterbilt Model Trucks with Flatbed trailers. Also adding black as a choice of color. I drive a Flatbed truck, as do millions of other drivers. Don’t leave us flatbedders out!! Once I see those flatbed rigs as a choice I will resubmit a 5 star review!!! Hopefully soon!!!

Choicemas, Sep 30, 2021
Great App But Unfortunately Very Buggy and Crashes

I absolutely love this app I am a semi truck driver and I enjoy sharing with my family and friends where I go to each month it’s fun to track all my routes so they can see where I’ve been for work. Unfortunately I have noticed in the last fee attempts to make a route it has gotten extremely buggy and often crashes while the app is trying to create the video. especially when I start putting in many locations. Overall still a very good app if these few things get fixed it’ll definitely be a 5 star for me.

Dunn999, May 01, 2023
Fun app, but no Union Jack

This is a great app but noticed a few bugs. When city hopping to relatively nearby cities, the route doesn’t mark these to the appearance is that the plane is just flying over the city. I hacked this by changing the color of the plane for each stop. Also, my stop in London didn’t give me a Union Jack flag. Every other country flag for my other stops came up except that one.

FeeDoc, Sep 05, 2023
Super cool! We love it

This app is really new and neat. We love the idea of turning our trips into visuals! It makes it so fun and exciting looking back on trips or looking forward to trips. I can’t wait to create my routes using emojis like airplanes, camper vans, and hiking people. I love the videos it makes that you can easily share or post!

jennachipps, Feb 14, 2020
Good potential but flawed

I’ve tried creating our routes several times and it doesn’t make it easy to drop a location and add onto it. The lines cross and if you could lock them in somehow, it might make it easier to create a accurate route. I downloaded to show followers our travels, but still struggling and feeling a bit a regret for the money spent. Just my opinion. 🙃

Megamer2233, Apr 07, 2023
Love this app🥰🥰

I got this app because of TikTok and I’m in love with it. I started travel around the world because of this app. The kids also really enjoy it when we went to Dubai earlier this summer. It truly is amazing.

MichelleBryer, Aug 18, 2021
Coll but a few bugs

This is a good game to have fun or record your trips you’ve gone on but a bug or a glitch is that when you put locations that are opposite or a weird position from each other, or too many locations it shows all these lines that randomly pop up, the pin points i guess you could call them, disappear, and then when you try to make it a video it just crashes and takes you out of the app, if in the next update or two this gets fixed, i would say this is a good game and it is but these glitches kind of make it annoying. You could maybe add a feature that you could put the names of place throughout the start and end, for example if you took a trip to Europe from Canada and then lastly to Austria or something , and you could enter France somewhere, then the UK, then Germany, and then after you type in all the places it rakes you to your ending point.

mile the car man, Dec 27, 2022


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