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Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects

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Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects

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Paul Falstad
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User Reviews for Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects

Photo Booth On Steroids

When I first opened this app, I expected a whole lot of disappointment. I was front. This app has so many customizable and interactive effects it’s almost insane. Several effects are very creative, fun and especially interesting. (Epilepsy warning for some effects though). The best part was I experienced little to no ads and there was a surprising amount of effects that were free.

ffmtbry, Jun 03, 2023
Great, great, great great APP but some effects change TOO RAPIDLY.

💫MegaPhoto is a truly, truly great app! There are plenty of really fun effects to choose from. 💫Some of the effects, though,CHANGE WAY TOO QUICKLY and can’t be slowed down (at least I haven’t found a way). IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT TO CREATIVELY USE THE EFFECTS THAT ARE SHIFTING REALLY RAPIDLY. It’s hard to get the photo you want!💫I love MegaPhoto, but the issue I just mentioned loses a star for me. SLOW THOSE CHANGES DOWN PLEASE! Some effects DO allow you to control changes by screen tapping. Those are usable.💫Still, THANKS for making a really FUN APP!

longtalker, Aug 26, 2020
Great App for all ages!

I have always loved this App. Whenever I was little (around the age of 6) my aunt had an app similar to this on her iPad and I loved it I went home later that day looking for that specific app but then I found this app and this one is 10x better than whatever knockoff of this I was using. Needless to say I have love this game for almost 7 years. It’s a great game for al ages with a great variety of filters whether you are feeling goofy, playful, or just cute this game is definitely for you!

Lovey22345, Jan 04, 2018

I’ve used this since I was in Highschool, I’m 25 and still use it phenomenal features and filters that never take away from your real beauty. I’ve loved it from when I found it till the day I die! So much fun and even has its ow. Library that takes up less space then the phones library itself . Even have made REAL music videos on this app.The best of its kind .

MADDZAWTREE, Aug 05, 2019
Best filter app I could find!

I’ve been using this app for years and it’s great! Each update brings something new and cooler than the last filter. It even has cool little games. There’s so many filters you can use, and this also helps me add cool traits when making a video. It would be a real shame if it weren’t updated for any upcoming iOS, because this is a very helpful and fun app!

Reviewer Jalen, Nov 10, 2018
Great beginner editing app

Really useful app for editing videos with interesting effects. I really only use a core 6 for different things. You are able to layer effects, however unable to edit sounds/ add soundtracks, but you can easily save it to your camera roll and use another app. 4 stars because I wish I had more useful effects/ options or more effects were available for use.

RosaK418, May 07, 2019
Cool but Money grabber

This app is pretty cool except for the fact that it makes you pay for some of the effects. Plus it’s annoying how it shows you the ones you can’t have without paying. It’s a cameral. It’s like your trying to show people how cool those ones are and then say “NOPE! You can’t have them.”😡 But anyway the parts I can have on this app are awesome and I think it’s way better than some apps. 😀

S😃A😃D😃E, May 21, 2020
My brother loves effects!

So I was just thinking about Alex so I introduced this app to my brother Alex and he loved it! He loves effects so much to the point he watches effects videos 24/7!!!! HE LOVES IT! So I made some effects videos for him doing G major 4 effects video by screen recording! If you don’t know what G major 4 is it’s a type of effects so there is different versions of effects but I like G major 4 the best! I love how my brother has MegaPhotoPro and plays with the drawing and draws whatever he wants! He draws pizzas, hearts, and colors the screen blue, and even plays XCheck! We just have lots of fun and he even takes videos of me and photos because he just likes it!

sakura_magica11211, Jan 11, 2022
Wow! Fantastic! Far Out!

As promised to their app support team about my concern regarding the 49.5 GB of space that I believed mega photo was tying up putting my iPhone in jeopardy of crashing; was cleared up by their app support team and the eRRor was all on me. Sorry Gals and or Sirs; please forgive!Anyways, I have always loved this app! It’s one of many favorites that I absolutely use everyday, even three, five and or ten times a day. Thankfully, I now know what to do to get them collective thousands of photos off my phone, and I now have only 13 GB of space being used by all the apps on my phone. Anyways; I’m happy, happy happy now!Thanks again support team!Sincerely Mahogany Rapture

StrandedArtist, Aug 06, 2019
Highly recommend

This is a great app! It has so many things you can do! I was originally looking for the photo booth app that comes with Apple Devices, but this is even BETTER! WAY BETTER!! You NEED to get this app! And it doesn’t cost a single penny! You can pay for more features, but even without the subscription, it is a fantastic app!!! If you’re looking for something to entertain yourself, or even take wacky pictures, I highly recommend! GET IT NOW!!! 😃

SwiftAsLife, Nov 26, 2019


Mega Photo is the #1 app for transforming your photos and videos into fun and inspiring masterpieces with 800+ of FREE effects! Twist, morph, pinch, and warp your photos into outrageous designs! You can even spin your images in 3-D.

There are over 800 free effects to choose from and you see them all in real-time. You can take videos with the effects too! You can pause the recording to switch effects in the middle of your video. Make a music video by selecting a soundtrack from your music library! Effects include: tunnel, mosaic, puzzle, hue shift, motion blur, tile, emboss, spinning cube, x-ray, collage, night vision, halftone, light tunnel, and many more. There's also 40 vintage camera effects for a retro feel. Mega Photo will transform your photos and videos with amazing effects you won't find in other photography apps. It's the most fun you can have with your photos! ** TRANSFORM YOUR PHOTOS IN AMAZING WAYS ** Mega Photo makes your photos and videos as unique as you are. Over 800 free effects are shown to you in real-time. You can play a tile puzzle with a live camera feed, go through a wormhole tunnel, view a spinning globe, and much more! The app can switch from the front to rear facing camera with the touch of a button. You can use the live camera or a still image - just choose a favorite picture from your library or take a new picture. Many of the photo effects are interactive so you can personalize it even before taking your picture or video. Tap and drag, zoom with two fingers, rotate, and more to make it your own. ** SHARE THE FUN WITH FRIENDS ** Photos are more fun with your friends, and Mega Photo makes it easy. Share your zany and funny photos (like you as the Mona Lisa!) easily. Just tap to email your photo or post to Facebook or Twitter. Are your friends nearby? Snap a photo with all of you using the helpful timer. Set the timer for up to 30 seconds so all your buddies can get in the picture. Don't forget to choose your favorite photo transformation to amaze your friends. ** APP FEATURES ** • Transform Your Photos - Distort, pinch, and change colors of your photos and videos • 800+ Free Effects - Apply eye-popping effects to your images with just a tap of your finger • Interactive Adjustable Filters - View and change your photo effects in real-time • Share with Friends - Easily post your photos to Facebook or Twitter, and email to friends and family. • Use Existing Photos - Snap a new photo or use your existing pics on your camera roll. • Play Games - Take your photos and play classic arcade games with your photos. • Take Video - Mega Photo can be used for video too with effects that would make Michael Bay jealous. • Add Music to Videos - Add music to your videos and become the next Justin Bieber with Mega Photo... or not.

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