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Tempo - Music Video Maker

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User Reviews for Tempo - Music Video Maker

✨•Amazing App•✨

This has to be one of the most easiest editing apps I have ever used! Some of the good qualities about the app are if you don’t want to pay for the app you can still use it because there are some transitions that are free. The creators also adds new transitions everyday at some time. I have only had the app for about a half a month and I’ve made over 30 edits!!! All you do is select pictures from your camera roll in the order you want the pictures to go and the app does the rest for you! The app also works in the car I don’t know if that’s just for me but it does work in my car. Now every app has at least one thing wrong with it and to be fair this one has about 1 or 2 for me. I have no idea if this is just me but when I finish an edit and I want to see how it looks, if it’s a fast moving transition it will lag even if I have WiFi. Another thing is how somethings I’ll have enough storage and the app will just put a big text on my screen implying that I can’t do that edit, even if it’s an transition that’s free. That could also just be me but again I’m not for sure. Over all this app is amazing and if your thinking about getting it then get it because it’s the easiest editing app you’ll ever use! Thanks for reading and enjoy the app!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

✨||•Editing_Queen•||✨, Sep 18, 2021
I hate it

This app used to be amazing until the new update. Now all of the templates are just trash, and pretty soon I’m just gonna delete it because I don’t know what the use of an app with trashy templates that I don’t wanna use. All the things that I liked about this app are now gone, and all my favorite templates are gone, this is a tragedy, because I really love this app, but I guess I was wrong downloading it. and now my favorite template, bring me your phone, got edited and I hate the music on it, it sounds horrible, I really hate this app now! It used to be great, but now you wanted to make your trashy updates and now I don’t wanna use it anymore. Thanks for some useless trashy update that I hate, I hope I can find a better app than tempo trash.

BrieTiana, Nov 20, 2022
This is a good app but there’s some problems

So reasons why I give a four out of 10 is that whenever I see a like a trending video and I go to click on it and I like use my time to wisely to get it for the video you know like usual but and then once I’m done it gives me like this pop-up which I don’t really know if y’all really get it but it shows me “ subscribe for like three days” and ignore this annoys me sorry I’m to lazy to go back And once I click the X Mark it shows like a pop-up on the top like subscribe or like something and I really annoys me because it’s a really good edit so I would really like you to fix it but I also have a reason but like y’all have like a reason why 100% I get it but it’s just really annoying for me and please say something back I would really enjoy you telling me something yeah that’s it bye!

cookie bubbels, Mar 12, 2022
Love the update !!!

Not gonna lie. I hated it at first. It was a totally different app from the one I had become extremely proficient with. At first I just couldn’t figure it out and was really missing the way I used to be able to tweak each clip down to fractions of a second to sync with music, etc. However, I decided to bite the bullet and try my best to figure it out before giving it up, as some have done.Last night I knuckled down was determined to complete my first video. I’m here to tell you that I now LOVE, this even more than the old version!I absolutely love being able to edit my clips without switching to an editing page. This is SOOO much easier and faster because I can preview and readjust as needed without going in and out of the viewing screen. I love this! Thank you for the improvements!Only negative thing I need to mention is this portrait mode problem. I thought I had changed my view settings in my iPad, but when I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to edit in landscape mode, I searched the reviews to see if others had this issue.I read you are working on this, so thank you for that. I hope the fix isn’t too far away because this really is a nuisance having to hold the iPad in portrait mode. Lastly, I want to thank you for this fantastic app and for making it free of charge. You are the best!

Dammion Tufts, Nov 14, 2019

These are the kind of apps that trump whatever generic app apple makes you have from the start. imovie is fine and all, but personally, my go to is always Tempo. I can edit videos super quick, and I love the fact that it comes with free music and sound effects. I've had this app for years and never run into a problem with it. I decided to write a review now because more people should know about it. It has everything imovie offers AND more. I don't think you can detach the audio though, but personally, detaching the audio in imovie always ends up as a disaster. The "and more" and best thing in my opinion is that you can add text, make it any size, choose from fun fonts, choose from a variety of colors, and pinch and place it however you want on the screen. I think Tempo has more transition options as well. Absolutely hands down one of the most rewarding features is that it lets you save 1080p videos without any annoying watermarks or self promotion (you can turn off their logo at the end of the video or keep it). The only thing I would say is MORE MORE MORE. More transitions, more music, more sound effects would be nice, but I haven't run into a situation where I was absolutely in need of something else. Everything they have suffices just as well, but that is the only thing I would suggest 😃 Happy splicing!

Deandres Leteurtre, Nov 14, 2019
My app keeps crashing and doesn’t save my work

Hi I am a pro member on this app and I really like using the app to edit videos. I am having a few problems. As I am editing either my image or video.... the app will suddenly crash then loosing my whole edit!. Their needs to be a way for you guys to fix the crashing. you guys also need to add a save button that will save your uncompleted as well as completed work that way I can come back later and continue my edit I didn’t finish. Their should be an auto save like most apps have that way if you don’t finish your edit or the app crashes your work is still safe. I paid extra money to receive the pro extras and I’m very upset to find out that the app isn’t letting me save my unfinished work and keeps crashing even tho I paid extra. I think you guys need to also add more interesting transitions for us pros to use. Please fix the problem soon or I’ll want my money back! I hope it gets you guys fix it soon because I really like editing on this app. Thanks

Fathiaq, Apr 08, 2020
The new templates :(

Just to let you know I love Tempo, it’s my life, but I just started noticing something today, so I started to take a break from tempo and lost on tic tok but today I decided to check and I saw some new templates like ruin my life, believer, and others, so on the first one ruin my life I put in 5 videos and 2 pictures, but when it was ready for me to look at, it only showed 1 photo out of the 7 I chose for all of the transitions on there, then the same template came on again with the second photo and only that one, it’s only the new ones that are doing this, not the old ones, but it only acts up like that when there are videos I add, so can you pls fix it or see what’s up, cause if this keeps happing with the new templates, then I’m going to leave this app and leave a bad review, and I don’t want to do that. 😥

gucci club all, Mar 07, 2020
Need more good & free transitions

I like the app for what it offers, but there’s so many good audios that you need to pay money for and transitions. The transitions are basically the same ones on Funimate. I’m looking for lots of transitions and audios where half are free and half aren’t and make the free ones good transitions and audios at least? I don’t want to use the same transition for my edit. I deleted this app after I went into it because at first I liked it because of the audios but when I went into the editing, it looked pricey and there’s only THREE transitions that are free, possibly four but I saw three. The rest costed Pro. It’s kinda frustrating when looking for a new editing app, you are disappointed. The ad I saw for this looked like it had cool effects and transitions as well as audios, and the audio part was true, but the rest wasn’t. Sure you have some effects and transitions but I’m looking for transitions that aren’t the same as everyone else’s. I’m giving it two stars because of the audio and how I liked how it was organized. The rest I’m kind of disappointed.

Harper Bluebird, Jan 25, 2020

as an editor on the platform instagram, there’s sooo many people who post edits. i use the app videostar, it’s an app where you can make your own after effects, and transitions, just like funimate, alight motion and more. yet this app steals people’s after effects. people work hard on those and this app steals them. they take them as if they made this and that it’s their own, when really they stole them from some talented person who actually knows how to use after effects and know how to edit. they steal them without giving credit. at least of you want to use them, give credit to the talented person you stole them from, you try and make it look like you created it, when you really stole it. these people work hard, they do that for it just to be stolen by some app that makes more than the person actually could. this app is disgusting. actually, it’s not okay, if your going to have an editing app, make your own after effects, don’t go stealing them.

laurensxs, Apr 26, 2020
Really good editor app if you are lazy to edit!

If you are having a hard time editing on any other editing apps that are too hard to do or learn get this app! 😙 It is so easy! All you do is find a song and video you like and then pick a few pictures and there it is! Out comes a edited awesome video! And especially if you are lazy to learn how to edit videos with other apps GET THIS APP NOW!!! It edits it for you! All you do is pick the pre made video and pick a few pics and there you go!!! The only bad thing about this app is if you want to search a photo on google you have to get out of the app to download the picture. But as soon as I go back in the app it’s like it closed out and I lost the song 🎵 I found and I have to find it again. Anyway good app and I love it! Creators done an awesome job with this app!

lil the cat, Apr 08, 2021


Tempo is the free music video editor with effects, also the best video maker app with songs. As a free music video maker, Tempo has a lot of popular themes/special subtitles available for editing, and a wide variety of music to choose from. For social media bloggers, use Tempo to make cool videos to share on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram to let more followers see your videos.

With Tempo, you can easily add music to videos, edit videos with music and pic, make lyrical videos with song. Download Tempo APP to create and edit videos with music and photo for Instagram! 1. Special Features • Hundreds of high-quality filters to meet users’ different requirements; • Special transition effects make your video unique; • Multiple shots supported, and switch filters freely as you wish; • Stylish face stickers; • Wide Screen mode; • Share your creative photos/videos on Facebook, Youtube Shorts, Instagram 2. Music Video Maker and Effects Tempo offers the best editing tools for you to quick cut/trim/crop/merge/reverse/rotate video clips and add music easily, or make video from pics and songs. Tempo offers lots of free music to make your video fun and popular. In addition, You can cut video in parts, merge images from your gallery. Best music video editor with effects: edit video with music & pic for Instagram! 3. Video Editing App Tempo offers short video editing tools to satisfy your extra needs, you can import your videos & clips, so the video can perfectly match with the background music. And there’re variety of text styles and fonts for you to choose from in this video maker. 4. AI Art Generator AI technology in Tempo will quickly generate digital works of art in seconds. Tempo provides a wide range of art style themes for you to choose from, taking you to enjoy a tour of the ACG world! 5. Add Music to Video Tempo is also a photo video maker with varieties of background music, so you can always find the one that fits your need when making a photo video. You can also add music to video, combine videos with music, edit videos with music and photos. 6. Save Video Tempo provides 720P/1080P HD export with no quality loss. This easy-to-use clip maker helps you make videos from pics and songs within a few steps, turn your photos & video clips into cool videos with music and transitions! 7. Share Video Easily edit video with music and share them to Facebook, YouTube Shorts, Instagram! # Tempo PRO We will release a new filter/effect/face sticker every week. With a Tempo PRO membership, you can use them all unlimitedly. Meanwhile, we will provide membership-only functions. # ABOUT SUBSCRIPTION Subscription service conditions: - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Tempo. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
. - You can manage your subscription and switch off the auto-renewal by accessing your Account Settings after purchase
. - You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that publication. - All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of Tempo’s privacy policy. More details can be found here: Term of Use: http://tempo-rc.vdresource.com/web/h5template/90d9236d-3d05-4d01-9586-82fe4c5e64b3-language=en/dist/index.html Privacy Policy: http://tempo-rc.vdresource.com/web/h5template/b79b207a-718e-4b70-9a82-09c89e982c10-language=en/dist/index.html

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