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User Reviews for Leio

Tried them all

Was looking for a simple app to log how many pages I’d read and log reading sessions. After downloading all of the top reading stats apps I tried each one and was disappointed that most were harping on scheduling a time to read and how many minutes a day I wanted to set aside to read, they didn’t provide a way to log pages read only time as far as I could tell and they were littered with ads and requests to go premium. Don’t waste another second with any other app. This is the most simple, straightforward way to log your reading sessions that don’t need to be time bound but certainly can be. Can’t wait to keep exploring the features in what will be one of my top used apps!

AmandaK0424, Dec 31, 2020
A delight to use.

I almost use this app everyday. Growing up, I didn’t care too much to read, preferring something more visual like movies and television. I could read when I had to for school projects or articles, but I dreaded it. Since then I have found some authors and books that really interest me over the years, and have been caught deciding whether or not to purchase the digital (e-book) version or the physical book. I love the statistics and calculations e-books have to offer, yet miss the vintage smell of classic books and the turning of the pages. Ever since I started using Leio it’s helped me read more and more. It is adaptable for either digital and physical books and keeps a digital bookshelf and progress all in one place while keeping up with the data as I progress through the books. Truly, an amazing app indeed. Thank you!An Apple Watch feature would be handy giving an option to select the book, start, pause, and end reading sessions. Just a suggestion, that would be cool.

Derrick Mashburn, Apr 20, 2022
Simple, helpful, and looks great!

After a couple weeks of using Leio, I’ve come to really enjoy the app. I very much like the simplistic and modern design. It also gives a lot of information that I just like to keep track of, but it doesn’t clutter the screen with too much nonsense. Keeping track of my reading progress and times actually really helps me motivate myself to maintain persistent reading patterns. There are two slight frustrations with the app, though. 1) There seems to be no automatic syncing feature. It would be convenient to have my data automatically synced to both my iPad and iPhone so I can use either device when I want to. But as of now, it seems that you have to go through a complicated data transfer every time you want to update data across devices—so it’s not practical at all to use multiple devices with the app2) Probably the worse downside: Whenever I manually enter a book into my reading list, it is very difficult to import a cover image correctly. Normal-sized pictures get turned sideways and stretched. To get a decent-looking cover image, I have to try many different forms of cropping, and even still it gets positioned weirdly. This is something I can’t Imagine being difficult to fix. But overall it’s a great app and I will continue using it!

FragileNubCake, Jul 10, 2019
What if there was a school version?

This is a really cool app and I haven’t seen anything like it. I really like the functions of being able to track your reading time/speed and have it automatically tell you when you might finish, as well as setting out times on a calendar when you want to finish it by. As a university student, I’m looking for something like this— but since it isn’t designed for schoolwork, some things don’t work that well. For example, I’m assigned sections or chapters out of books, and on my book log I’d like to be able to put all of those under the same entry and track my progress. Additionally, it would be cool if I could organize it by classes. If there was a school/university version of this app, that would be amazing! As someone who can never get my readings done because I have a hard time planning for them (I have so much reading for so many classes that it’s hard to keep track), and I can never estimate how long a reading will take me, if this app were adapted for schoolwork it would be awesome! (Hope you consider it!)

kaylaworley, Mar 31, 2020
Hopeful, but disappointed

I was really excited when I first found this app, as I have several books to read for classes and work. I debated over spending $5.99 to add multiple books (because was it really worth it??) but I decided to purchase. I was quickly disappointed when I found how poor the “planing” options were. Although this app can predict how quickly you might be able to finish a book, that’s about all it can do. My hope was to be able to set goals for multiple due dates for multiple books. I have several to read for classes (where I read 2 books per month), a few for work (where we read an assigned portion for discussion every 2 weeks), and then books I’m reading for pleasure. This app will not help me keep on track with the 6 books I’m reading to make sure I finish each book or section on time. Super disappointed and I wish I could get my money back.

kbearnav2108, Oct 10, 2019
The best app for book lovers

I began using Leio in 2017 after challenging myself to get back into the habit of reading regularly. I’ve always loved analyzing data and statistics, and I figured there had to be an app out there that would easily do it for me. The first year I used Leio I read 30 books and each year I’ve aimed to read a little bit more. What used to be a once in awhile activity has now become a daily habit. This app is easy to use and has such a clean simple design, plus it’s super affordable to upgrade. The only thing I would change is that I wish there was a way to review all the previous years stats in the app. I’d love to be able to compare not just how many books I read in previous years but how many pages which I suggested to the developer in 2018 or so but still haven’t seen a change unfortunately. Still a great app though!

Kpzing, Jan 02, 2021
Incredible. Simply Put.

So simple. So sleek. Has tremendously increased my reading. I love how you are able to see the rate at which you are reading and the projected time left to complete the book. Being a math guy I love the statistics part of the app that shows you your reading statistics over the week, month, year and all time. This is just an incredible app that if you like to read, will cause you love it even more!If there is one thing I would suggest, it would be on the statistics page when looking at the line graph showing the time read for each month over the course of the year to be able to see the exact time read (number of hours & minutes) for each specific month.

master Jay 42, Mar 30, 2018
Love it buuuttt want some change

I have been using Leio for about a year now and every time i undownload it bc it made me mad for example it doesn’t save any of my previous content. Maybe if there was a log in that would fix it. I use this a lot for school and mainly during the summer to bring up my lexile and reading speed. It would be awesome if there was a feature like that to tell me what my wpm is based on the timer and the amount of words in the book. I also play sports so it’s hard to read as much as i want or need. It would be cool if there was a notification to tell me what time would be most convenient with my schedule and for how long so I can keep my brain exercised. It would be neat if there was a feature to tell me like what books would be good for me to improve my speed and based on what i’ve read before. Something I think you guys could do different is to allow users to write notes while they read ( keep the timer going kinda setting) or star that place. Thank you i don’t really write reviews that often but i love your app i use it as much as i can along with Tide Focus timer which i really like as well during my reading hours! have a great day!! 😊😊

Mymyhashtag, Jun 15, 2018
Not for me; need to Disclose limitations

I hate to download apps that do not fully disclose limitations of the free version (or that I have to creat an account). You can only log 1 book in the free version. I understand there are limited features in free version, and you can’t please ever1, But limits to logging 1 book is a waste, manipulation to upgrade, advertising and impractical. I can deal with limitations like online access, etc. allowing someone to add at least 3-5 books would not put this developer out of the way and it shows you care about ppl improving their reading, instead of lining your pocket. I just want a simple app that tracks my reading and help me enjoy reading again. I want to enter book info, don’t need social any social aspects, share with friends, create any stupid account, or focus on ebooks. I’m fine with kindle for ebooks. I Just want the good old fashion way do I can preserve my eyesight. Just add a simple disclosure line to your description. Free version only allows you to add 1 book!

Saljade, Nov 02, 2019
This is by far my favorite app!

I am an avid reader with a short attention span—I tend to start 4 books and forget where I left off. On a whim, I searched for an app to help track all of my reading and came across Leio. Wow oh wow, has it ever changed the way I read! While I refuse to convert to digital books, I love the way Leio lets me take my notes and record my favorite quotes so easily. My very Type-A personality lives for this app. I particularly love the new(er) addition that allows you to photograph the quote you’d like to record and converts it into text. I recently contacted the support team with a recommendation and received a very kind response within the hour (!!!) I am so impressed with everything this app has to offer and the attentiveness of the developers.

surfer_girl_24, Aug 27, 2018


Take control of your reading life. Use Leio to time your reading sessions and stay motivated. How many books did you start this year?

How many did you finish? How long did it take to read them? Leio can help you answer these questions and many more. Fun fact: Leio means “I read” in Portuguese. --- Leio is a digital journal to help you track and manage your reading. It's designed primarily around physical books, but you can also use electronic readers or other devices. Leio helps you organize your library, your notes and your favorite quotes, but that's just the beginning. Timing your reading sessions makes it easier to set aside some time and turn reading into a habit. The data gathered this way quickly turn into an extensive record of your reading life, providing you with statistics and information about your habits. These data can also be projected into the future: Leio will tell you when you will finish each book and help you plan accordingly. TIMER Time your reading sessions and gain insight into your habits. Life can be distracting: use Leio to set aside some time and focus on your reading. PROGRESS Keep track of where you are in multiple books. A quick look will tell you what page to read next, what percentage of the book you have completed, how long you have read it for and much more. New: add new books easily with Leio's barcode scanner! PREDICTIONS Leio will learn from your habits and give you accurate predictions to help you manage your reading life. Know exactly when you will finish a book and for how long you have to read until you are done. DEADLINES If you need to finish a book by a certain date, Leio can tell you how long or how many pages to read per day to finish in time. You can also play with the settings and come up with your own reading plan: tell Leio how much and how often you plan to read and see when you might finish in real time. PLANNER Tell Leio how often you want to read each book and use the planner section to stay on track. See how much you have read on each day, how much you still have to read, and how much time to set aside to accomplish your goals! ACHIEVEMENTS New: Complete achievements to unlock exclusive iMessage stickers! NOTES AND QUOTES Easily save and search your reading notes and always have them at hand. Share them with your friends or social networks. New: use Leio's text recognition service to save and share your favorite quotes even more easily!* STATISTICS Check how your reading life evolves over time. Charts and data for different timespans will help you stay motivated to read more and more. ARCHIVE Leio will keep an extensive record of your reading sessions, so you will always be able to tell when you started a book, when you finished it, how long it took you to read it, over how many days, how many sessions and much more. Keep track of how much you have read and challenge yourself to read more. Your finished books can be searched or filtered by tags and ratings, so your information is always easy to find! New: export your data to have even more control over your information. SHARE Share your progress with friends or save reports for yourself. Now you can also sync your progress to Goodreads and post status updates! --- * Choose between a monthly or yearly auto-renewable subscription. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Privacy policy: http://leio.co/privacy.html Terms of service: http://leio.co/terms.html iMessage stickers and illustrations by Brazilian designer Caio Menezes ([email protected]). Interface icons by icons8.

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