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User Reviews for Chirp Audiobooks

A game changer!

My sister told me about Chirp and it’s improved my life considerably. I listen to books before bed, in my car (blue tooth) and on walks. My “library” is loaded w/books I have bought for 99 cents to $2.99 because there are great deals (always changing) offered regularly. There is a range of more costly books but I prefer the bargain offerings. The books do not expire! I’m listening to Langston Hughes autobiography right now, as well as a collection of 50 short stories. I discovered Gods, Wasps and Stranglers, a fascinating book about fig trees. There’s a Flannery O’Connor, a Kafka book and many others waiting for me to listen to on my shelves. There are mysteries, funny books....I am encouraged to get out and take walks so I can listen to these books! For real. Try it!!

A2d2withfriends, Mar 17, 2021
Best deal around!!!!

If you love listening to audiobooks then you found the right place to do it, and certainly at the right price.! Every day new deals abound. I enjoy listening to old time radio shows, and many a day they have them on sale for two dollars or possibly three dollars when the regular price is up to $22 or more.! This makes listening to Old time radio not only a pleasure but pure joy!!!They also have other categories of books that run on sale for 30 days or more, so if you think you might enjoy a book but I’m sure? Then at least you have 30 days to go back and get it before it goes off sale. Many books run anywhere from $.99 to five dollars. At any point if you have trouble you can always email customer service, I have done this a few times and they have always been very helpful and have gotten back to me right away. At any rate to make a long story even longer if you are not using Chirp for all your audiobook needs then you are missing the boat!!!! Hurry up and climb on board.

Chubby wagon, Jan 10, 2021
Wealth Of Time Books 1-3

The storyline has some interesting surprises along with twists and turns. I thought how time travel was accomplished left much to be desired. I would have preferred something more technically believable (even though this was a fiction book, so, I’ll give it some grace there). Each of these three books are intertwined and you can’t just jump into book 2 or book 3 without having read or listened to book 1. Putting the time travel methodology aside, there are enough plot twists in the storyline to keep my interest. There’s more swearing in the book than I prefer - in fact, it doesn’t really need any swearing to carry the books’ storyline. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars - I would have given 4 if the time travel method was more plausible.

Cyberreader, Mar 25, 2023
Incredible book

I started reading the karma book by Sadhguru and found myself crying out loud in excitement every few pages which is why I ordered the digits version. I started listening the content of the book and Sadhguru families voice over took me. With joy, excitement and a lot of crying I finish listening. This book is the absolute must read/listen for anyone who is interested in self transformation. As for me, I know that if I had not met Sadhguru and have gone through his Yoga programs, life would have pass me by, how tragic that could have been....... i can’t even imagine. I am so deeply indebted to Sadhguru for leading me to my new joyful amazing life. Thank you, Chrip for this wonderful quality audio. It was extremely easy to download and listen.

Esky from LA, May 03, 2021
Just finished my first book on Chirp

What are rich time I was just privileged to spend with a profoundly knowledgeable man of God who lived a generation ago. I just finished the book how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and was profoundly challenged by the scriptural approach taken by A.W. Tozer. I would recommend this book to any Christian who has been born again but wants to live a more deeply scriptural experience of what God has in mind for all Christians.If the reader of this is not yet a Christian… I would encourage you to read a wonderful small little book just a few chapters long… Known as the gospel of John. Remember hearing about the four Gospels at the beginning of the new testament “Matthew, Mark, Luke & John?“ Just go to John and read those few chapters and you will meet the person of Jesus Christ.I read the writings of a profoundly scholarly man who had studied all of the philosophies and all of the religions of the world… Who had come up with what he believed to be the single most important question any human being will ever ask or ask themselves for an answer to. Go to the gospel of John and ask this question “who is Jesus Christ and what am I going to do with Him? God will use that honest inquiry to miraculously change your life for eternity. Guaranteed. Abundant blessings.

GentleWarrior 1436, Jan 31, 2021
Deal with the Devil #?

Probably because we’ve read countless stories or seen movie plots that involve variations on making a deal with the devil to secure an advantage, this story was very familiar from the outset. I’m a cat lover, so that part of the story resonated deeply. The story was at times sweet, and at others thought provoking as we follow the main character on his journey, navigating his choices at each turn. Despite that connection, it seemed to lack the depth and tension that draw the reader completely into another world: I never really felt compelled to root for the protagonist. In part, I think that’s because death is inevitable for all of us; the only unknowns are how and when, and no amount of dealing will stave it off forever. But maybe I’m taking it too seriously. Maybe it wasn’t intended as anything more than a light-hearted tale that would be the perfect complement to a lazy afternoon in a hammock, enjoying an iced drink.

Hillobeans44, Mar 21, 2022
Fantastic adventure in Africa during the days of British trading and travels.

Exciting, disturbing saga of the efforts of Stanley to lead an expedition across much of untraveled jungle in Africa to rescue the Pasha of Equitoria from being overrun by the fierce, fanatical dervishes. True tale of tremendous perseverance of the rescue column to overcome almost unspeakable hardships, thousands of miles of jungle never crossed previously by any Europeans, famine, cannibals, slave traders, and heroic natives helping a small group of extremely dedicated English traders, merchants, and British officers determined to rescue the forts and accompanying villagers surrounding the British settlements from the infamous Dervishes, fierce Moslem fighters bound to slaughter the Europeans with utmost savagery. Well articulated story that brings a bygone time and history to vivid life. I kept listening to the book for hours each day, while driving, while sitting in the driveway, and after dinner. Didn’t want the book to end. Great author!

Jim Dokoozian, Apr 20, 2023
So Convenient

I had always gotten my audio books from the library. I had a Sony Walkman disc player that I dragged around the house and outside in order to listen to the books. I had a Tune Belt that it went onto, but lots of times it would fall out of the pouch when I bent over while gardening! When the library closed due to Covid, I found Chirp. Love the daily deals. I haven’t paid more the $4.99 for a book and most of the time a lot less. I love the convenience of being able to stick my phone in a pocket and still be able to work around the house or yard. The library is now “open” for pick up, but I haven’t gone back yet. Chirp is very affordable as long as you stick with the daily deals.

juder234, Dec 25, 2020
Exactly what I was looking for!

I just wanted an app where I could buy a book no credits needed, and if I wanted to buy the next book, I would not have to wait until the next month or increase my fee for membership. I was so happy when I tried this out! Listening to audiobooks is really the only way I get my 10 year old son to enjoy reading! I mean he just listens to diary of a wimpy kid when he’s going to bed, but I’ll take it! So when he finishes (pretty quickly bc kid books are alot shorter than adult ones for example 3 hours compared to 7+ hours for adult books) I can get him the next one of the series, by just making a purchase of book at reasonable price. For example, the cost of all per book from this series is $7.99 to $9.99. Audible is fine. This is just a better fit for me in the way I use the app. So thanks Chirp! Love it!

kcd78, Jan 04, 2023

Sometimes you can find a gem of a title, but not like on Audible. I use both apps because I just want bestsellers sometimes, or new releases, and Audible lets me do that. But Chirp does give me access to books for cheaper that I otherwise wouldn’t spend $35 a title on which is nice.I will say, though, I don’t know what it is, but the quality is incomparably bad. Chirp regularly sounds like it’s skipping - which is literally impossible. Like every single person reading stutters on the word Chapter. It’s not like I don’t update the app, and it’s digital, so it can’t be skipping, but it’s always like that, no matter what. I also regularly hit play and have it bump back an entire 4, 6, 9 minutes and I’m confused and trying to find my place again, which, when I’m in the car, is impossible unless I pull over. I guess these are annoying things to complain about considering the price, but I just wish it was a little cleaner. I guess for a free app and some random cheap titles though, I shouldn’t complain about any of this.

lwheels14, Apr 14, 2020


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