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User Reviews for Audiobooks Now Audio Books

Buggy, doesn’t add purchases to IOS books

The listening app is buggy and stops. Even though book was purchased, it isn’t possible to play it through iBooks or the IOS music app because it doesn’t show up there. So we have a book we purchased but we cannot play it except to use the “Audiobooks Now” app, which only works sometimes. Another issue is that the app will allow a purchase as a guest without setting up an account but then you cannot play your purchase unless you set up the account. This is misleading, why allow one to buy a book as a guest if you cannot use the app to play it? And if we have to use the Audiobooks Now app to play it, could the app not at least work reliably? Granted I am new to audio books, but I do expect to play a purchased book when I please. I expect a player to work. I expect honesty when buying a book. And I expect to be able to use another player if the Audiobooks Now doesn’t work properly.

496481, Sep 20, 2021
Need Internet access to work

I got this because I only occasionally need to get an audio book. I didn't want a subscription model. I just downloaded a book at home before leaving for a trip through eastern Oregon and Nevada, where there is scant cell coverage, so no Internet. If I stopped the app for any reason, I needed to have Internet access to get to the library where the info for the book was stored. As a result, I went without my downloaded book for periods of time. The book itself played fine once the library was accessed...no need for Internet. Not particularly useful in a world where Internet coverage isn't universal.Update: see developer response below. The app is fine... will try it again on another trip. If it works without Internet, it's exactly what I wanted!

Bob Stewart97401, Sep 22, 2017
Not that special sorry to say

I want to say I was impressed with the Public Domain books available for free.I knew this was not the cheapest app available but thought it might be a decent app maybe even Special, but not that special. I am disabled, having nerve damage in both hands and issues with my vision as well and reading became something I was missing and thought it would be a wonderful thing to have books back in my life.I use this app on an iPhone and have difficulty with the sleep function and as I have read from others at any time it just skips forward in the book while listening. The tracking bar doesn’t always sync up with the actual book and it too skips to catch up. I have had it reading from multiple points in the story for this issue I typically just restart my phone.Unfortunately I purchased a fair number of books before learning of these issues.If they could fix this it might be special as I had hoped.

BookBandit, Sep 05, 2018
Bit buggy at times

I like this app for car trips especially. The books are a bit expensive but I just order one at a time as I finish a series now. I love being able to speed it up a bit, nice feature. I never realized until reading some other reviews that I can stop the subscription and still have my downloaded books, that was never revealed when I started. The app needs some work please. It doesn’t always start off where I left off and some times it runs two voices together, one about 3 seconds behind the other. I have to keep pressing the stop and start to get it to just one voice. When it works, I’m loving having my books on the go!! I give this app a “C”

brossmgrammie, Jan 08, 2022
App is really buggy

Books are fine, and it works a lot of the time, but good grief! The player sometimes randomly stops, you can’t reengage it from the lock screen, and when you open the app to start it again, it’s not at the same spot it stopped. Then other times on the lock screen the pause button won’t work, same thing happens when you open the app to get it to pause, when you start it again it’s not in the same spot. From the reviews, it sounds like this has been happening for quite a while since some of the reviews are two years old so it would probably be good to get this stuff fixed.

Chukkagirl, Aug 17, 2020
Drive time the best!!!

I love this app!! I get great prices for all books and since I drive frequently to visit my parents this app makes the 8 hour drive fun!! Also makes my work commute exciting instead of sad as morning drivers can be pretty cranky!! I have always lived to read but so hard to find the time now so what could be better than this app!! If I have problems it is either with my phone or cords but none with the app so far and I have used it for at least 2 years!! Thanks for the awesome books!

Eggbie, Oct 11, 2018

This app has encouraged me to start reading again. I am able to put my headphones and continue on my walk or working around the house. There is a wide variety of choices for books and have listened to some that I probably would not have bought to read but with this app it is easy to say “yes, I’ll try that one”. Listening to the books was (is) a valuable tool for me to get out and walk in the park for exercise. If you enjoy reading and don’t take the time to sit down and read anymore I highly encourage you to utilize this app.

Jaglhc, May 12, 2022
Great wonders of audiobooks

I am not a real book reader as a hobby, but since I’ve started using this Audiobook app, I absolutely love listening to the great variety of books offered by this app. A ton of worthwhile public domain books I recommend, also the books you can purchase stay very up to date. There are a few glitches, but besides that, the manage library function is good, as well as the search areas. Wish listing is nice as well. Thank you for such a cool app!

MrLebowski74, Sep 06, 2018
Enjoy listening

I have had this app for a few years now and have enjoyed the selection of books and the readings. On occasion, the person reading the story does not fit the characters, and the expressions and voices being used are not the most pleasant to listen to-and sometimes it’s a book by authors whose stories I enjoy reading. If that is the case, I won’t continue listening to it. I would also like more opportunity and ease in sharing a book. For the most part, I am happy with this app.

NVLK2, Jan 06, 2022
Pretty bad app

So I'm listening to a book and there are SO many issues with the playback... first of all it's not that great of a design, not super intuitive but that's not my complaint. My complaint is that while listening to the book it has so many issues playing. Very often it will pause randomly for no reason. Half the time it does not automatically go onto the next track and I have to do it manually. It even SKIPS AROUND and I have to go back so I don't miss parts of the book and I've resorted to watching the bar as I listen to it which defeats the point of having an app for it. The controls are also very delayed and don't work well with iOS because half the time it doesn't respond to control center buttons or is super delayed. At one point it even started playing the book at 3 different points at once! I had to pause it in the app, pause it in control center and one voice was still going so I had to restart the whole app... unbelievably difficult! I suggest using scribd because they are cheaper and have a better app. (Not that this app is setting that high of a bar anyway)



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