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User Reviews for Audiobooks

Great fun!

I really enjoy this app and use it frequently. My literary interests have almost always dwelt in long ago and lesser known titles, and this app gives me access to tomes nearly impossible to find anywhere else. I give it only four stars because the search function can be rather problematic. For example; I’ll search for titles written by a certain author and only be given a few choices, but if I look up that author under the actual Authors section, there are dozens more. Or I’ll search for a title and the results give about twenty other titles along with it that seem to have no connection to that title at all. Sometimes this is because my title was mentioned in the description of the other books, but other times not. There have been other difficulties with the search function, but for the sake of conciseness, I won’t mention them here. I have also noticed that many of the titles available on the Librivox website are not available here; I’m not sure if the reason for this, but it would be great to have access to them as well. Also, it can be very time consuming to find a title that captures my interest and holds onto it as well, so I wanted to suggest the addition of a “recommended for you” section that brings up available titles based on your previous listening selections. I believe this would seriously streamline the process and increase the enjoyment of your app. Thanks!Tami

AgentP86, Mar 02, 2018
Update-keeps erasing my downloads

Below this you will see my original 5 star review. However, in the last couple months it continuously deletes my downloads. Instead of indicating a 100% download, everything is now 0%, awaiting download. I live in a rural area with very poor internet connection, so it is essential that I have books on my phone. Also, I rely on this app when I travel, but I can’t anymore if it keeps deleting my downloads. Please fix this. I had it on my iPhone 2, my iPhone 4 and now my iPhone 6s. If it were the only app on my phone, the cost of my phone would be worth it. So many books and so many genres to choose from! Some readers are better than others, but, hey, they are volunteers. I have about 50 books downloaded to my library which has slowed things down a little so I make sure now to delete the file and just keep the title. I love being able to store books to have on hand when I travel. I love being able to listen to all the science fiction selections and the history and biographies. I love being able to fall asleep to a book after a stressful day. Just download it and enjoy!

Ambjg, Sep 15, 2018
So thankful!!!!

I am so appreciative of this app. Most audio book apps cost money. I am a wife and a mother of five children. Money is very sparse in my house especially for extras. I used to be an avid reader but with the business of caring for a large household as well as dealing with focus issues as I get older, it is very difficult to find the time to read a book.Now, I’m able to enjoy literature as I wash dishes or care for other responsibilities around the house and it is helping to keep my spirits up.Thank you!❤️

Blaquebuttaphly, Aug 07, 2020
Good books, Okay narrating

I have enjoyed these books so much! I got Audiobooks Plus, which is somewhat better. Some narrators are good, but the quality varies. I had to stop reading one audiobook because I could barely understood what they said. And another Plus book was read by a child. Not an enjoyable read. But you can sometimes get a good reader. Overall, if you want to hear a book, regardless of how you hear it, this is the place to go. The Sherlock Holmes reading is excellent (If you do the ones by David Clarke.) There are some small errors in the organization of the books in the authors, for example. My rating (out of 5 stars)Narrating ⭐️⭐️⭐️Books ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

CameronJConrad, May 02, 2020
Backward steps in my experience

I have listened to Librivox books with this app for years. Enough so that paying the small fee to access plus titles was easy. However, for reasons unknown, the app now irregularly purges completed downloads. I dod not want to leave a review regarding this, but it happened again this morning: 15-20 books went from “all files downloaded” to “0 files downloaded.” I’ve written and received responses several times on this single issue though no resolution has surfaced. The customer svc response time is fine; it’s just that this malfunction persists. The explanation they offered was that the app might purge previously complete downloads if/when a device’s available storage is exhausted or close to it. I have averaged 8-12gb of free space throughout my correspondence with developer, and have never run out of space. Unfortunately, I am to the point where I will trial the many competing apps. Resigned, EJ

ejmjensen, Sep 20, 2018
The selections are great!

For me, it’s wonderful to listen to a book while drawing, knitting, or even cooking. What a great way to multi-task! When I become too distracted, the 30 second repeat gets me right back into the story, and I just discovered the timer which will hold my place and turn the app off automatically, after I fall asleep while listening in bed. Since I often leave my earbuds in and wake up next morning, many hours later, with the audio still running, this is really important to me. The selection of books is tremendous, and I am enjoying so many well known authors who’s works I hadn’t read before, as well as authors I was previously unfamiliar with. Sometimes I have difficulty understanding an orators dialect, but when I stick with it, am becoming able to comprehend the words readily, which is an unexpected bonus for me. When deciding on what to select, the book description is broad enough to give a good idea of what it’s about, without giving away the story. I recommend this app to anyone who enjoys books!

HDulcimerchick, May 24, 2018
Best audio library for classical lit

The biggest problem I have with other audio-book apps is that in many cases they only offer abridged versions, so it’s really just an interpretation of a work. Not here, you get the original version by the author.The recordings vary in quality, there have been a few that were so bad, I couldn’t even listen to them, but some are as good as the pay sites and read by pro readers.Also, I highly recommend forking over the $10 for the featured audiobooks, it’s such a great value! I’ve listened to about 60 books from this app.

Hfggghgfffg, Nov 11, 2019
Bad app problem

Ever since I got this app it was good to have. Until this happen. I had a library of books that has been downloaded with all the files, when I open the app, every downloading files are gone and start yet again download them once more. This happen to me twice and I'm sick and tired of having all the files downloaded for only the app self delete the books files. I'm done with this app. I used to love it and I enjoy it listening good books from there; just hate the idea of auto self destruct app and start over. I have zero time to waste for all the books files to be downloaded.

Jarroyo50090, Jul 19, 2018
Ok but a bit of a bug that’s bugging me

Something is wrong with the downloading process. Often I have to close the app and reopen it in order to retrigger the app to resume downloading after one file has completed. It usually gets stuck once it finishes one file and doesn’t move on to the next. Sometimes it continues with the next file but almost always it doesn’t, meaning I have to close and reopen many many times for books with many files, like the ones I have that are about 60 files big. It’s very annoying and inconvenient. I tried messing around with the settings but couldn’t get the download process to work right. Please fix this!

Jeycee32, Apr 02, 2018
Sometimes great

I love this as a resource but I wish they curated some of the people who do the reading a bit more critically. When listening to the Count of Monte Cristo, chapters 25 and 26 are nearly unlistenable. The woman has thick accent and is clearly uncomfortable reading English, also her audio equipment is terrible. There is a high pitched sound in the background. Very difficult to listen to. Some of the readers are great, with good voices and high audio quality. But some aren’t nearly as good. I especially the narrator in chapters 25 and 26. I can’t really under what happened in those chapters. Looking back I should have just skipped them and looked up what happened. It gave me a terrible headache.

verkingetorix, Sep 13, 2020


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