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Ultralight: Photo Video Editor

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Ultralight: Photo Video Editor

  • Photo & Video
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User Reviews for Ultralight: Photo Video Editor

Pros and Cons

Ok so I had this app for 2 years deleted it most of the times but here’s my pros and cons. Pros: Very good editing and helps me with my colorings when I play ZEPETO or post on tiktok with roblox. Cons: I think it’s really stupid that you have to pay to save a video it used to be free but now it’s not free so I have to screen record or take screen shots and it takes up my time of day and it takes so long to load. You should fix your app ultralight because I want to save my stuff without having to pay “Oh but it’s a small price” I’m still a young minor and my mom would say no to this. Please fix it make it where you don’t have to pay.

boopoo wahhh, Nov 20, 2022
My Favorite. (And I’ve tried them all).

I’ve had this app on my phone for a LONG time, and hadn’t tried it until today. IVE BEEN MISSING OUT! Seriously, I take zillions if photos and just don’t love any of editing apps (until now). The features are amazing, not overwhelming or confusing. The “glow” feature is my favorite thing, the filters are subtle and gorgeous, and I just straightened out a seriously crooked photo with the perspective tool. I could go on. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and useful tool! ❤️

Cocot3, Dec 08, 2018
Video Editing!

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review before but after downloading the app reading other reviews I was amazed at how few people were talking about the fact that THIS APP SUPPORTS VIDEO EDITING. This is amazing. In my quest do have computer level editing freedom I have around 10 different photo editing apps on my phone. Each with a specific strength that I use it for. (Retouching, portraits, filters, etc) However, I have always wanted to be able to edit videos. In the past I had downloaded Rush CC but been disappointed that it only allowed for a few uses before it wanted me to sign up for an account. I am astounded and grateful that this app allows me to edit videos with the free version and without an annoying watermark. Great job to the developers. If I could offer one suggestion for the app it would be the ability to use actual tone curves. I understand why they are not there as user friendly controls are a key marketing point, however it would be nice for more advanced users to have some way to access them like in a settings menu. Then again maybe there is and I missed them. Either way I am very pleased with the app.

Dave_Jo, Jan 07, 2019

I have been using this app for last two months. I have used several photo editing apps. However, this is the best and easy so far. My phone storage says the documents and data by this app is 8.88 GB. I have deleted all my edited pictures after saving them into Google Photos. However, the documents and data still occupies 8.88 GB. Can anyone suggests, how to restore the space without deleting the app? I am afraid to use this app, as it keeps on using my phone storage. The app is definitely great. Only thing I am not able to sort this problem out.

Eddie 13 Patel, Jun 09, 2019
Great features would like to see...

I just bought the full version, I used two other editing apps . I just got started in photography I definitely liked the app but I would like to suggest on adding a text feature so I could write on my photos (watermark) , an when adding the double exposure adding a easier way to add the second photo using a rotate feature that could help straighten the picture. And I would also like to see a way to view The before and after pictures during the edit session . Can’t wait too see this app continue to grow Thanks you for creating this app I love the backgrounds!Edit I would also like to suggest a feature that lets me pick what size brush I want to use when using the saturation it can get a little tricky . Edit : thanks for improving the app I would like to suggest maybe a desktop version? I would definitely download it.

escapethefate101, Mar 07, 2019
Great for color balance/lots of tools for free

This simple and very useful video editor can also edit your photos. It has a three-tool section dedicated to sharpening/denoise, which seems like a hard thing to find for free. It also has plenty of options for color and light control, (one for purchase), and a nice selection of filter presets for free, along with others you can buy. You can also tweak perspective and freeze parts of your video. A GREAT tool to combine with other editors that let you do layers and split/trim/merge your videos.

Georgiadoglove, Apr 19, 2018
Idiot proof application almost Psychic

I downloaded this by mistake because I was looking at something else. Obviously I don’t multitask well I’m a little dyslexic. This app is so intuitive all I have to do is tap and move my finger. It almost anticipates what I want to do. This is a non-paid none-solicited neutral recommendation for this app. Even without buying the extras for 1.99 which is fairly reasonable the app apps and filters that are available are phenomenal. I highly recommend this and just give the developers a little bit of cash I may even buy some of the filters although the ones that are there are incredible I can move it around with my fingers and it’s really really great I am using an iPhone 6S plus

kentofcantubury, Apr 15, 2018
Ultralight review

I am honestly really impressed that an app so little can do so much! It can help make better quality, make coloring, and so much as even fixing bugs in videos. This app brings me so much joy and makes me not stress on how easy it is! Just a simple button can make my videos look so much more different and amazing. This app is the best! This 5 star review is honesty at its best! To whoever is reading this get the app!

maggie0_900, Jul 24, 2022
This app is so good!

I use the app for my TikTok fanpage and when I tell you I only have to use this app and Colourtone it’s so good! I highly recommend this app if you want cc for your fanpage,editing,more,I love this app so much! Highly recommend it but I will tell you that you do have to pay to export your video but what I do is that I just play it and then screen record it! But this is a amazing app I just recommend that the app lets everyone export the video but I truly think this app has amazing filters,amazing everything! Other than the export problem but I wrote this review while it’s upgrading let’s hope the update is that exporting is free!💗

Nora Dora!!, May 01, 2023
Pros and Cons

This is a really good editing app! But there are a few things I do not personally like. When I'm done editing my video it takes 5 minutes to load and save. It annoys me a lot. But this is a beyond good app! I also don't like the set up, I like it but I don't at the same time. The set up could have a little more tweaks and perfect! Things I like about this app is that it's such a good editing platform! It also lets you chose to save it over the original or make a different copy. That's great because some editing apps I use don't have that. Anyway thank you for taking your time in reading this and please don't get offended! Oki bye!

quenosenorlikewhat, Jan 16, 2021


Outstanding photo and video editing for your favorite moments. Bring your memories to life. Ultralight offers wide and powerful control for both photo and video editing.

Suits amateurs and professionals alike. Main features: • Capable of editing both photos and videos. • Ultralight is easy to use and understand. • Full screen editing. • High quality filters and customisable filter presets. • Create, save and share your own custom presets. • Creative and intuitive editing tools. • Real-time preview. See the effects real-time while editing. • Non-destructive editing and automatic saving. Continue or revert your changes later. • Undo and redo. Easily step back and forth to compare your adjustments. • No importing needed. Your photo and video collection is directly available. • Trim video clips. Merge and combine multiple videos together. • Create video and photo collages. Tools for photo and video editing: • Curves & RGB Curves* • Saturation & Temperature • Split toning • Hue, saturation and luminosity color controls • Clarity, sharpen, emphasize and noise controls • Vignette • Texture overlays* • Locally mask and edit a specific area. Including: highlights and shadows, background blur, smoothen skin, whiten teeth and double exposure.* • Crop and perspective correction • Cinemagraph tool* • Add white or black frames and borders * Ultralight Pro is available as an in-app purchase. #ultralightapp Follow Ultralight on Instagram: @ultralightapp Follow Ultralight on Twitter: @ultralightapp Remember to use the hashtag #ultralightapp for a chance to get featured! ULTRALIGHT PRO TRIAL & SUBSCRIPTION TERMS Start your Ultralight Pro subscription with a free trial. Once the trial is over you'll be charged an annual subscription fee. Your membership will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your membership from Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Read more about our privacy policy and terms here: https://www.uova.fi/privacy-policy.html https://www.uova.fi/terms.html

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