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24FPS: Aesthetic Video Effects

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24FPS: Aesthetic Video Effects

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User Reviews for 24FPS: Aesthetic Video Effects

It was nice at first but then umm

Okay, honestly, I was in love with the idea of using polarr styles/filters in video editing and was very happy that you had an app which you could do another interesting thing to experiment with but recently (not really, it’s about months already) I have the issue with importing styles from the polarr. I can’t understand why because it was working and the last number of filter I had on my device was 21 and that number refused to increase no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t find fast answer on support page because 24FPS content is kind of rare there. So my question is, is anything wrong w my device (cause now that I updated iOS all of the filets erased and it’s still refusing to download) or is it some bug?? I haven’t seen someone write about it online easily so I assume I’m that lucky huh. I’m planning to re-download this app and see what will happen. But if it’s app bug I beg for you to fix it. I can’t just loose another cool app, thank you.

Alien_Nino(M), Oct 05, 2020
Amazing App but with Some Issues.

First of, I really enjoyed creating my first video edited from the iPhone (iPhone 11 Pro Max) but sadly, it wasn’t as flawless as expected. The app crashes a few time when in the middle of editing. Maybe it may have to do with the videos that was shot in 4K at 60fps. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t happen because of that. Once I was done, I wanted to save and share but that process never got completed. Always closed and force quit. Also forced my phone to restart. For the positive, I definitely love the list of luts you can get out of this app. For that alone, I subscribe to this but unfortunately I cancelled my subscription until these bug can get resolved.

CTSMartinez, Nov 30, 2019
Great editor overall

I’ve tried several video editors from the App Store, and this is a very good free one. Having full control of light and color is unusual in a free editor. This includes HSL control of individual colors, and the ability to adjust whites, blacks, shadows and highlights. You can split/trim/add clips fairly easily. However it would be nice to see all your folders. Currently it only has recent and a couple other basic categories to choose from. The selection of free filters is nice, and the ability to add your own LUTs or filters from Polarr is awesome. I would like the filters much more if you could control their intensity more precisely. Currently you can choose from low, medium, or high, and to me low is still a big change from the original. Videos take a little longer to save than some other apps I’ve used. Other cool features include choosing which frame rate to use, saving without a watermark, and a stabilized zoom. Great addition to the App Store, which with a couple of tweaks could be one of the best.

Georgiadoglove, Jul 08, 2019
Wonderful app

I’m in love w this app. As an iPhone cinematographer and a lover of great apps, this is a jewel. First thing, I appreciate that even in the free version, they give you the option of disabling their logo on your video. That alone says a lot about the company and creators of this app and I will definitely be upgrading to premium. 24FPS gives your video a professional quality. So many filters to choose from. I can’t wait to upgrade. This app offers a lot of experimentation and creativity. I feel empowered and it makes me feel like I can achieve any look I want, using my phone! In the past, my videos, shot with my iPhone, were mostly stringing Live Photos give me the look and feel I want. I used Quik a lot to string together my Live Photo’s but, which was nice, but the quality of their final product in that app is not so good and they crash a lot and its disappointing. But—Put that thing in 24fps and boom, you are on a whole ‘nother level. I think the fee 24fps charges for the upkeep of this app is more than reasonable and worth every penny. Thank you to the creators and genius minds behind this app. Your thoughtful work is much appreciated.

iLisaLove, Oct 20, 2019
All or nothing?

*** Update ***I appreciate the developer response, but I was looking to try the editor on existing video as well... —-I thought I’d give this app a try for a week, but when I opened it, I found I either had to give it access to my camera, & microphone as well as photo files or it wouldn’t let me do anything... The options for subscription and cancellation are not apparent as there are no options for same in the app or in my account in the App Store. It shows purchased, but no info about a subscription. Will this app revert to limited use after 7 days or will it charge my account? It doesn’t seem to work as all of the other apps with free trials. I’d love to hear back on this as I don’t want to be billed without explicit consent, which I have not given. Thanks.

JaunDawg, Oct 22, 2019
Love it but it doesn’t let me import

I love this app but for a few days a was editing a vid and then when i hit import it would kick me out of the app so if you can check that out also i I deleted the app and got it again to see if it works but it was still the same so i did a few couple more times and it was the same but i still love the app if u can check that out i would love so thank u but theres mor when I downloaded this app a month ago it was great no problems right? So i starded using it alot because i liked it but then the import thing happened and i was so angry annoyed and really sad so if u could fix that and se the problem then that would help and also when I put qr codes some of them don’t work so its ok i solved that also thatnk for the app i love it bye

katdounouts, Mar 24, 2021
Glitch After Glitch

I am getting fed up with this app. I sent a complaint in on 1/5/22 and haven’t received anything back, but I’ll just start from the beginning. The only reason I purchased this app was because I had purchased video presets and this was the recommended app to use. I loaded the presets into the app fine, however getting them to apply to my videos is another thing. First off, when I open the app it defaults to a green and purple filter I can’t seem to get rid of. Once I get my video into the app and click my preset it doesn’t apply. I have to close the app and re-open it and then my preset will be there over the video. After that when I export, almost every single time the preset is not on the saved video. I then have to go back into the app and re-save, sometimes up to five times before it finally saves with the preset. I paid for the year for this app because I purchased these presets for my videos and I’m only about a month in and I’m ready to just call it a total loss because this app is so frustrating. I am hoping some of these issues fix with an update but for now, I’m just really disappointed I paid money for this to not work correctly.

KendraGW, Jan 17, 2022
Love This App!!

Whenever I’m editing videos, or just making an edit period—i LOVE to use Polarr 24FPS! This app always has influenced me whenever I find edits on Tik Tok or just scrolling through Instagram! It shows me how to make creative projects just by a few clicks! Love how it replays so you’re able to see how your final project will look like! My favorite aspects throughout the app would be the filters, the adjustable features & how you can enhance the quality of your video(s)! Using the filters in the app can really help whenever I want a certain look to go for the the video. Ex: Video collages with different settings! I’d put on a filter so it can still be a video collage; just with a theme to it! What I’m getting to is that you should definitely use this app!

miraculous4Lifes, Jun 16, 2022
“Saved” videos disappear for good.

This app was SO GOOD until it STOPPED SAVING the videos I recorded with it. I hit “save” and then bam, back to the home camera screen and my video was never saved. Even if you don’t have room for the raw footage on your iPhone your videos still (are supposed to) go to a folder called “24fps”In your photos album. I have found videos here from when I first got the app- but now recently my videos don’t save anywhere yet according to my iPhone storage under settings, this app holds 14 GB of data. So...where are the videos? I’ve since deleted old videos before recording new ones (before I realized they wouldn’t be saved, obviously) so I know that “14 gigs” of data refers to the missing ideas. Where are they?!

raynowska, Sep 08, 2020
confusing layout, extremely buggy, app needs work.

i use the Polarr app all the time, so when i discovered there was an app that lets you use styles on videos, i was ecstatic— since Polarr does not support video or gif format on their app. however, within the first few moments of using this app, i found myself getting already frustrated with it. the layout is confusing, it isn’t user-friendly at all and i find it quite a hassle to get to my styles after each video i want to import. there’s too many ‘tabs’ to choose from and overall i just want a more simpler user interface to go with, what should be, an app that provides a simple function. i had this same issue with Polarr after the major update. the second thing that frustrates me about this app, and is unique to 24fps in particular, is the amount of bugs. the amount of time this app freezes and crashes, forcing me to restart the app is so frustrating. it really makes me feel like this app was rushed by the developers, like this app was released while still in its beta. it needs more polishing, a simpler layout (that involves a better way to get to your styles) and these bugs have to go. until i see a change, 3 stars is as much as i’m willing to give.

Thermah, Mar 15, 2022


Level up your videos with trendy aesthetic such as #barbiecore, #weirdcore, #gorecore, and unique effects: Vaporwave, Sparkling Love, Retro Film, Burning, and Bling. Barbiecore, Y2K or vintage – find your aesthetic, anytime, with just one swipe. Create visually creative video edits using iconic effects as Flowing Purple, Film Reel, Inception, Scratch, Leak, and Aura.

Attract more fans by taking your visuals into your own hands. TRY TRENDY VIDEO EFFECTS * Starflight: Travel lightyears into space with sparkling stars * Burning: Light up your content with this lit, elemental filter * Countdown: An edgy 90’s digital camera vibe with an immersive countdown * Digital World: Jump into the world of cyberpunk with unique Lo-Fi effects * Under Red: Make your content the headline with dramatic reds =============================== 24FPS Subscription: =============================== Experience limitless creativity with access to all content and tools while supporting our Polarr 24FPS community! Get full, unlimited access to all exclusive effects and filters. Unlock unlimited effect and filter saving. Pricing in other countries may vary, and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country you live in. Subscriptions auto-renew, unless canceled 24-hours in advance before the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription during free trial. Terms of Use: https://www.polarr.co/policy/polarr24_terms.pdf Privacy Policy: https://www.polarr.co/policy/polarr24_privacy.pdf

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