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User Reviews for SloPro

it’s great but....

Slow pro is a great app, I personally love this app more than other slow motions. But there’s one problem, I’m not sure if the app is crashing or it’s just my phone but whenever I’m done with a video and I try to save it, the video moves to the side where I can only see half a the video and half black screen. I let it be for a few days just so maybe it can refresh but the problem this hasn’t been fixed. It started to get annoying. Please fix it, or maybe tell me what to do in order for my video can be fully seen😭. But other than that, this app is recommended 😄.

Alexa~_~, Dec 28, 2020
Absolutely amazing and worth the money! Don’t understand why people rated it 3.2

Ok, I love this app. It is soooo much fun! It does amazingly slow videos. It’s so much fun to make cool videos slow. You can see things that you can’t see in a normal speed. So much fun!! Thank you for such a great app! 👏😎EDIT: I don’t know why people say it doesn’t work. You can reload the app and it works fine. I really like being able to do super slow videos. It is well worth the money. Also, it is the best one I’ve found on the App Store. Most of the other ones can’t go nearly as slow, also this one has way better sound. It is the best slo mo app out there so I suggest getting this one. 😄👌🏼

Biscuit Dude!!, Apr 26, 2020

I’m a video editor on Instagram, and I love to slow down my videos for edits and this app does the job! It’s especially good for a phone app and I’ve been using it for quite awhile. Except I do have one complaint, unfortunately. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m just doing something incorrectly, but every time I slow down a video, my video starts to flash slightly and I’m not sure why? It didn’t do that before, but for the past month or so it started to flash and it makes my edits look weird unless I put good coloring on it and you can’t notice it as much. If it’s a bug, possibly look into it? And if I’m just doing something wrong, let me know what? Thank you!

CorgisAndDoxies<3, Nov 30, 2019
Don't bother! Waste of time and $ 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

This app used to be awesome.... I paid for pro version --- however I'm guessing the app guy didn't continue with updates. I just lost all my footage on iPhone 6s because when I tried 100's of times to open footage it kept crashing. I emailed app creator - they are clearly MIA. So, I reinstalled it deleting killer footage and used it again. It was working for a couple weeks then same issue. When I reached out to app guy - no reply. Zero customer service like many apps. A website built in the early 2000's with no contact info. This app is now permanently deleted. Pathetic app. If you use it you will find it wasting all your time watching the app crash with no ability downloading the footage you took. All the while wondering why you just didn't take slowmo on your iphone instead. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Diggs1111, Mar 06, 2017
It’s really good!! ...but

Okay, i’d like to start off by saying this is a GREAT app. I like to make fan edits and it’s hard to find an app that ACTUALLY slows down the videos smoothly and this app does just that. My issue is that with the new update, the watermark is in the middle of the screen. I would pay for pro cause it’s quite cheap but I can’t due to phone issues. And with covid, the U.S. Cellular store is closed. I really don’t want the watermark there, no offense. With how it was before, I could just crop it out cause it was near the bottom. But now it’s splat down in the middle of my videos. Another thing is that you can’t save the videos without it just being black. Like when I try to save the video when finished, it doesn’t save. It just ends up being a black screen. It was never much of an inconvenience for me cause I could just screen record my video but it is kind of a hassle. It would be easier if the videos just saved. But if someone is reading this and looking to get the app, i’d recommend you pay for pro. I think in my situation, 4 stars is a generous rating.

hollss0, Mar 04, 2021
Great aside from one issue

I’ve used SloPro for a long time, and it’s always been a fun app that I’ve enjoyed using. The only problem I have with it is that when I finish a video, it always saves to the SloPro gallery out of order. I’ve made quite a few videos on SloPro, so it gets quite annoying to have to search through all my videos to find the most recent one, rather than it appearing at the end of the gallery like it should. I’m assuming that this is something I’ve done wrong, because I don’t see any other reviews with similar complaints. However, I don’t see what I could have done wrong as there’s no option in the gallery to sort the videos in any particular way, and I’ve never done anything with the app other than record and edit videos.

krios56, Nov 13, 2020
What the app does is really good… but

I think what the app does is amazing and I love the outcome from it! I like to make fan edits and it is very hard to find apps that slow the video down smoothly that are free. I heard that the new update has the watermark in the middle of the screen, but I haven’t gotten that update and I do not want that update because now, I can’t just crop out the water mark. The reason I gave it two stars though is because the app is so slow. It takes forever to load the video so you can actually edit it. Sometimes it also just logs be out of the app. I don’t know why this happens. Maybe it is because I don’t have the new update. I still use the app though because the outcome is great, but it’s such a hassle and I wish it was easier to use.

ReBeCa🐙, Jun 25, 2021
Few requests

Hi i really hope the developers see this, so this is a really good app but I really wish it would go back to how it was before where you could add multiple speeds and please add more slower I make fan edits and when I try out 1000fps it’s not smooth but rather more choppy I’d like it to be more smoother eg how slomo is like on ae please bring the old SloPro back and change how it turns the quality down otherwise it’s a great app but please add more smoother slower options bring the normal option back make 1000FPS slower and without the choppy ness on how it moves the clips just slow it down like 0.25 no clip changes just slow yknow what I mean please make it look like how it did before and if possible please add settings to male twixtor edits and possibly make it more like ae AND PLEASE KEEP IT FREE THE ONLY REASON THIS APP IS GOOD IS CUZ ITS FREE

salsabeel_anam_anam, Mar 28, 2021
i don’t know what is wrong.

So i’m an AMV creator and I love making AMV’s and to make it look good you need to use this app to twixt it up a bit. This app worked for a day and then some weird bug started happening. I would import a fast clip but in the app, it would be normal again with the audio the same and everything. I would put it to 1000 fps and it would slow it down to sluggish movements to where it’s only a picture every 2 minutes. I’ve installed/re-installed this app too many times, restarted my phone and everything and it’s still the same. For other people, it seems to work fine but for me, it doesn’t and it’s so aggravating because this app has so much potential and could help me out a lot. Please fix this bug.

sheerawoods, Jul 23, 2018
Could be better.

I’ve been using this app for years and it has become a great tool for work. I would rate it 5 stars if two things could be upgraded. 1.The way the videos are saved make no sense, there’s no order to how the videos are saved. The last video taken should be the last video on the gallery but it is not. I have to search and go they several videos before I find the one I’m looking for. 2. I have tried email or sharing video clips and I can’t seem to be able to do so. The email never goes thru. Other than that, this is a great app.

willx10, Aug 12, 2021


Shoot video at a high speed then play it back in sllloooooww motion. SUPER SLOW MOTION 1000FPS--it will blow your mind! ___________________ Featured by Gizmodo, MacWorld, Redmond Pie, Cult of Mac ___________________ Shoot, edit, and share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the hassle of transferring files. Enjoy fast motion, super slow, ghosting, optical flow, frame blending, exposure lock, sharing feed, and much more.

ACTION SHOTS look way cooler in slow motion--try it and see. RENDERLESS EDITING- edit in/out points, slow motion cues and speeds without waiting. This much freedom can only be found on the back of a good Harley. (fast speeds & effects still need editing) EDIT WHILE SHOOTING- toggle slow motion while recording or do it after. You choose! FAST MOTION- jump from slow to fast and vice versa for a fun feel. SUPER SLOW- 500fps and 1000fps can now be simulated using optical flow. Check out the in-app tutorials for tips on getting the best results. 3 SLOW EFFECTS- optical flow, frame blending, and ghosting come standard. HARDWARE ACCELERATION- effect rendering on the GPU happens 8x faster than on a desktop! …get the app for free and try it!

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