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User Reviews for Scythe: Digital Edition

Great game

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this digital mobile version of the Scythe board game. I play it on my iPad Pro, and it works very well. However, there are a couple of glaring feature omissions. As far as I can tell, there is no way to:1. See the name of the player mat you or your opponents have after the opening reveal. (I don’t have all the mats memorized)2. Which enlists and enlist bonuses you or your opponents have taken.#2 is especially frustrating. This information is available in the physical game and should be available in the digital.Switching gears, the expansion for IFA finally came out for mobile yesterday, yet on iOS and iPadOS there is no way to purchase it. When you try to in app, you get the message “product not found”. I have been waiting so long for IFA and now that it is here, it’s like this carrot dangled in front of me and then yanked back! Please fix this, Asmodee!

Aksala01, Mar 11, 2021
Good game, but...

1. Sometimes Togawa and Albion, after moving the hero, do not have the opportunity to set a trap. 2. Sometimes goals don't work. 3. The function of turning off tracking the actions of the enemy is very necessary. This makes it very difficult to think and plan your move when you are forced to watch the actions and adventure cards of opponents in full screen. Please make the function to disable the ability to monitor the actions of opponents, as it was implemented in the Steam version.

Alex Kaitis, May 16, 2022
Needs work!!

I recently got into the Scythe board game and was very excited to try the digital version so that I could play more often. However after playing around 10 games of this version there are some huge issues and I don’t think i will be playing anymore. First, the sound has never worked for me. I’ve restarted the app multiple times and made sure the option is on -still no sound. Not a huge deal but i feel this is a bug they need to fix.Next, i know the rules say everybody gets a random faction/mat combination, but if I’m playing bots offline I should be able to pick what combo i want. On top of this, it picks Crimea for me every single time!!!! Lastly, the AI for the bots is garbage. I have beat the hardest difficulty bots ever single time i try. It’s not even challenging or fun and I’m not even that good at the game.To conclude, don’t buy this if you want to choose your own faction/mat, want a decent challenge, don’t want to get stuck playing the same faction over and over again, and play without sound. This was very disappointing for me and I’m not expecting it to improve.

Andisius Maximus, May 28, 2022
Amazing - IFA??

I love this game, and I think the LoU guys did a fine job with this implementation! I’d love for some more UX enhancements that make it a little easier to access game information, particularly modals or slide outs that can be toggled, or perhaps a small icon-based hud when an entity or icon is tapped.Most importantly, I’m hoping we can get Invaders from Afar for this platform - being able to practice Albion or Togawa on the go would be incredibly helpful for my game!!

Anon5832, Nov 17, 2020
Great game, but the online play needs some work.

The game itself is awesome, I love it. The issue is with playing other people. Occasionally the game will just freeze randomly causing you to restart the app. Sometimes you can rejoin the game, but sometimes it doesn’t give you that option. Also, the moves can be finicky. I’ve had games where it glitched out and didn’t give me any options other than “end turn.” It can be pretty frustrating. I’m not sure how active the development team is, but I hope they’re working on fixing these issues. Still, as I said, Scythe is one of the best board games I’ve ever played and overall, this is a very good version of it

Dkj117, Dec 31, 2022
Crashes at load screen

I use a first generation iPad Air - the app quits before the game even loads and then when I log back in I get a prompt saying the save data is corrupted and I can’t resume the game. I try to start a new game and it crashes again. It’s only $9 so it’s not a huge loss but still a loss, none the less. Side note: this seems to be a consistent problem with game apps on first generation iPad Air tablets - other games I own like Mystic Vale and Evolution have the same problem where it crashes and the game is unplayable. I read reviews where older model iPhones have no issues with game apps so I’m not sure why this particular model of iPad is such garbage.

frtahkf, Sep 20, 2020
Async setup is asinine

The fact that you have to have all of the friends you want to play an ASYNCHRONOUS game with online at the same time to setup the game is downright unforgivable. It should be a very simple change to allow you to invite friends from a friends list without then being online. The logistics of getting all the friends you want to play a game with on at the same time when it’s async is a huge unnecessary hassle.As well made as this app is, that is such a glaring issue that I can’t help but to bring my review down to 2 stars. What good is a great app if you can’t even easily play it with your friends?

HoneyBadjere, Jun 12, 2022
A great game, a good digital version

The game is fantastic and the digital version handles a lot of the things that are especially confusing for new players when they begin, which is great. It's often difficult to tell what your opponent is doing during their turn and to know exactly what happened, however, and the randomizer… isn't especially random, tending to assign the same factions and mats in a row with only minor variations. Some way of fixing the former would be great, but the latter makes it difficult to fully explore the game without making random choices outside of the game proper.

Hrafn, Jun 06, 2021
Released finished game EDIT: Nevermind I’m dumb

You can’t use “2 move” action on the same unit (character or worker). Turn 1 of game 1 and I can’t move my character 2 spaces to pick up encounter. If this very basic action is wrong who knows what else is wrong. Please refund money or fix game. Pretty sad for $8 game.Edit: I followed the digital in game rules link and under top row move it says to move 2 different (italicized) units. I thought that was a change in a newer edition or something because we’ve played Scythe for years without noticing you couldn’t use both move actions on same unit. I opened my physical rule book and there is was. Two different units. Now I’m questioning everything I thought I knew about everything as I may have just worm holed into a parallel universe where the only difference is you can’t move the same character twice in scythe.

IWINGAMES, Sep 17, 2020
Please update for offline games

Great game and the app plays well. My one complaint is that you cannot play an offline game, unless you are online. Oh the irony. I work for an aerial survey company and spend some long boring days up in the air. Was hoping to fill some of that time with some scythe, but instead i get a forever “loading…” screen, even with the ipad in airplane mode.Thus, unfortunately for me, the app has felt largely like a waste of money, because i cannot use it in the one place i wanted to use it most.Please remove the online requirement for offline games. Its ridiculous.

Psychonuke19, Apr 07, 2023


Scythe: Digital Edition is a mobile version of an awarded strategy board game with multiplayer for 1-5 players (with DLC for up to 7 players!). Divide and rule in an alternate reality in 1920s Europe, filled with mechs. Become the commander of a selected faction and lead it to victory in this 4X tabletop game!

Choose your faction Each nation in Scythe: Digital Edition provides completely different possibilities. Be the hero of one of the seven factions: Saxony Empire, Crimean Khanate, Rusviet Union, Polania Republic, Nordic Kingdom, Clan Albion or Togawa Shogunate*. For the unique gameplay, pick a speciality: agriculturalist, industrialist, engineer, patriot or mechanic. Embrace the 4X mechanics Explore the land surrounding the Factory and be aware of the dangers waiting there. Expand your faction by claiming new territories. Exploit and gather resources to upgrade your buildings. Exterminate opposing enemies or dominate the game economically. Engage asymmetric gameplay From the very beginning, players start the game with different resources, a different starting location and a secret objective. It reflects the unpredictability of the board game and encourages experimentation. Move around the board, recruit units and fight your way to the top in a turn-based style! Play with other players Fight on your own terms, adjusting the mats to your preferences. Take three levels of AI to fine-tune your strategy, then challenge other players. In Scythe: Digital Edition, you can play with your friends in a hot-seat or try your best in online multiplayer with up to 7 players. Europe is waiting! *You can buy Clan Albion and Togawa Shogunate in DLC Invaders from Afar via the in-game store as additional factions.

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