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Servediter for code-server

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User Reviews for Servediter for code-server

Unable to work, no app feedback

I first tried the app with the the subscription and it worked fine. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it to connect to my own hosted code-server over ssh.- Misconfiguring my code-server URL (by leaving it blank) caused the app to lock into an infinite loop of opening an empty browser window.- There is no feedback to see if my SSH credentials are valid. When I enter them I am just taken to a black screen with no visual feedback.- The eye icon opens a blank white screen that just says “Permission Denied”I’m trying to debug my problems but unfortunately the app offers zero feedback or support suggestions.

arronhunt, Jul 08, 2020
This app is IMPOSSIBLE to use...

Seriously, every single time you click, the window re-positions itself, it’s slow, even with a paid subscription. So slow that my hello-world file with “test” written in c++ on its own line (which intellisense should absolutely catch in a split second), hasn’t even registered as an error in the 3min just sitting there...Not even worth $2.99.

BusterBrown888, Feb 20, 2021
Usable but not good enough

The current version is unmatched with magic keyboard, many bugs occurred while I using magic keyboard, with Bluetooth keyboard everything is fine, pls add support to magic keyboard

Deep-RL, Jan 04, 2021
No scrolling or vim support (but NOT developer's fault)

For now, this is based on Coder, but even if you do everything in Safari, you still can't scroll, and if you try and use the vim extension, you can't type anything at all. This is NOT the developer's fault, it is Apple's for how Safari works. We may not be able to do this for a while, until Coder decides to add trackpad and Vim support, or Apple lets Safari act more "normal".

jasonjurotich, Sep 16, 2020
Focus refresh times?

When I switch apps, and the ServerEditor goes into background mode, I’m guessing it has to unload stuff. So every time I switch and go back, I’m waiting about 10-15 seconds on an iPad Pro for the editor to appear. It’s really annoying, is this just how it has to be? It also reinitializes everything from scratch. Not sure what’s possible to cache and what’s not. Trying to decide if I can use this app instead of a laptop, but if it really reboots from scratch every time, I’m not sure I will Hopeful it’s a configuration setting or there’s a way around this?

Labatts, Sep 28, 2020
Fantastic standalone client for code-server

Works as described, and provides a standalone app for using code-server on an iPad. Offers paid code-server hosting, and is free if you host your own code-server.Running a code-server client as a standalone app provides several benefits over running it in a browser tab on your device. This is now an important part of my new ultra-portable dev setup.

mattrabe, Dec 28, 2020

not being able to get feedback on why a confit doesn't work, faking to open github repos (again no ability to understand what's happening) and an obvious, general, lack of interest for end user will remove 3 start from a rating... Yes, it's free... but that's not a good excuse ...

Musashi 1583, Jul 02, 2021
Great Stuff!

I use the the free self-hosted option to run code-server from my local machine or a droplet.It works like a charm!I do wish there was better trackpad support, however. Finding a way to allow scrolling with a trackpad would be amazing.

Neliiii, Nov 13, 2020
Impossible to use

The second I first load into the app and get it set up their was an infinite refresh loop the second I finish getting everything started so that means I was in a loop of me entering an unknown website and the refresh was looped unlimited amount of timesPlease fix your coding website so it’s possible for your users to use and I’m not the only one with this problem

Nick 5667ytBst123, Oct 31, 2021
Good to go

Love the fact that I can bring my own server and use for free. Wish more apps went that way

techreview, May 15, 2020


Servediter gives you access to an instance of code-server, an online code editor without any setup required. Using a self hosted server is also possible without paying a subscription. You can upload local files and download them back after editing.

As the editor is online, you can run Linux commands from the VS Code terminal. You can also personalize the editor and install extensions. Previewing HTML files in app is also possible with a subscription. ( ! ) The app requires an internet connection to work ( ! ) An external keyboard is recommended to use the app since selection with the touch cursor is not supported ( ! ) The subscription provides an instance of code-server, which works well for editing files. But this isn't a full server with root access. Running and testing full projects would be better on a self hosted server. This application is developed and maintained just by me (Adrian Labbé) and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. Link of the Privacy Policy: https://servediter.app/privacy-policy/ Link of the License Agreement: https://servediter.app/terms-and-conditions/

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