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Code Editor for HTML CSS JS

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Code Editor for HTML CSS JS

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Sajed Nahian
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User Reviews for Code Editor for HTML CSS JS


This is a great code editor on the go. Doesn't take long to learn when starting out. I like that I can edit my web page whenever. However, I have a problem when trying to type out the code. Some tab window covers/overlaps the html, css, or js box and I can't see where I'm typing. Not sure if this app is meant for ipad or a bigger size device than iphone. I'll keep this app until it is fixed.

Freya03, Nov 24, 2020
It lies

It tells you that you can make “unlimited” projects.What really happens is you have to buy a “premium membership”to make more than ONE. Other than that it’s a pretty good editor

NintendoGamer903, Jun 19, 2021
Does nothing but buffer

Looks promising and the price is right, but it won’t let me start the first project. Buggy.

PugslyPuppy, Jul 18, 2023

Whenever I try to start a new project it sits and buffers and does nothing. Then it won’t let me make a new one afterwards

remycat7, Sep 15, 2021
Needs update

Developer please update this application it does not work on iPhone SE.

Rhonda Bradley, Jul 21, 2022

Won’t let me code

Richard Abreu Jr, Feb 26, 2022
Best editor

This app is amazing because not only can you code your html css and js but you instantly get a link you can share with people with your work. LOVE IT!

Thetroll51, Jul 29, 2020
this app is trash

the price is reasonable, the claims it makes or what it can do are good.however there are no instructions on how to get it to work.when I enter a project name it just sits and buffers and eventually times out.I searched the authors name and found a web site with links to several other web sites that have nothing to do with this software.will be requesting a refund for this.

VanSch76, Aug 20, 2023

I payed for subscription and nothing happened. May I have my money bk

Zdii snejxnd, Nov 24, 2023


Prisma is the best code editor for web developers and people learning web development. Get syntax highlighting, custom URLs, and unlimited projects. Share your projects with your friends in one click.

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