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User Reviews for CodeSnack IDE

Issue loading from files

Issue when creating html documents it will not import images from files. Can’t really create a website with out images unless it’s the 90’s.Cannot access content of external files in the main file folders on iPhone. The app definitely has bugs and small things to work out but in a year or so it’ll be worth buying.

Calikid24/7, Jun 28, 2022
Unable to launch on iPad Air 3

I bought an iPad Air 3 on 6th Oct., 2020 and I downloaded this app, wishing it could be a useful assistance in my daily work and life. Unfortunately, this app didn’t launch successfully on the same day I got my iPad Air 3. I thought it was the iOS issue and waited for its update, however, the truth has proved me wrong. It is 28th Dec., 2020. This app still doesn’t successfully launch on my iPad and it seems to me the app won’t be able to launch forever on my iPad, I believe I might get myself a brand new, latest version of iPad so that I could use this app properly, lol.

chatrield, Dec 28, 2020

Definitely the best programming app for mobile by far. I was going to request for them to add Lua as one of their programming languages, but they beat me to my own request and have added it. If you want to program on mobile, this app will probably have the programming language you want to use, and is for you.

GhostBoy48, Jun 08, 2021
Great so far, just a couple things!

I haven’t been using the app for that long, but I think it’s great. The interface is really nice, and you can still use it a lot without paying for the subscription. One thing that I came here to mention: it won’t let me paste anything into the file! I am using Java, so I can’t speak for any of the other languages, but I assume it does the same. Also, it would be great if i could import libraries like JavaFX. Although there’s room for improvement, it's still great especially for a beginner!

katinachi, Dec 21, 2020
The App I didn’t know I needed

This app works great for writing and compiling C on the go - if you're okay being limited to a single file. When I run, “system(“ls”);” it appears that each file is isolated from each other in the VM/docker instance. Thus I cannot include other files I have written in the app.

kendog179, Nov 07, 2020
Looks great 🤩 but not running java programs well💔💔💔

Its looks nice and cool but when i want to run a java program that includes inputs it seems like it’s not responding after I fixed every error and every thing is ready to go its not running iam surprised that a nice app like that doesn’t have support team or any official website or any accounts on social media it’s realy weird thoBy the way iam using ipadpro 2018 Hope some have something to do about that cause i am in live with this app interface and I really wanna make it my official programing app on my ipad

libyanghost15, May 20, 2021
Preview Error

I’ve had my ways around using IDEs and things like that. This one is really nice to look at and find things. I can not say much about it only because I’ve just started using this software. The only thing is that whenever I use Java and use a print, it doesn’t show half of the letters. I am on a iPhone 13 so I do not believe it is the phones fault but I think it’s a simple software issue. Other than that, it seems great!

Nate El Great, Oct 12, 2021
not that great, lots of potential though

name is kinda lame, cant paste in terminal, and AI can’t explain contexts outside of selected lines 😔 I was hoping it could be similar to Cursor AI but it’s not quite there yet. you also can’t use your own openai key. tons of potential, good for absolute beginners that don’t understand syntax, but kinda useless for actually coding imo. if they partnered with cursor, I would pay a premium on every request, but right now I have no real need for it

neaumusic, Oct 24, 2023
Terrible IDE

I grabbed this bc I was in a coffee shop w/o my laptop and I wanted to write a script in Python. I wasn’t expecting brilliance; I’d rarely use it anyway because I downloaded it on a phone, not a tablet. I was blown away by how awful it was. It didn’t even meet my low expectations.The error highlighting warns you for not coding in according with PEP8. But PEP8 states that the style guide should not be an ultimate law never to differ from but this app treats it as such. It makes it impossible to make use of warnings that actually matter because it’d be easier to read through and look for them yourself than check all the warnings.The color themes aren’t customizable and you have to pay for alternate ones.Do yourself a favor and look up someone’s list of recommendations instead of downloading the first result in the app store.

neonwoofy, Feb 21, 2022
Swiss Army Knife for Programmers

This is the best programming mobile app I have ever come across. They have packed so much stuff so creatively in this app that it can be used by both beginners and experts. I started using it as a quick refresher and it replaced my scrolling with learning. Subscription is affordable and I would highly suggest it if you want to dive deeper.

pjsutar, Nov 02, 2023


CodeSnack IDE is the first mobile IDE crafted specifically for mobile devices and tablets, unlocking the power of coding right at your fingertips. With fast and intuitive tools, CodeSnack IDE empowers you to create amazing programs, learn from a vast library of samples, and deploy real-world back-end and front-end apps within minutes — all for free. Whether you're an experienced coder or just starting out, CodeSnack IDE offers all the control and flexibility you need to create and customize projects without any compromise.

Now integrated with GPT-4, CodeSnack IDE brings AI-enhanced development features to your mobile device: • AI-Generated Project Creation: Generate projects from text prompts • Smart Bug Detection & Fix Proposals: Find and fix issues effortlessly • Code Explanation: Understand the purpose and logic behind your code • Code-Specific Question Answering: Get answers to your coding queries Everything you can do with CodeSnack IDE: * Write & run code like on a PC or Mac * Develop real Web and Mobile apps with React, Ionic, Capacitor, and React Native * Install dependencies using Linux terminal * Intelligent coding assistance, autocompletion, linting * Use any programming language * Utilize your favorite hardware keyboard and shortcuts * Debug program output, and see detailed error logs (in real-time) * Practice coding with 1000+ examples in our library * Sync your projects across all your devices * Deploy projects through SFTP And so much more! CodeSnack IDE supports 18 programming languages for versatile coding: - Java - Python - C - C++ - C# - Dart - JavaScript - TypeScript - PHP - Shell - Swift - Ruby - Go - Kotlin - Lua - Haskell - Rust - Scala Quick project templates to jumpstart your development: • React (Vite, TypeScript) • Vue (Vite, TypeScript) • Vanilla (Vite, TypeScript) • Preact (Vite, TypeScript) • Lit (Vite, TypeScript) • Svelte (Vite, TypeScript) • Ionic (React, Capacitor) • Ionic (React, Cordova) • Ionic (Angular, Capacitor) • Ionic (Angular, Cordova) • Ionic (Vue, Capacitor) • React Native (Expo) • Express (Node.js, TypeScript) • Express (Node.js, JavaScript) • Simple HTTP server (Python) • Django Web App (Python) • Simple HTTP server (Java) • Gradle (Java) • Blazor (C#) • Laravel (PHP) • Simple HTTP server (PHP) • WebSockets • WebAssembly (AssemblyScript) Pro Subscription benefits: * Compile and Run code up to 8x faster (2 vCPU, 1 GB Memory, 8 GB SSD, 3,000 Mbps Network) * Gain access to up to 500 AI assistant requests per month, powered by GPT-4 technology * Unlock in-app browser for Web and Mobile projects * Virtual keyboard customization * Upload code to your server using SFTP * Access all Examples in the Library * Access all Project Templates * Unlock 2 more color schemas for the code editor Important Links: Terms Of Service: https://www.codesnack-ide.com/terms-of-services Privacy Policy: https://www.codesnack-ide.com/privacy-policy Connect with the CodeSnack IDE community: Join our Discord Community server: https://discord.gg/FKmzpuqUnZ

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