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User Reviews for Code App

Good, but Python Packages

This is a good app, has lots of potential, but it will fit my needs if it can support more critical Python libraries like astropy and scikit-learn. If more Python libraries are supported, it will be an easy 5 star app for me. Please consider adding at least astropy or scikit-learn!

A good Spotlight, Feb 19, 2022
Finally a VSCode clone that runs local

It might not be perfect but it’s leaps and bounds better than anything else I’ve used on the iPad. Thanks for finally bringing this to the platform.

Bogatyr49, Jun 01, 2022
Does Not have input and output file

This app needs file and output file for C++, Python, and several languages. There is a lack of tutorial of how to create an input and output file for specifically C++ and Python 3 and also several major computer languages. I use the fstream library and does not let me input and output. I expected more from this "desktop coding app"

Brandon M. Tseng, Oct 28, 2021
AWS Architect’s Dream

I can now do everything I need to do for my job on an iPad. This app was the last arrow I needed for my quiver. Who doesn’t want to be able to do cloud formation deployments straight from their iPad?

FonzyBekker, Apr 30, 2021
A great idea, but needs some work

I'll give it 5 stars for now, but it does need a lot of new features/improvements to make it ready to replace what I currently use (replit).

Hudson Avery Gouge, Jun 14, 2022
Solidity Syntax Highlighting/Compiler

Please add solidity syntax highlighting and compiler. Also, the vscode intellisense autocomplete would really make coding easier and faster with this app. I really hope to see these features including in upcoming updates. For now, I’ll rate it 4 stars.

iDevTheFuture, Jul 04, 2021
Excellent App

Since ~2013, I’ve used an iPad to develop on-the-go and in classrooms, and I’ve always been disappointed by the weak dev tools that were supported on the App Store.With this app supporting many of the VSCode shortcuts (specifically multicursor support), I’ve been quite impressed.The only thing I wish could be added is support for some of the instructions from the VSCode MetaGo / MetaJump extensions,Namely bookmarks & the search and jump functionality it supports.

JamesDarkshadow, Sep 26, 2021
Best so far

Not without it’s constant “quirks”, but hey…that’s software developement.Of those I have tried ( and the $n is many ), I’d say this is the first “mobile ide” that could honestly qualify as ready for beta.

JCom619, Jun 22, 2022
Started as a Great Coding Editor

I had really liked this app as my coding editor, since an iPad with the “Pro” badging can’t have a real IDE or anything for professionals, but with the latest versions I can type multiple keys with both the on-screen keyboard and my hardware keyboard. An editor that can’t type all the characters is a broken one, that is the number one function that it should do.

Jfftck, May 29, 2022
Excellent app but

Hi,The is excellent however there are scope of improvements: 1) The forgets previously opened folder on the left panel. 2) While opening a file or directory, the app hangs in ipad pro 12.9 ! 3) There should be a way to bookmark directory. 4) It would be great to make a way to run shell script.

K Nur, Aug 02, 2022


We built Code App to bring desktop-like code editing experience to iPadOS. See the project's source code, roadmap, discussion, and documentation on GitHub: github.com/thebaselab/codeapp Features: Local Node.js, Python, PHP, C, C++ runtime • Run code written in these languages locally • Built-in Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy • Install modules with pip or npm (pure Python / JavaScript modules only, modules like opencv won't install ) • Install global commands such as typescript and prettier Server-side code execution for 40+ languages • Requires an active internet connection • Inputs can be submitted before runtime • Single file only Git Integration • Clone private repositories • Commit, push or fetch changes from remote • File status indicator • Gutter indicator • Checkout to branches or tags • Compare difference between commits • Search for repositories on GitHub Built-in terminal • 70+ Linux commands (ls, cd, nslookup etc.) • Bash-like user primitives such as piping, history and completion Monaco Editor - the same editor that powers desktop VS Code • Supports multiple themes (VS Dark+, VS Light+, Solarized (Light & Dark), Xcode Dark, Monokai Dimmed, Quiet Light) • Find & replace • Mini Map • Support for Trackpad / Mouse scrolling • Rich IntelliSense for TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JSON, HTML • Multi-cursor • And other text editing features available on desktop VS Code • Dark / Light Mode • Markdown file preview • Preview your web project with built in web server • Files App Integration • Multiple Files Searching • GB / EUC KR encoding support Supported languages for local execution: - Python 3.9.2 - JavaScript (Node.js 16.13.2) - PHP (8.0.8) - C, C++ (Clang 13.0.0) Supported languages for server-side execution: Assembly (NASM 2.14.02) Basic (FBC 1.07.1) C# (Mono COBOL (GnuCOBOL 2.2) Common Lisp (SBCL 2.0.0) D (DMD 2.089.1) Elixir (1.9.4) Erlang (OTP 22.2) Fortran (GFortran 9.2.0) Go (1.13.5) Groovy (3.0.3) Haskell (GHC 8.8.1) Java (OpenJDK 13.0.1) Kotlin (1.3.70) Lua (5.3.5) Objective-C (Clang 7.0.1) OCaml (4.09.0) Octave (5.1.0) Pascal (FPC 3.0.4) Prolog (GNU Prolog 1.4.5) R (4.0.0) Ruby (2.7.0) Rust (1.40.0) Scala (2.13.2) Swift (5.2.3) TypeScript (3.7.4) Visual Basic.Net (vbnc Twitter: twitter.com/thebaselab Support Email: [email protected] GitHub: github.com/thebaselab/codeapp Privacy Policy: thebaselab.com/privacypolicies

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